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Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis visits Google Headquarters

Today Secretary Jim Mattis visited Google headquarters and met with leadership to discuss innovative new technologies and methods to best leverage advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cyber-security for the Department of Defense.

Tim MartinFacebook To Use Face Detection Technology For Tagging Photos - Facebook is working on a new technology that is really an old technology to make tagging photos easier...
Tim MartinHulu Plus Coming Soon! Is This The Beginning of the End For Cable/Satellite Companies? - Stream all your past and favorite shows for $10 a month with Hulu Plus to various devices...
Tim MartinApple's Official Statement on the iPhone 4's Reception Issues - After numerous complaints and a few lawsuits, Apple has finally released a statement about the new iPhone 4's reception issues
Tim MartineBook Readers Prices Dropping To Compete With Each Other - The 2 biggest eBook Readers dropped their prices this week to compete with the new Kobo
SOP newswire2One Step Closer to God: Christian iPhone App - "We wanted to bring the story of Jesus into a 21st century paradigm and align his teachings with the technical revolution we are all enjoying.
Tim MartinAT&T Security Breach Exposes Countless Users Accounts - If you have an account with AT&T, there is a chance that it was exposed to a stranger today...
Ron G AnselmAre the Predictions by the Web Bot Project For Real? - One of the most intriguing pieces of scientific terminology, or should I say technology is the Web Bot Project. This is really something
Tim MartiniPhone 4 Announced as well as Netflix, Guitar Hero, and Farmville for the iPhone - Highlights of the opening day at WWDC - Steve Jobs announces the iPhone 4 as well as Netflix, Guitar Hero, and Farmville for the iPhone
Tim MartinJailbreaking Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: What Is JailBreaking & Why JailBreak - I explain what jailbreaking is, whats the pros and cons, and its legality
SOP newswire3UN Rolls Out Action Plan To Expand Global Broadband Access - The UN adopted a plan of action to promote the global development of information and communication technology (ICT) networks and services.
Tim MartinLatest Facebook Virus - "Most Hilarious Video Ever" - For the last 3 weeks we have been seeing phishing attacks weekly on Facebook, "Most Hilarious Video Ever" is the latest...
Tim MartinThe Best Way To Manage Your Facebook Content: Friend Lists - Do you wish that some "friends" on your Facebook page could only see certain information or posts by you, or sometimes you want everyone to see your posts?
Tim MartinFarmville Creator Zynga and Yahoo Form New Partnership - Zynga and Yahoo have formed a partnership to bring their games to the Yahoo gaming network...
Tim MartinFacebook Simplifies Privacy Settings, But Leaves Instant Personalization On - Just shy of "National Delete Your Facebook Day", Facebook rolls out new privacy settings...
Robert Paul ReyesEverybody Loves Google's Pac-Man Doodle - Google on Monday made permanent a playable Pac-Man doodle posted in tribute to the classic arcade game's 30th birthday.
Tim Martin7-Eleven Promoting FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and YoVille This Summer - Get virtual items in your favorite Zynga games by shopping at 7-Eleven!
SOP newswire3Lynn Notes Cyber Command`s Significance - Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III called the establishment of U.S. Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Md., today a milestone.
Tim MartinDistracting Beach Babes on Facebook Virus - Don't let the "assets" of this young woman lure you in, you will get more than you bargained for...
Tim MartinHappy 30th Birthday Pac-Man From Google! - Google honors Pac-Man's 30th birthday, and gives all of us a gift at the same time...
Tim MartinDoes Apple Discriminate Against Disabled Customers? - In this story, did Apple discriminate against a customer that have a disability or is this being blown out of proportion?
Robert Paul ReyesGoogle Hatin' On Cougars! Watch Out Madonna! - I commend Google for their non-politically correct approach in banning cougar ads.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Ban Urges Use Of Digital Technology To Improve Living Conditions - Ban Ki-moon today urged the world to harness the power of telecommunications and information technologies to improve life-saving services, promote sustainable development and foster international peace.
Tim MartiniPhone Prototype Search Warrant Information Released To Public - Was the seller remorseful for his actions, did Gizmodo want to return the iPhone with no strings attached? Answers inside...
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)The Languages of The Human Race are Changing in Cyberspace - Language is changing in cyberspace because it is affected by how the written word looks and is conveyed. The broken syntax and adolescent communications of today's gadgetry will be accompanied by new forms of excellence.
S. D.The World of E-Books - An article on the Amazon Kindle, e-books, and Internet self-publication.
Tim MartinDeleting Your Facebook - Is The New Facebook! - Are Facebook users canceling their accounts because they are concerned about privacy issues, or are they following the crowd?
Tim MartinAnother iPhone 4 Prototype On the Loose - This time a prototype shows up in Vietnam...
Tim MartinFacebook's Responds To Our IP Address Exposure Story - Facebook has changed the way their outgoing emails work....
Tim MartinTech-Rewind Episode 9: More Facebook Privacy Woes - Stories include Borders new eBook Reader The Kobo, Warner Brothers has a DvD swapping program, new Gmail features in iPhone OS 4, and Facebook gives your IP address to other members...
Tim MartinBorders Getting Into eReader Market With The Kobo - Borders has announced their eBook reader that will start at $149....
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