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'Unforgettable' Rises Again Thanks to A&E; will NBC Do the Same in Rebooting 'Law & Order'?

Unforgettable premiered on CBS in the fall of 2011 but was canceled after one season despite good ratings.

Carolee KaufoldBig Brother is Back on CBS - Oh boy, another summer of Big Brother is on CBS. This show is what is wrong with me. I am nosy!
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza chats with Bryan Au, Raw Organic Saving the Planet TV Series - Bryan Au is the best selling author of RAW IN TEN MINUTES raw organic recipe book. It is the most delicious, eco, healthy raw organic recipe book in the World.
Garrett GodwinCountdown for the Stargate closing down begins Monday - The countdown begins as the SCIFI Channel begins a week-long marathon of Stargate SG-1, starting Monday morning, before the gate shuts down permanently for the series finale this Friday.
Garrett GodwinThe Stargate mythology continues with Atlantis: Season One on DVD - The Stargate saga adds another layer in its story with its spin-off, Stargate Atlantis: Season One
Garrett GodwinThis fall, get Touched by another Angel with CBS' Moonlight - The series follows Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin), a private investigator who is also a vampire.
Garrett GodwinTime to make a stand with Heroes: Volume One - What would happen if you discover that you have abilities like no one else, and you were destined for something great?
Garrett GodwinJessica Alba is A Dark Angel, on DVD - Before she was Sue Storm-- The Invisible Girl, Jessica Alba was James Cameron's Dark Angel.
Garrett GodwinJeffery Donovan becomes a modern-day Equalizer with USA's Burn Notice - In the world of espionage, when you receive a "burn notice", you're blacklisted and broke...
Garrett GodwinBefore Knight Rider, there was The Fall Guy, now on DVD - He's the unknown stuntman, but you know him as The Fall Guy.
Tristan MackBrothers and Sisters: Surprises With No Surprises - For a show that has made a season of the big moments, the season finale of Brothers and Sisters was refreshingly and surprisingly modest in comparison to the events surrounding the Walker clan over the course of the past year.
Carolee KaufoldAMERICAN IDOL - Why do we watch Dancing and Singing talent shows? - We watch because this is reality TV. I only cheer on winners, and the talent shows are the ones to watch, for me.
Garrett GodwinGeneral Hospital: Who should Elizabeth raise Jason's son with? - Last year was the summer of Liaison, when Port Charles’ heroine Elizabeth Spencer (Rebecca Herbst) and brooding bad boy Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) renewed their friendship.
Carolee KaufoldIf only I could be on ABC's Dancing with the Stars-- Is it possible for this old gal? - When I was ten, I told my parents I wanted to dance on Broadway. Therefore, my mom sent me to dancing school. I tapped and learned ballet.
Garrett GodwinA Supernatural war begins on CW - The fight for humanity's survival starts with Heroes, then Smallville, and now it is happening on Supernatural.
Garrett GodwinDrive strives to be on top of the ratings race on Monday nights - From Tim Minear, writer for Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel, comes a new series, where the stakes are very high and the race is on.
Garrett Godwin7th Heaven Comes into the Light of Syndication this May - After eleven years of bliss, marriages, children and grandchildren, 7th Heaven comes down from above (again) and into eternal syndication.
Garrett GodwinThe O.C. and One Tree Hill: Pretty people, pretty messed up. - Now, the nighttime teen soap had an sudden resurrection with FOX's The O.C. and the CW's One Tree Hill, both debuted in 2003, and now they're on SOAPnet five days a week.
Garrett GodwinSG-1 Starts Their Legacy In Final Episodes of Stargate SG-1 - Starting Friday night, SCIFI Channel will air the final ten episodes of Stargate SG-1
Garrett GodwinStop paying taxes: Sunday is Robin Hood Day on BBC America - Watch the legend being born from the beginning or again with the forst six episodes of Robin Hood, Sunday on BBC America.
Garrett GodwinCSI: NY Rules Wednesday Nights - Now in its third season, CSI:NY is the number-one series on Wednesday nights, beating long-running favorite Law & Order, and recently renewed Lost.
Garrett GodwinCSI: Miami-- Still Popular, and on DVD - At the height of CSI's popularity in 2002, creator and executive producer Anthony E. Zuiker striked now when the iron was hot, and CSI:Miami was conceived.
Garrett GodwinCSI: Cool, Sexy, Intriguing - Created by Anthony E. Zuiker and executive produced by uber-Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has help CBS take over the ratings reign.
Garrett GodwinBe connected with Blood Ties Sunday nights on Lifetime - Lifetime has everything going for Blood Ties because of the dialogue on the rules about vampires that are sometimes humorous.
Garrett GodwinStorm Front: Original Beginning of Harry Dresden - Brought to life on the SCIFI Channel in January, The Dresden Files is a small screen adaptation based on a series of books from author Jim Butcher.
Garrett GodwinVicki Nelson is the next Buffy on Blood Ties - Known for cranking out sentimental movies of the week, Lifetime Network goes out of this world with their latest series, Blood Ties.
Garrett GodwinAngel: Gone Too Soon - For over 200 years, he brought nothing but chaos and destruction in the world. A vampire with not only the face of an angel, but he was also an angel of evil.
Garrett GodwinBuffy, the Vampire Slayer turns 10 - In 1992, Joss Whedon wrote and directed the film Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, about a California cheerleader who discovers that she is a vampire slayer and must save the world from evil.
Garrett GodwinGH's Jason & Elizabeth: Tortured Couple - What happened between them last summer was more than reconnecting as friends. It was two souls finally becoming one, and a life was conceived.
Garrett GodwinGH's Elizabeth Spencer: Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons - As one of General Hospital's most popular heroines, Elizabeth Spencer (Rebecca Herbst) is becoming a little bit of a bad girl, as she keeps not one, but two secrets.
SOP newswireSee the 3rd webisode of JOHN BASEDOW TV...now on YouTube! - JOHN BASEDOW TV, a co-production of Q Creative Group, Bazaar Films, and Schipperke Productions, launched January 2007!
Entertainment Tip: Third party service affiliates like TV By Direct can usually offer much better deals than going directly through the satellite company.
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