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Hurricane Hunters Make a Difference

Two Air Force officers realized their dreams about becoming a Hurricane Hunter and flying into the most powerful storms on Earth.

SOP newswireEl Niño Makes a Comeback - Scientists at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center reported today that El Niño conditions have developed in the tropical Pacific and are likely to continue into early 2007. Ocean temperatures increased remarkably in the equatorial Pacific during the last two weeks.
SOP newswireHURRICANE KATRINA - Our Wide-Ranging Response - From the first moments after Hurricane Katrina made landfall a year ago, we"ve been working to help with the recovery and deal with the aftermath of crime and corruption"not just in New Orleans but around the nation. We asked our top Criminal Investigative exec James
SOP newswireWeb Site Offers Comprehensive Look at the Historic Storm and NOAA's Response - A year to the day after Hurricane Katrina became the most destructive hurricane ever to strike the United States, NOAA launched a new Web site detailing the development of the storm, its power and destruction. The site also highlights NOAA"s multi-faceted response to the
SOP newswireNOAA Adds Four New Dart Buoys to the U.S. Tsunami Warning System - NOAA completed a month-long cruise today aboard the R/V Blue Fin to install deep-ocean assessment and reporting of tsunami, or DART, buoy stations in Alaskan waters.
SOP newswireEL NIEO In This Winter's Forecast - Weak El Ni"o conditions may appear by year's end, but if it does, it will happen too late to have an impact on the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season.
SOP newswireNOAA Above Average Hurricane Season - With the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season upon us, experts from NOAA are reiterating their prediction for an above-normal number of storms. NOAA scientists warn this year's relatively quiet start is not an indication of what the remainder of the season has in store. (Click NOAA image for larger view of updated 2006 Atlantic hurricane season outlook. Please credit “NOAA.”)
SOP newswireU.S. HAS ITS SECOND-HOTTEST JULY ON RECORD; - August 7, 2006 — The continental United States suffered through its second-hottest July on record because of a blistering heat wave from California to Washington, D.C. The heat wave broke more than 2,300 daily temperature records for the month and eclipsed more than 50 records for the highest temperatures in any July
SOP newswireCaution: Deadly Heat Wave Reaches East Coast - NOAA meteorologists blame an unusually strong ridge of high pressure that has been persistent for the last several weeks across much of the central and eastern U.S. for the cause of the heat. More than 50 new all-time high temperature
SOP newswireU.S. Census Bureau Bringing Data to Life: Spotlight on Miami-Dade County Emergency Planning - The U.S. Census Bureau will host a community forum with the Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management to explore how census data can be used to enhance emergency preparedness.
Maria GrellaHot Times In The City - Feeling hot, hot, hot? You should. According to the federal government, the first half of 2006 has been the hottest in U.S., since weather recorded history began in 1895.
SOP newswireEPA's Key to a Green and Healthy (HOT) Summer - (Washington, D.C. -) Here are tips from the Environmental Protection Agency to make this a healthy and safe summer. This information can help the wallet as well as protect the environment.
Heidi LopezPrivate U.S Sectors Assisting Hispanic Countries in Hurricane Relief - Three major hurricanes (Stan, Beta, and Gamma) took approximately 800 lives in 2005. Not only did they leave almost a million people suffering, but the damages caused are estimated to be over $1.5 billion.
SOP newswireThe average temperature for the continental United States from January through June 2006 was the warmest first half of any year since records began in 1895 - July 14, 2006 - The average temperature for the continental United States from January through June 2006 was the warmest first half of any year since records began in 1895,
SOP newswireNOAA SATELLITES RESPOND TO DISTRESS CALLS - As summer weather brings out more boaters, campers and hikers, NOAA satellites and search and rescue staff are prepared to handle distress signals from emergency locator beacons. (Click image for larger view of a Coast Guard HH-65 helicopter airlifting the crew from the grounded vessel Miss Eileen after it hit the Sabine Jetty in Sabine, Texas, on Dec. 21, 2002. Click here for high resolution version. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard.)
