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UNESCO Experts Ready to Assist Reconstruction of Iconic Notre Dame

Two-thirds of the largely medieval roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris have "gone" after the devastating fire in Paris on Monday evening, but UN cultural experts are standing by to offer help where it is needed in rebuilding the iconic structure.

SOP newswire3Secretary-General Welcomes Resumption of National Dialogue in Lebanon - Ban Ki-moon welcomes the resumption of the National Dialogue between political leaders in Lebanon, Mr. Ban`s spokesperson said today.
SOP newswireIndia: Public Favors Dr. Karan Singh as the Presidential Candidate - The National Panthers Party in India considers public opinion favors Dr. Karan Singh as the only consensual presidential candidate.
SOP newswire3UN Marks World Refugee Day - The United Nations marked World Refugee Day by focusing on the more than 42 million people worldwide who have been forcibly displaced from their homes.
SOP newswireMadonna Meets with Mr. Adnan Oktar in Istanbul - Adnan Oktar describes his meetying with pop star Maddona during her recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey.
SOP newswireBaba Reshi Lions to Run in the Mughal Road Rally - For the first time, a team from the Jammu & Kashmir is participating in the Mughal Road Rally.
SOP newswireIndia Worst Place for Women in the World - Attest global poll shows that India is worse even than Saudi Arabia for a woman to live.
SOP newswireForced Abortion of Chinese Baby at Seven Months (warning, graphic image) - The latest case of forced abortion in China of a 7-month-young fetus has created outrage among women and human rights activists.
SOP newswire3UN Marks 'Day Of African Child' - The UN Children's Fund is marking this year's Day of the African Child with a call to families and governments on the continent to protect children with disabilities from discrimination.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Mourns Death Of Saudi Crown Prince - Ban Ki-moon voiced his sadness at the passingof Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud.
SOP newswire3UN Suspends Monitoring Activity In Syria - The United Nations observer mission in Syria has suspended its activities owing to an intensification of armed violence across the country over the past 10 days, its chief announced today.
SOP newswire2War: Horror of Science Fiction Becomes The Reality of Violent Death - Ben Macintyre, writing in today`s London Times, relates the warning from the late Paul Fussell, about the glorification of war that leads young men to terrible death on the battlefield.
SOP newswireHindus Congratulate Britain`s Queen Elizabeth on Diamond Jubilee - Hindus greet Queen Elizabeth on Diamond Jubilee lauding her inclusive approach
SOP newswire2The Middle East Arms Race: Russia, the US, Syria and Israel - The primary difference being that Syria gets MiG29s whilst Israel gets F15/16 fighter/bombers
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Urges Arab Media To Promote Peace - Ban Ki-moon today hailed the dedication and courage of journalists, activists, policy-makers and civil society representatives who have worked to promote democracy across the Middle East and North Africa, and urged them to continue their efforts to advance peace, especially among Israelis and Palestinians.
SOP newswire3UN Provides $10 Million In Emergency Aid To Syrian Refugees - The United Nations humanitarian arm has provided nearly $10 million in fresh funding in recent weeks to assist Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.
SOP newswire3UN: Vast Economic Growth Potential In Africa - African countries must pursue structural transformation to sustain growth, create jobs and reduce vulnerability to external shocks, says a United Nations report released today.
SOP newswire3UN Urges Israel To End Blockade Of Gaza - With the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip now entering its sixth year, the top United Nations humanitarian official today called for its immediate lifting.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Escalating Violence In Myanmar - A United Nations independent human rights expert today warned that escalating violence among communities in Myanmar`s Rakhine state represents a serious threat to the country`s future.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Deadly Attacks In Iraq - In the wake of deadly attacks across Iraq, the United Nations top envoy there expressed his shock today and called for the country`s Government to address the root causes behind the violence.
SOP newswire3UN Concerned About Escalation Of Violence In Homs, Syria - Amidst reports of heavy fighting, UN observers in Syria are concerned over the escalation of violence in the city of Homs, a Syrian opposition stronghold.
SOP newswireReal Time Satellite Tracking for 'The Cross in Space' - The Cross in Space can now be tracked in real time as it orbits and passes over all the earth.
SOP newswireZion Oil Signs MoU with Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors - Zion Oil has announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding drilling partnership with Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors Corp. Ltd.
SOP newswire3UN Report Highlights Lord`s Resistance Army Atrocities Aagainst Children - The Ugandan rebel group known as the Lord`s Resistance Army remains among the most persistent perpetrators of grave violations against children.
SOP newswire3UN: World Economy Must Focus On Needs Of Society - The head of the UN labour agency told a major work forum that the world economy has focussed too much on finance and too little on the needs of society.
SOP newswire3UN Celebrates 'World Environment Day' - Marking World Environment Day, UN officials highlighted the need for a change in thinking and approach to ensure the sustainability of the Earth`s resources as the world population grows.
SOP newswire3UN Warns Iran Its Nuclear Program Must Be For Peaceful Use Only - The head of the IN atomic watchdog called on Iran to fulfil its international obligations to ensure that its nuclear programme is of an exclusively peaceful nature.
SOP newswire3UN Warns Of Worsening Humanitarian Situation On South Sudan Border - The United Nations refugee chief warned of a sharply worsening humanitarian situation in South Sudan`s Upper Nile State.
SOP newswireBritain Approves Construction of $18.5 Million Hindu Temple in Northampton - Northampton Borough Council in United Kingdom has approved an $18.5 million Hindu temple complex with state-of-the-art and eco-friendly educational and recreational facilities.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban Congratulates Lesotho for Holding of Peaceful Elections - Ban Ki-moon congratulates the people of Lesotho for conducting peaceful elections recently for the African country's National Assembly.
SOP newswire3UN Labor Conference - Nearly 5,000 delegates today kicked off a United Nations forum in Geneva focusing on the global jobs crisis and its impact on youth, as well as social protection and rights at work.
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