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Hurricane Hunters Make a Difference

Two Air Force officers realized their dreams about becoming a Hurricane Hunter and flying into the most powerful storms on Earth.

SOP newswire2Fifth Graders Challenge NOAA's Hurricane Predictions - Is NOAA Smarter Than Fifth Graders? Think Tank Says, "Don't Bet on It"
SOP newswire2Fifteen Deadly Storms this Hurricane Season: Are You Ready? - Sunday marks the official start of the 2011 hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific, a season which is expected to exceed the amount of named tropical systems
Ron G AnselmFlooding in the Southern U.S. Causes Concern as To What May Be Next - The tornadoes cut a huge path through Birmingham and the power of those tornadoes were like having a 155mm Howitzer round hit right next to you.
Tony GraffMayan Calendar Incorrect? 2011 is the Year to Worry About - I enjoyed the movie 2012, the graphics were cool, and all the destruction was pretty epic. Then I happened to stumble upon reports that are saying 2011 is the year that big things are going down.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)TV Obsession With Weather Reveals How The Media are Censored - Weather happens. There`s not much we can do about it. But television newsrooms hype it as if it were a controversy.
Ron G AnselmSnow Ball Fights in 49 States - Insight on the record snow falling in 49 states on February 12th.
Suren HosseinIranians Miss the Snowman - While East Coasters are trying to dig out from under as much as two feet of snow, this year the snow is nonexistent in Tehran, Iran.
SOP newswire3FEMA: National Guard Essential To Hurricane Response - The National Guard is essential to hurricane response, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency told lawmakers here June 5.
SOP newswire3Obama Talks About Hurricane Preparedness - The President stated that he had no greater responsibility than the safety of the American people, and emphasized the importance of planning in ensuring that safety.
Christopher HIllenbrandCold Front Sweeps Across Eastern Seaboard - After a snowstorm pummeled most East Coast states on Monday, a cold front moved across the eastern seaboard the following day.
John LillpopGlobal Warming? Bring It On! - Whilst Katie Couric and liberal pundits were showing off their frozen assets, things were balmy here in California.
SOP newswire2Scientific Assessment Finds Expanding Use of Climate Forecasts Could Mean Better Water Management - The assessment is one in a series of synthesis and assessment reports coordinated by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program.
SOP newswireIke to Strike Tonight or Early Morning - Authorities say residents living along coastal areas of the southern U.S. state of Texas face "certain death" if they do not evacuate.
SOP newswireNew Orleans Overcomes Gustav - The National Hurricane Center in Miami says Gustav's maximum sustained winds have dropped to 75 kilometers an hour.
SOP newswireGustav Batters US Gulf Coast - The deadly storm has winds of nearly of 185 kilometers per hour and is expected to make landfall by midday Monday.
SOP newswireGustav enters Gulf of Mexico - Powerful Hurricane Gustav is headed toward the U.S. Gulf coast after hitting western Cuba. New Orleans is under a mandatory evacuation order today, Sunday.
SOP newswireFlorida Fights Fay - The storm is expected to cross back into Florida Thursday and reach the state's panhandle near the Gulf of Mexico by early Saturday.
SOP newswireUS, Mexico hunkering down for Dolly - Dolly is east-southeast of Brownsville, Texas and is expected to strengthen before making landfall later Wednesday.
SOP newswireBertha blows across the Atlantic Ocean - Forecasters expect it to continue to head in the direction of Bermuda, though they say it could change direction before possibly making landfall.
SOP newswire2What Happens if Lightning Strikes Twice? Beware! - One of the most common mistakes people and animals make is they huddle under trees and other structures to stay dry during thunderstorms.
SOP newswire2Geospatial Intelligence Aid in Midwest Flood Response - The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support flood response efforts in the Midwest
SOP newswire2Extreme drought In Northeast Georgia: 2012? - Extreme drought, the kind seen only once every 50 years or so, has returned to northeast Georgia.
SOP newswire236th Coolest Spring on Record in The U.S. - The March-May spring season was the 36th coolest on record for the contiguous United States, according to an analysis by NOAA`s
SOP newswire2Record Season Of Death In U.S.: More Intense Tornado - Is the end of the World and 2012 the cause of a Record Season Of Death In U.S.: More Intense Tornado
SOP newswireDeath toll in Burma now more than 15,000 - Burma's state media say a constitutional referendum will be postponed until May.
SOP newswireBurma Cyclone kills more than 350 people, 100,000 left homeless - The military government declared Rangoon and five central and southern states, Yangon, Ayeyawaddy, Bago, Mon and Karen disaster areas on Sunday.
SOP newswire2Larger Pacific Climate Event Helps Current La Nina Linger - PASADENA, Calif. – Boosted by the influence of a larger climate event in the Pacific, one of the strongest La Niñas in many years is slowly
SOP newswireDo you know US Governors will kick around 'greening'? - A visit to Yale by WTO director-general went largely unnoticed. Likely, meeting of US governors will never hit radar.
SOP newswireGlacial Lake Disappears - Glacier scientist Gino Casassa said global warming is responsible for the unusually warm weather that caused the glacial melting.
SOP newswireU.N. MINURCAT mission begins today - Objective is to train 77 Chadian police and gendarmerie commanders in law and order and respect for human rights.
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