SOP newswireNOAA Issues Service Assessment Report on Hurricane Katrina - The NOAA National Weather Service released an internal evaluation of its operations during Hurricane Katrina. Service assessments are done routinely following major weather events and include input from government agencies, emergency managers, media and the public.
Helpful Hurricane Products - With hurricane season upon the country, it is only right that those involved start preparing. There are so many precautions to take and so much to think about before and after the storm.
SOP newswireUN-Backed Tsunami Early Warning System Set to Become Operation in Indian Ocean - Eighteen months after the Indian Ocean tsunami killed more than 200,000 people in a dozen countries, a United Nations-backed early warning system, which experts say could have saved scores of thousands of lives had it existed at the time, is on schedule to become operational for the entire region by the end of July.
SOP newswireNOAA Ozone Forecasting - The NOAA National Weather Service, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency, will now provide experimental forecast guidance for ground-level ozone for the western half of the contiguous United States—a total of 17 states from the Plains to the Pacific Coast. This is in addition to the air quality forecast guidance currently available for the eastern half of the U.S.
SOP newswireJuly through September U.S. Summer Outlook - June 20, 2006 — As spring rolls out and summer rolls in, the weather patterns for the remainder of June are typical for what the nation can expect for the rest of the summer. (Click NOAA image for larger view of summer 2006 temperature outlook for the months July through September. Click here for high resolution version. Please credit “NOAA.”)
SOP newswireGlobal Temperature Warmer Than Average - June 19, 2006 — The contiguous United States experienced its fifth warmest May and fourth warmest spring since records began in 1895, while overall precipitation remained below average, according to scientists at the NOAA National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. Also, the June 2005 - May 2006 period was the warmest on record for the contiguous U.S. The continuation of below-normal precipitation combined with much warmer
SOP newswireCloudSat Peers Inside Tropical Storm Alberto - NASA's new CloudSat satellite captured its first tropical storm, Alberto, as it spun over the Gulf of Mexico the morning of June 12, 2006. This image comparison shows how CloudSat
SOP newswireBracing for the storm by Tech. Sgt. Mike Spaits - SAN ANTONIO (AFPN) -- It’s hurricane season again, and Air Force bases along the Southern coastline are bracing for what many experts are predicting could be another busy summer.
SOP newswirePreparation for Hurricane Season from the DOE - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Director of the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) Kevin Kolevar today outlined a number of steps that the department is taking to prepare for hurricane season in the United States.
Sarah HuffmanAfter the Storm - This last week has been a whirlwind, literally. Last Thursday, Iowa City, where I attend the University of Iowa, was hit with more than one tornado.
Laurie SalemPunxsutawney Phil: U.S. has six more weeks of winter - It was just the other day that we saw the streets and the sidewalks being covered with fluffy, white snow. Not only was the snow thick, but the winds made it difficult to see through the stuff. For those fortunate enough to be able to remain inside, there were still the ones who were still at work when this storm showed up.
Ann PoludenkoThe Deep Freeze in Ukraine - Today is the first day of so to say “normal winter temperature” in Ukraine – about 15 degrees below zero. From January 14, winter temperatures have stayed under 21 degrees.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)(Vero Beach, FL) Indian River County Hurricane Wilma Update - Vero Beach, FL - Nathan McCollum, Emergency Operation Center Manager updates residents about whats going on with Hurricane Wilma in Indian River County.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)(Vero Beach, FL) Indian River County Hunkers Down - Vero Beach, FL Sunday, October 23, 2005 – County Administrator Joe Baird has signed the Declaration of Emergency for Indian River County, Florida.
Ann PoludenkoMade By Mankind-- this can be the answer to the question Who did it? - Did what? When you check the summary of news at the end of the week, you can be sure that humanity found one more way to destroy itself.
Sean StubblefieldHA HA, Made You Look! Houston, You Got Punk'ed. - As Hurricane Rita approached Houston Texas, the news media made it seem as if the end of the world was at hand for many people near the Texas coastline. I think a case can be made that Hurricane Rita, and to some extent Katrina, has been misrepresented and blown out of proportion in the news.
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