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Trauma Chief Praises Medical Response to Sutherland Springs Shooting

The community teamwork and medical response here the afternoon of the Sutherland Springs shooting was extremely heartwarming, the trauma chief at Brooke Army Medical Center said.

SOP newswireStockton City Council Gets First Hindu Invocation - The first Hindu invocation of bankrupt Stockton City Council prayed for its fiscal healt.
SOP newswireSan Diego County Board to Open with Hindu Mantras on July 24 - Hindu mantras will open San Diego County Board in California on 24th of this month.
SOP newswireOver 728 Thousand Registered Sex Offenders in the US - Do sexual predators live near your family? Find out now.
SOP newswireSteven Mosher Presents at National Right to Life Convention - Steven Mosher opened the 42nd National Right to Life Convention with a grasping presentation.
SOP newswireU.S. Mosques Sources of Educational, Interfaith and Outreach Activities - Report describes mosques in US as 'Healthy and Growing', and active in interfaith and outreach Activities.
SOP newswireCAIR-MN Wants St. Anthony City Council to Approve Abu-Huraira Islamic Center - CAIR-MN asks the city to approve the proposed Islamic Center and assure the Muslim community the nation`s principles of freedom of religion.
SOP newswireHindu Prayers Open Two City Councils in California - Two city councils in California opened with maiden Hindu prayers in single day.
SOP newswireFirst Hindu Invocation in Fowler City Council after a Century - Fowler City Council in California had its 1st Hindu invocation in 104 years.
SOP newswireFirst Hindu Prayer Opening in Dinuba City Council after a Century - Dinuba City Council in California will have its first Hindu invocation in 106 years.
SOP newswireHindu Prayers before Ceres & Riverbank City Councils, California - The first Hindu opening prayers in Ceres and Riverbank city councils of California will be read on June 11.
SOP newswireGeneration Opportunity Launches 'Keep Texas Awesome' on Facebook - Generation Opportunity, with over 3.4 million fans, says young Texans respect innovators and job creator.
SOP newswire2Lodi City Council in California to Inaugurate with Hindu Mantras - Lodi City Council in California (USA) will have Hindu invocation on June 6, containing verses from world`s oldest existing scripture.
SOP newswireLeaked Abortion Records Handed Over to Board of Healing Arts - Operation Rescue hands over leaked abortion records to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.
SOP newswireSheriff Joe Arpaio Dispatches Detectives to Hawaii to Probe Obama`s AZ Ballot Eligibility - Detectives from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio`s office have been sent to Honolulu to investigate President Obama's eligibility for Arizona's 2012
SOP newswireMaine's Young Adults Concerned Over Poor Economy, Joblessness - Maine`s Young Adults tell grassroots organizers that the poor economy and lack of jobs are their top concerns.
SOP newswireRepublican Voters in Georgia Vote on Personhood Status - Right to Life President Dan Becker calls the right to life as the paramount of all freedoms they hold sacred.
SOP newswireAFTAH Criticizes Obama's Using the Bible to Justify Homosexual Marriage - President Obama is changing colors like a chameleon when it comes to the issue of same-sex marriage, says AFTAH President.
SOP newswireOhio Senator Introduces D-Day Landing Prayer Act in U.S. Senate - FDR's D-Day Landing Prayer Act is introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.
SOP newswireDesperate Anti-life Tactics Surprising as Father Pavone's Stalker Confesses - Congressional briefing reveals scorn for life; and Planned Parenthood's glee over President Obama's "change of heart" reveals he's the most pro-abortion president ever.
SOP newswireWashington Out-of-Touch on Unemployment Problem, Think 69% Young Americans - Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway tells April unemployment numbers and what young Americans think of the unemployment issue.
SOP newswireCISPA Bill Passed Despite Major Opposition in the House - The House of Representatives voted to pass the controversial cyber-security bill (CISPA) despite major opposition.
SOP newswireVoting for Romney to Send 1 Million Souls to Hell, says Evangelist - Bill Keller thinks that a vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney will lead over a Million souls to hell.
SOP newswirePrayers Offered in Reno for the Good of Nevada - Religious leaders prayed for the State at Nevada Prayer Breakfast yesterday.
SOP newswireAMAC Calls Retrial of Roger Clemens a 'Wrong-Headed' Expense - 'It's costing millions of dollars that could be used to aid the ailing economy', says AMAC of Roger Clemens` retrial.
SOP newswireHorror Video Attacks Obama's Health Care Plan - Occupy Obamacare Super PAC rleases horror video attacking health care plan and electrocuting Herman Cain at Tea Party rally.
SOP newswire 'Eco-Tyranny' Points at Marxist Agenda Driving the Environmental Movement - Brian Sussman in his new book 'Eco Tyranny' points to Leftist agenda driving the environmental movement in the United States.
SOP newswireTrayvon Martin's Parents Comment on Murder Charges against George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin's mother says she just wants justice for her son as George Zimmerman, the man who shot the teen boy dead, is charged with second degree murder.
SOP newswireMinimum Wage Increases Fail to Provide Relief from Financially Strained Americans - Legislation for wage increases is being considered a failure in helping the financially troubled Americans.
SOP newswireYoung Americans Facing High Unemployment Numbers - In a statement, Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway, former Chief of Staff of The United States Department of Labor, responds to the high unemployment figures among young Americans.
SOP newswire2'Going Postal' in America - This week's deadly mass shooting spree at Oikos University, a Korean Christian school in Oakland, CA, is one of a string of tragic shootings in the last couple of months that remind us just how dangerous going to work and school can be.
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