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UNESCO Experts Ready to Assist Reconstruction of Iconic Notre Dame

Two-thirds of the largely medieval roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris have "gone" after the devastating fire in Paris on Monday evening, but UN cultural experts are standing by to offer help where it is needed in rebuilding the iconic structure.

SOP newswire3UN Creates New Mission To Assist South Sudan - The Security Council today voted unanimously to set up a new United Nations mission to help Africa`s newest nation consolidate peace.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns US Execution Of Mexican National - The United Nations human rights chief said today she deeply regrets the execution in the United States of Mexican national Humberto Leal García.
SOP newswire3UN Appeals For Help For Somali Refugees - The UN said today that the flood of Somali refugees into Ethiopia could overwhelm the ability of humanitarian agencies to help them, and called for urgent international assistance.
SOP newswire3UN: Mass Rapes In Congo Crime Against Humanity - The rapes of hundreds of people in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) last year could be considered crimes against humanity and war crimes, according to a new United Nations report.
SOP newswire3UN: Millions Of Women Face Injustice Worldwide - Millions of women worldwide continue to experience injustice, violence and inequality in their homes, the workplace and public life, according to a new United Nations report.
Garrett Godwin"Speak Out for Good Jobs" -- How Americans are Spending This Summer - "We are here because we will NOT let the middle class and those aspire to us disappear from our country. We will not! We will not!"
SOP newswire3UN Peacekeeper Shot Dead In Darfur - An Ethiopian peacekeeper serving with the joint United Nations-African Union mission in Darfur has died after being shot while travelling in the west of the troubled Sudanese region.
Garrett GodwinVirtual Job Fairs for the Great Recession - Since 2010, SAE and ON24 give job hunters the chance to test the waters, not to mention a lot of confidence and the ability to speak without the intimidation of face-to-face interviews with potential employers.
SOP newswire3UN Confirms Mass Rapes Occurred In The Congo - The UN confirmed that Government troops in the Congo committed mass rape and acts of pillaging in several remote villages in the country`s east last month.
SOP newswire3UN: Human Rights Are For Everyone - The UN said said that the so-called Arab Spring across North Africa and the Middle East this year has shown that human rights are for all of us, all of the time, everywhere. "
SOP newswire2Saudi Women Drivers Arrested in Nighttime Raids - Saudi Arabian police arrested five women for driving on Tuesday for thefirst time since dozens of women began testing the ban on driving on June 17, according to reports by local Saudi media.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Pippa and Harry Secret Revealed: Is Harry Still Single? - It may be bad news for on again off again Royal gal pal Chelsy Davy as a result of a world wind of speculation and gossip.
SOP newswire3UN Deplores Bombing Of Hospital In Afghanistan - The top UN official in Afghanistan voiced outrage at a bomb attack at a public hospital in the country's east that has killed dozens of people.
SOP newswire3UN: Use Of Synthetic Drugs On The Rise - While global markets for cocaine, heroin and cannabis declined or remained stable, the production and abuse of prescription opioid drugs and new synthetic drugs rose.
SOP newswire3UN Welcomes Israel`s Decision to Approve Construction Projects in Gaza - A top United Nations envoy in the Middle East has welcomed Israel`s decision to allow UN-backed construction projects in the Gaza Strip.
SOP newswire3UN Urges Haiti To Form A Government - The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti today urged the country`s authorities to immediately form a government.
SOP newswire3UN: Social Investments Deserve Priority In Economic Recovery - A new United Nations report finds that many governments did not pay enough attention to the social implications of the recent global financial crisis.
SOP newswire3UN: Rainforests In Danger - Illegal logging, poaching, and other intrusions have led rainforests in Honduras and Indonesia to be placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger.
SOP newswire3UN: Way Civilians Are Being Treated In Sudan Is Reprehensible - The UN says the way civilians are being treated in the Sudanese state of Southern Kordofan is reprehensible ".
SOP newswire3Young Palestinian Refugee Wins UN Film Competition - A short film based on the story of a Palestinian refugee family returning to their ruined home in a conflict-ravaged camp in Lebanon was declared the winner of a film competition organized by the UN.
SOP newswire2Prof. Bhim Singh and Panthers Party Launch Awareness Campaign About Pakistani refugees - Addressing a mammoth rally of the J&K Migrants in Delhi, on the occasion of United Nations Refugee Day being 20th June, 2011
SOP newswire2Algerian Masterworks Missing: Where Are The Paintings of Juanita Guccione? - Mystery Surrounds the disappearance of a collection of Algerian paintings by Juanita Guccione, Djelloul Marbrook's mother.
SOP newswire3UN Chief Ban: Talks Underway To Resolve Libyan Crisis - The beginnings of a negotiation process have begun under the auspices of the United Nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Violence Against Gays - The UN expressed grave concern at the violence and discrimination experienced by people because of their sexual orientation.
SOP newswire2Undemocratic and Unrepresentative Elections in Pakistan - For almost sixty four years people of the forcibly divided state of Jammu and Kashmir, commonly referred to as Kashmir), have struggled to obtain their fundamental right for a free and democratic vote!
SOP newswire3UN: Israeli Blockade of Gaza Hurts Employment - Unemployment in the Gaza Strip remains among the highest in the world and real wages have continued to decline every year since Israel imposed a blockade of the area.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Violence In Sudan - Clashes continue to be reported in the Sudanese state of Southern Kordofan despite calls by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other top United Nations officials for an end to the hostilities.
SOP newswire2US Billionaire Philip Falcone New Johnny Come Lately Baron of Africa - For decades, the so-called 'White Robber Barons' are exploiting African people and drying out African land without any remorse.
SOP newswire3May Extremely Bloody Month For Civilians In Afghanistan - Last month was the most violent for civilians in Afghanistan in recent years as attacks by insurgents intensified.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Countries That Allow Children To Engage In Dangerous Work - More than half of the world`s estimated 215 million child labourers are engaged in hazardous work.
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