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'Unforgettable' Rises Again Thanks to A&E; will NBC Do the Same in Rebooting 'Law & Order'?

Unforgettable premiered on CBS in the fall of 2011 but was canceled after one season despite good ratings.

Garrett GodwinVampire Heroes Prowl the Night - Embrace your 'Ties' every Friday night with two new vampires with souls.
Garrett GodwinStargate Atlantis will stay afloat for next season - The gate will continue to stay open, as SCIFI Channel announced late Tuesday the renewal of Stargate Atlantis for a fifth season.
Garrett GodwinStingray drives for justice again on YouTube - The world runs on money. Everybody walks around with this invisible number in their heads. You hit the figure close enough, the penny drops, and you owe the man.
Rich James (Marketing)The Metal Project - Part 1 - The Metal Project is a heavy metal music review show about Heavy
SOP newswireGlenn Beck Debates School Religious Holidays with CAIR-IL Rep - CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab debates Glenn Beck and Zuhdi Jasser on allowing the accommodation of Ramadan for Muslim students with
Garrett GodwinNCIS solves its 100th case in October - Now in its fifth season, the cast of NCIS has recently celebrated its 100th episode,
Garrett GodwinCold Case opens its 100th Episode this Fall - Hope lives ... because the evidence never dies.That has always been part of the mission statement for CBS' Cold Case since its debut in 2003.
Garrett GodwinThis fall, prepare yourself for a Supernatural war - For years, the Winchesters have been in the business of saving people and hunting evil.
Garrett GodwinGirl Power comes to Smallville this fall - It will be twice Super when Clark Kent meets his cousin in the new season of Smallville starts later this month.
Garrett GodwinMore General Hospital's Jason and Elizabeth - Jason and Elizabeth still remain close friends, but have always wanted to be more than that. However, obstacles and circumstances always keep them apart.
Garrett GodwinThis fall, Torchwood arrives on BBC America - Torchwood follows Captain Jack as he leads a team of operatives monitoring and investigating the paranormal...
Garrett GodwinGeneral Hospital's Jason and Elizabeth - Jason & Elizabeth will never, ever be apart, but can they keep their promise to stay away from each other, or take the risk and finally be together?
LaShelle TurnerThe New Romantic Comedy: Why Finding Love on Reality TV is never a Good Idea - Watching couples fall in love have always been a favorite pastime of hopeless romantics everywhere.
Garrett Godwin'General Hospital' continues to stay after dark with 'Night Shift' - Night Shift also follows the staff not only fighting to save lives, but also hospital politics that is more about getting to the bottom line, interfering with their ability to care for their patients.
Garrett GodwinNight enters day when GH: Night Shift Starts Today - SOAPnet continues to bring on the night, but this time, during the day with a marathon of Night Shift.
Garrett GodwinLlanview says goodbye to one of its residents as OLTL hits 10,000 - The Buchanan family mourns the loss of one of their own, as One Life to Live celebrated its 10,000th episode recently.
Garrett GodwinTNT keeps 'The Closer' open and gives 'Grace' an extended period - L.A. Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson will not only make you talk, but she will also make you confess, and will continue to do so as TNT renews The Closer for a fourth season.
Garrett GodwinUSA Flames the Fire of Burn Notice - Michael discovered that someone put a "burn notice" out on him. The intelligence community considers him a threat to national security.
Garrett GodwinLaw & Order: Criminal Intent-- new night, new network, same detectives - In New York City's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders will continue to be pursued by detectives of the Major Case Squad, and their stories will continue this fall on the USA Network with Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
Garrett GodwinSG-1's legacy comes to an end on DVD - SG-1 continues to protect the galaxy against the very powerful Ori, who may be one enemy the team can't handle.
Garrett GodwinSaving Grace sounds amazing on TNT - Promoting her first series, Saving Grace, Oscar winner Holly Hunter describes the show as the struggle between faith ane being human.
Garrett GodwinSeason 4 of The 4400 marks the Jordan Collier Movement - The story arc this season revolves around the drug known as Promicin, which gives non-4400 people abilities.
Garrett GodwinSCIFI has closed The Dresden Files - The Dresden Files aired on the SCIFI Channel on Sunday nights at 9pm, but audiences still couldn't resist the temptation ABC's Desperate Housewives.
Tristan MackHow Far is Too Far? - NBC’s To Catch a Predator received criticism and an ensuing lawsuit after one man shot himself, as police came to arrest him.
SOP newswireSigns, Wonders & Miracles TV, Wi-Fi TV Station 777, Launches as Wi-Fi TV Offers Exclusive New Global TV Stations - NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire) - Wi-Fi TV Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVI) today launches Wi-Fi TV Station #777, Signs, Wonders & Miracles TV.
Garrett GodwinStingray Rides to the Rescue Again at YouTube - For over three decades, Stephen J. Cannell has been known creating classic shows with unforgettable characters, breaking every rule in the book.
Garrett GodwinMichael Westen: Equal Parts Equalizer and MacGyver, 100% Hero - Mixing The Equalizer with MacGyver, Burn Notice is the latest USA series this summer, airing Thursday nights at 10pm.
Garrett GodwinStargate's Legacy Will Be - Through the Stargate, the team went to several civilizations as they learned more about them and their ways of life-- and sometimes in the process, they learned about themselves.
Garrett GodwinGeneral Hospital enters nighttime as it begins the 'Night Shift' - When Drs. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) went against regulations to save the live of rock superstar Eli Love (Rick Springfield),
Sarah SchwarzTV Shows and the Real World - Have you ever wondered why there is not any TV shows out there about things that really happen in peoples lives?
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