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$350 Million Pledged for Refugees in Uganda

A Solidarity Summit for refugees hosted by Uganda has raised some $358 million in pledges, the United Nations announced today.

SOP newswireAfrican Poverty tied to Agricultural Investment - The situation remains critical and recent food price riots are likely to expand in the coming months.
SOP newswireWill Haitians hear peace in Hip Hop? - Grammy Award-winning Haitian Hip Hop artist Wyclef Jean has taken to the airwaves urging his compatriots to stop committing crimes.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: April 3 - Albania and Croatia received an official invitation today to join NATO.
SOP newswireNATO vows membership to Georgia and Ukraine-- later - In Bucharest, Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said that the granting of Membership Action Plans (MAPs) to Ukraine and Georgia would have to await further dialogue.
SOP newswireHistoric Nepal Election said to be Secure - United Nations' top envoy in the south Asian country said that security appears to be under control for the poll, despite recent political violence.
SOP newswireMissile Shield gains NATO nod - A major victory for the Bush administration, but Russia is strongly opposed to the idea.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: April 2 - It was on this day in 2005 that Pope John Paul II, the first non-Italian head of the Catholic Church for over four centuries, died in his private room after battling a severe illness.
SOP newswireFearing war with Iran, Israel will distribute gas masks - Deputy Defense Minister Vilnai told Israel Radio that handing out gas masks does not mean that war with Iran is imminent.
SOP newswireCelebrate Earth Day April 22 - EPA is launching several online initiatives throughout the month of April to help raise environmental awareness.
SOP newswireFrench given permission to see hostages - Colombian President Alvaro Uribe says he has agreed to a French request to let an international mission try to meet with hostages held by leftist rebels.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: April 1 - The World Chronicle-- Where the Past and Present Meet!
SOP newswireResolution of Arab-Israeli Conflict key to Mideast Peace - The Secretary-General called for a more positive strategy for Gaza and encouraged all Arab countries to act responsibly.
SOP newswireUN Reports 10,000 Afghans have returned to Pakistan - Salvatore Lombardo told journalists that the majority of the returns are to the eastern part of the country.
SOP newswirePresidential Pardon Frees Charity Workers - The six were arrested in October as they were poised to fly 103 children to France.
SOP newswireMugabe said to be manipulating Zimbabwe Elections - Opposition parties are reportedly accusing incumbent President Robert Mugabe’s government of a calculated plot to declare Mugabe winner of last Saturday’s elections.
SOP newswirePalestinian Killed by Jewish Settler - Officials say the Jewish settler-- who was armed-- shot the attacker as he attempted to stab the other Israelis.
SOP newswireRockets smash into Baghdad's Green Zone - There have been no reports of fatalities from Monday's attack, which hit the compound housing the Iraqi government and the U.S. Embassy.
SOP newswireBorder Passport Checks Nixed in Europe's Airports - Ctizens of Europe's 24-country 'Schengen zone' are no longer required to undergo passport checks at airports in Malta and eight other European Union countries.
SOP newswireIf Hostages are Released, Rebels will be Freed - Ingrid Betancour and at least 700 people are being held in secret jungle camps for ransom or political leverage. Three Americans are among the hostages.
SOP newswireSharp Divisions Remain at Close of Arab Summit - The Arab summit broke no new ground on the most critical regional issues, in the absence of nearly half of the leaders of Arab League states.
SOP newswireFacts exposing Dalai clique's masterminding of Lhasa violence - Xinhua was authorized to release a signed article on Sunday to reveal how the Dalai clique plotted and incited the Lhasa violence on March 14, which
SOP newswireNepali people against Seven Party Alliance and Maoists (SPAM) - It is the people who will change the future course of Nepal. In fact, Nepal's existence lies upon the Nepali people's choice.
SOP newswire5th Iraq Kidnap Victim Identified - Bert Nussbaumer of Austria was employed by Crescent Security Group at the time of his kidnapping on November 16, 2006.
SOP newswireNew Mideast Peace Mission Begins - US Secretary of State Rice met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Saturday over dinner in Jerusalem.
SOP newswireChina urged to open talks with Dalai Lama - EU ministers encourage 'substantive and constructive dialogue' to address issues of language, culture religion and traditions.
SOP newswireAnti-CNN website reflects Chinese people's condemnation - It is purely spontaneous condemnation and criticism by the Chinese people toward some Western media's irresponsible reports which violated professional ethnics
SOP newswireLack of money may ground World Food Programme - Some 8,000 relief workers in Darfur use the Humanitarian Air Service (WFP-HAS) monthly to provide much-needed food, water and health care services.
SOP newswireShi'ite Gunmen given extended deadline - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that militants will be rewarded financially if they hand over their weapons.
SOP newswireBasra Oil Pipeline Bombed - It is unclear whether the damaged pipeline will greatly affect crude exports.
SOP newswireBan Ki-moon Honors Victims of Slave Trade - 'Even as we mourn the atrocities committed against the countless victims, we take heart from the courage of slaves who rose up to overcome the system which oppressed them.'
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