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N.C. Hurricane Relief Mission

Soldiers continue to help evacuate residents in flood-ravaged communities along North Carolina coastal plains six days after Hurricane Florence made landfall.

SOP newswire2Maine Its Go Time For Same Sex Marriage - Earlier this month, Gov. John Baldacci signed a same-sex marriage bill making Maine the fifth state to legalize same-sex marriage.
SOP newswire2Nashville To Host Islamophobes - Perhaps motivated by recent news that Tennessee has become a stronghold for radical Islamic forces, leading Islamophobes from around the world will be gathering in Nashville at the Loews
Christopher HIllenbrandMother Murdered Child Found Buried In Playground - Police in Albuquerque, N.M., said that the mother of a 3-year-old boy, who was buried in a New Mexico playground, confessed to offiicers that she deliberately smothered him to death.
SOP newswire2Another Terrorist Attack in New York - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today applauded efforts by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that apparently thwarted an alleged
SOP newswire2Far-Right Groups and The 'Third Jihad' - I've argued in the past that Muslims and Jews in the West should make common cause in fighting against prejudice and tolerance - and in doing so, lead by example in terms of
Christopher HIllenbrandMinnesota Judge Overrides Parents' Objections To Son's Cancer Treatment - A judge in Minnesota ruled in favor of the state on Friday, overriding a 13-year-old's parents' wishes to keep their son from receiving medical treatment.
SOP newswire2NC Muslim Being Harassed - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on state and national law enforcement authorities to investigate possible civil rights violations
Christopher HIllenbrandTexas Woman Is First U.S.-Born Person Claimed by Swine Flu - The schoolteacher was originally admitted into the hospital on April 19th, complaining of breathing difficulties.
SOP newswire2No National Day of Prayer For You - Why would our President cease holding National Day of Prayer Ceremonies at the White House during the most turbulent economic times in our nation? When his
SOP newswire2GOP Says Muslims Trying to Overthrow U.S. - What are the intentions of Muslims in America? A local activist told a republican club Monday night that Muslims are intent on overthrowing America. But the Tarrant County medical examiner, who is Muslim
Christopher HIllenbrandCowboys Scout Paralyzed At Training Camp - A Dallas Cowboys scouting assistant endured a broken back and is now permanently paralyzed after the team's practice tent collapsed on top of him during a severe thunderstorm.
SOP newswire2Muslims To Stop Cooperating With FBI - The coalition is upset over what it says is increasing government surveillance in mosques, new Justice Department guidelines that the groups say encourage
SOP newswire2Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Clears Massachusetts Senate - It took corporate media swine flu hysteria to ram through a martial law bill in Massachusetts. S18 gives the Governor the power to authorize the
SOP newswire2The Informant, The FBI, And A Mosque - If there`s a precise moment when the FBI first began to have a sinking feeling about Craig Monteilh, it likely occurred sometime in the spring of 2007, when his handlers read a small detail
SOP newswire2Right-Wing Ideologues, Against Islam and Muslims - When a student organization invites a speaker, you would expect that the speaker represents and promotes the ideas, beliefs and core values of the
Christopher HIllenbrandSwine Flu Now Confirmed in 10 U.S. States:First Death Is Reported; Alert Lifted To Phase 5 - U.S. officials revealed the latest numbers on the pernicious virus' spread on Wednesday, including confirmed cases now present in 10 states
SOP newswire2Civil Liberties Are A Concern: New Surveillance Efforts - A growing number of big-city police departments and other law enforcement agencies across the country are embracing a new system to report suspicious
Christopher HIllenbrandU.S. Believes Swine Flu Will Claim American Lives - The swine flu onset in the United States became more dire on Tuesday when U.S. officials reported that hundreds of students at St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens,
SOP newswire2GOP Leader In Fla. Hosts Event Denying Religious Freedom - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on GOP leaders to demand that Rep. Adam Hasner, the head of Florida`s House
Christopher HIllenbrand2 North Florida Sheriff's Deputies Shot To Death - Two sheriff's deputies from Crestview, Florida, were mortally wounded at a firing range by a gunman who was later shot by deputies, and died on the
SOP newswire2Militant Islam Or Eurofacists At A.U. - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) revealed today that a speaker for an event next week at American University (AU) in Washington, D.C., will also take part in an upcoming Eurofacist "
SOP newswire2Tony Parker and [Nicolas] Sarkozy Verses Me and President Obama - Before Mario Lopez sat down with Kobe Bryant for a laid-back and fun interview that included Kobe`s Hollywood future, his best Jack Nicholson
Christopher HIllenbrandPharmacy To Blame In The Horses' Deaths - A spokesperson for a Florida pharmacy said her company was responsible for preparing the inappropriate dosage of a supplement that eventually killed all 21 polo horses
SOP newswire2U.S. Travelers Questioned on Politics, Religion - Civil liberties groups are renewing calls for the Obama administration to change screening at border posts by limiting questions about Americans' political beliefs
Christopher HIllenbrandSalmonella Contamination Scare Is Far Worse Than First Expected - The Union International Food Co. is now including their Lian How and Uncle Chen brand sauces, oil and oil products of all sizes in a company-issued spice recall
SOP newswire2AG Holder Needs to Release Acquitted Fla. Muslim - The Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) today joined other civil rights and religious organizations in asking Attorney General Eric Holder
SOP newswire2Who Will Stand Up for Right Wing Extremist? - Is our nation truly at risk from teabag-wielding First and Second Amendment Rights advocates? And were the "Lone Wolf McVeighs"
Christopher HIllenbrandAlleged Nazi War Criminal Is Released from Federal Custody - John Demjanjuk of Seven Hills, Ohio, was released into the care of family members after a Appeals Court issued a stay of his deportation. Demjanjuk
Christopher HIllenbrandSunday School Teacher Indicted for 8-Year-Old's Rape and Murder - The woman who courted 8-year-old Sandra Cantu in her home the same day the girl went missing appeared before a Northern California judge, to face charges on the girl's murder.
SOP newswire2GOP Leader Linked to Anti-Islam Hate Fest - The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the leader of that state`s House Republicans to disassociate
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