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UNESCO Experts Ready to Assist Reconstruction of Iconic Notre Dame

Two-thirds of the largely medieval roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris have "gone" after the devastating fire in Paris on Monday evening, but UN cultural experts are standing by to offer help where it is needed in rebuilding the iconic structure.

SOP newswire3Ban Expresses Condolences For Earthquake Victims In China - Ban Ki-moon has expressed his deepest condolences following the earthquake that struck China`s north-west Gansu province.
SOP newswire3UN Concerned About Fighting In Congo - As fighting continues between Government forces and rebels in the Congo, the UN expressed concern for the welfare of civilians in the area.
SOP newswire3Ban Ki-moon Welcomes Release of 73 Political Prisoners in Myanmar - Ban Ki-moon welcomed the release of 73 political prisoners in Myanmar yesterday, as well as the announcement by the country`s leader that the rest will be freed by the end of the year.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Welcomes New Efforts to Resume Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks - Ban Ki-moon commended the efforts of United States Secretary of State John Kerry to resume negotiations in the Middle East peace process.
SOP newswire3UN Pays Tribute To Nelson Mandela - The UN marks Nelson Mandela International Day, celebrating the South African leader's 95th birthday and honouring his dedication to public service, social justice and reconciliation, inspiring millions around the world.
SOP newswire3UN Peacekeepers In Congo On High Alert - UN peacekeepers in the Congo are on high alert today and stand ready to use force to protect civilians.
SOP newswire3UN Welcomes Cambodia's Pardon Of Opposition Leader - Teh UN welcomed Cambodia's royal pardon of opposition leader Sam Rainsy which was granted ahead of the elections in the country later this month.
SOP newswire3UN: Hardships Facing Palestinian Refugees In Syria - UN officials learned about the many hardships facing Palestinian refugees from Syria during a recent visit to a camp.
SOP newswire3UN Concerned over New Restrictions for Syrian Refugees Fleeing to Egypt - UN agency concerned over new restrictions for Syrian refugees fleeing to Egypt.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Condemns Attack that Killed Seven Peacekeepers in Darfur - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed his outrage at the attack that killed seven United Nations peacekeepers and wounded 17 military and police personnel.
SOP newswire3UN Fights AIDS - The UN launched a framework which seeks to give 15 million people with HIV/AIDS access to antiretroviral treatment by the year 2015.
SOP newswire3UN Encourages Lebanon Parties To Avoid Conflict - The Security Council encouraged all parties in Lebanon to remain united and resist a slide into conflict.
SOP newswire3UN: Egyptian Women's Voices Must be Heard - A senior UN official stressed the need to ensure women can make their voices heard in Egypt without fear of violence.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Terrorist Bomb Attack In Beirut - The top UNenvoy in Lebanon condemned the bomb blast that targeted a south Beirut suburb, injuring dozens of people at the start of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.
SOP newswire3Ban Appeals To All Parties In Syria To Stop Violence - Ban Ki-moon has appealed to all parties in Syria to put down their weapons during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Spotlights Universal Right To Education - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the importance of ensuring global access to quality education.
SOP newswire3UN: Religious Rhetoric Exacerbates Syrian Conflict - The increasing use of rhetoric by political and religious leaders in the context of the Syrian crisis could exacerbate the violence in the Middle Eastern country and fuel tensions between different groups in the region.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Gravely Concerned About Escalating Violence In Egypt - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today condemned the reported killing of dozens of people at a mass protest site in Cairo.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Attack On School In Nigeria - The UN condemned the recent attack on a school in north-east Nigeria that resulted in the deaths of a number of students.
SOP newswire3UN: Inter-religious Cooperation Vital Asset for Rebuilding Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone's religious communities have a crucial role to play in helping to overcome the legacy of war.
SOP newswire3UN Concerned About Civilians Caught Up In The Fighting In Syria - The UN human rights office said it is concerned about up to 4,000 civilians who may be trapped by heavy fighting in and around the Syrian city of Homs.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Concerned About Crisis In Egypt - Ban Ki-moon this evening urged the security forces to protect the protesters and called on the Egyptian people to demonstrate exclusively by peaceful means.
Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, BangladeshManifesto of Bangladesh Peoples Democratic Party (BPDP) - We will take opinion of the citizens by using modern technology in case of any government project. We will never do anything which will be harmful for the citizens of Bangladesh.
SOP newswire3UN Uurges Egyptian President to Listen to People`s Demands - The UN called on President Mohamed Morsi to listen to the demands of the Egyptian people as expressed throughout mass demonstrations over the past few days in the Middle Eastern country.
SOP newswire3Ban Calls On Syrian Parties To Avoid Civilian Casualties - Ban Ki-moon renewed his call on the parties to the conflict in Syria to avoid civilian casualties.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Praises Iceland - Ban Ki-moon commended Iceland for its contributions to the international community in such critical areas as international criminal justice and gender equality.
SOP newswire3Rapid Urbanization Threatens Sustainable Development - UN Report - Without fresh ideas to address rapid urbanization, the number of people living in slums lacking access to basic infrastructure and services such may skyrocket from one billion at present to three billion by 2050.
SOP newswire3Ban Encourages Peaceful Dialogue In Egypt - Egypt has been undergoing a halting democratic transition following the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak two years ago.
SOP newswire3UN to Help Mali Refugees Participate in Presidential Elections - With only one month to go before the presidential elections take place in Mali, the United Nations is helping neighbouring countries deal with refugees who will be voting outside their home country.
SOP newswire3UN: Syria Peace Conference Doubtful in July - An international conference to find a political solution to the Syria crisis is not likely to be held in July.
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