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Governments Adopt Global Migration Pact

The Global Compact for Migration was adopted on Monday by leading representatives from 164 Governments at an international conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, in an historic move described by UN Chief Guterres as the creation of a "roadmap to prevent suffering and chaos."

SOP newswire3US & Russia Make Progress On Nuclear Weapons Reduction Pact - The United States and Russia are making progress on a pledge to reach an agreement on a nuclear weapons reduction pact.
SOP newswire3Mike Mullen: Afghan Insurgency Has Become More Pervasive - The insurgency in Afghanistan has become more pervasive, more sophisticated and more violent, said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff here today.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Resumption Of Death Penalty In Iraq - The resumption of the death penalty in Iraq earlier this year is a source of great concern to the United Nations, according to the world body`s latest report covering the human rights situation in the country.
Sean BeelzebulBlackwater, Mercenaries and the Modern Battlefield - a brief analysis of Blackwater/XE services and their malefic effects on the war, the economy and how modern warfare is conducted.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates: US Role In Iraq Remains Critical - The U.S. military role remains critical to preserving gains made in Iraq and helping to prevent sectarian violence in the roll-up to Iraq`s national elections, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said.
SOP newswire3UN: Torture Still Rife - Although 146 States of the 192 Member States of the United Nations ratified or acceded to the international convention outlawing torture, the practice is still rife worldwide
SOP newswire3UN: Civilians Fleeing Clashes In Yemen - Thousands of civilians continue to steam out of northern Yemen, where the clashes between Government forces and rebels enter their fifth month, the United Nations refugee agency reported today.
Sean BeelzebulBlackwater Denying More Than The CIA? - Mercenary ops are waning in influence. New information has arisen about the scope of the influence they have had.
SOP newswire2Uganda and The Death Penalty - By official count 22 young men were executed under Uganda's law on homosexuality. The law in question required that all men and boys in Uganda be willing to submit to the homosexual
Sean BeelzebulDalai Lama states that Obama is being Awarded Nobel Peace Prize too Early? - Misinformation from Fox news, is only partially true based on an omission from a Sky News article. And also, how do we gauge compassion in
SOP newswire3Google And UNESCO To Provide Virtual Tours Of World Heritage Sites - Internet users can explore World Heritage sites online thanks to a new partnership between UNESCO and Google.
SOP newswire3UN Celebrates Human Rights Day - The UN marked Human Rights Day today, the 61st anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by stressing the enduring need to eliminate all forms of discrimination.
SOP newswire2Shalit, Swine Flu, Iran and Israel - Israel`s Prime Minister has a viral flu, prompting his doctor to order cessation of activities for a second day in a row. The prevalent attitude is expressed in the following remark
SOP newswire2Panthers Party supports Telangana State - An Emergency Meeting of the Working Committee of National Panthers Party was held in the capital today under the chairmanship of Prof.
SOP newswire3UN: Corruption Kills Development In 3rd World - Corruption kills development and is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving the globally agreed targets to reduce poverty.
SOP newswire3UN-Backed Anti-Drug Center Opens In Central Asia - A United Nations-backed intelligence sharing centre for Central Asian countries on the front line of the battle against drug trafficking from Afghanistan opened in Kazakhstan.
SOP newswire3UN Appeals For $664 Million To Help Palestinians - The UN and partner aid organizations issued a call for $664 million to respond to humanitarian needs in the occupied Palestinian territory.
SOP newswire3Petraeus: Success In Afghanistan Attainable - Achieving success against extremists in Afghanistan is a challenging, yet attainable mission, the commander of U.S. Central Command said at a Capitol Hill hearing here today.
SOP newswire3McChrystal: Training Of Afghan Soldiers Crucial - McChrystal: The training of tens of thousands of additional, capable Afghan soldiers and police is crucial for succes in Afghanistan.
SOP newswire3Odierno: Steady Progress In Iraq - Today, Iraq is a nascent democracy that is rebuilding its strategic depth as a regional power in the Middle East, Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno said.
SOP newswire3Mike Mullen: al Qaeda Still Dangerous - Al-Qaida remains a danger, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said at the Foreign Press Center here today.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates: Surge Underscores US Commitment To Afghanistan - The deployment of 30,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan underscores the enduring U.S. commitment to Afghanistan and its people, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Meets With Karzai - Robert M. Gates arrived here today, the first senior U.S. official to visit with Afghan President Hamid Karzai since President Barack Obama`s announcement of his new strategy for Afghanistan.
SOP newswire2Muthamma Joined the IFS in 1949 Making History - The C.B. Muthamma case had become a tool in the hands not only of women in the civil services but also many women's groups in India to fight for equality.
SOP newswire2Climate Change Save Our Future - The overall impact of climate change, while it may vary along the fault lines of location, caste and gender, is in fact strikingly similar.
Robert Paul ReyesTop Ten Reasons Why Santa Claus Is A Bad Role Model - "American obesity rates are the highest in the developed world with 64% of adults being overweight or obese, and 26% are obese.
SOP newswire3Robert Gates Outlines Afghan Strategy For Lawmakers - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates appeared before the House Armed Services and Senate Foreign Relations committees to discuss the president`s revised strategy for Afghanistan.
SOP newswire3UN: Darfur Crimes Continue - Indiscriminate bombings, rape and other crimes are continuing in Darfur, the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court said.
SOP newswireRussian Federation Next at Bat, So Get to Know Them - The President of the Russian Federation directly controls the activities of the intelligence, law enforcement, and defense activities of the Russian government. Intelligence activities are overseen by the Russian National Security Council and coordinated through the Permanent
SOP newswire3UN Failure In Cyprus - The UN peacekeeping mission on the Mediterranean island to further talks on military confidence-building measures have not borne fruit, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said.
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