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$350 Million Pledged for Refugees in Uganda

A Solidarity Summit for refugees hosted by Uganda has raised some $358 million in pledges, the United Nations announced today.

SOP newswireTranscript of Remarks and Replies to Media Questions by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov - At the outset, I would like to thank the leadership of Cyprus and you personally for the traditional Cyprus hospitality. Our relations
SOP newswireThe Putin Era In Historical Perspective By The NIC - Participants in a November 15, 2006 conference sponsored by the National Intelligence Council broadly agreed that Russia has never developed a capitalist culture or the institutional structure of a modern capitalist state
Suren HosseinLetter to President Bush from an Iranian Citizen - Mr. President, please listen to me. Have you ever gone to the United Nations? Have you ever seen the entrance to the Hall of Nations?
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: December 7 - The Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, ordered his diplomats in Canada and the United States to run a political and media offensive to change the anti-immigrant attitude in those countries.
SOP newswireMAPPING THE GLOBAL FUTURE: 2020 PROJECT - Mapping the Global Future is the third unclassified report prepared by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) in the past
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: December 6 - Annapolis peace conference produces talk but, Thursday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the establishment of a provisional Palestinian state.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: December 5 - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said today that Africa still remains one of the top priorities of the Bush Administration.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: December 4 - SOP and other world news agencies report today that, after six months of a political deadlock, Belgium is on the best pathway toward getting a new government.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: Africa to The Middle East - The December 2 referendum turned out to be Hugo Chavez's personal debacle. Following the referendum, the streets of Caracas were thronged with thousands of people.
SOP newswireIt is to reopen the Zahra Kazemi case - The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) welcomes the decision by Iran’s Supreme Court to reopen the investigation into the 2003 death
SOP newswireCo-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group Make Statement - Prior to the opening of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Madrid on 29 November 2007, the Foreign Minister of Russia S.Lavrov
Krzys WasilewskiDemocratic Russia? No, Thank You! - Although the current political system in Russia can hardly be called democratic, the West should not forget that it guarantees stability.
Krzys WasilewskiHappened On The Last Day of November - Two days before parliamentary elections, opposition parties denounce the political system in Russia as everything but democratic.
SOP newswireIraqis Work to Secure Their Country - TIKRIT " Iraqi Army (IA) Soldiers recently led a raid into an area of Ad Dawr with Iraqi police (IP) and a small
SOP newswire The Absurdity of Asking a Slayer to Investigate His Murderous Regime - Coming out to claim that the fact that he was a former 'insurgent' makes him to avoid carrying out an ethnic cleansing in Ogaden is quite absurd to say the least.
Krzys WasilewskiNews Summary: November 29 - A European Union-Africa summit, which is to be held in Portugal, in December, is under question with Great Britain warning it will not participate in the initiative.
SOP newswireIraqis returning from Syria - A convoy of buses carrying an estimated 800 Iraqis has left the Syrian capital of Damascus and crossed the border on its way to Baghdad
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: November 28 - A new conflict in the Balkans is looming large, with Serbia and its rebellious province of Kosovo seemingly unable to reach a compromise before the December 10 deadline.
SOP newswireGeorgian rebel minister arrested - Okruashvili was arrested and charged with money laundering, abuse of office and negligence. He was
Krzys WasilewskiNews Chronicle: November 27 - Chances for a peace agreement between the authorities in Colombo and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fade with the rebels saying today that any deal with the central government was “impossible.”
SOP newswireChinese government unveils environmental protection plan - The Chinese government will invest 1.35 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) each year for the next three years in environmental protection.
SOP newswireIraqi Targeting Success Now Equals Coalition Efforts - Iraqi forces can now gather intelligence and go after targets as successfully as U.S. units there, a senior intelligence advisor in the region said today.
SOP newswirePiecemeal approaches will not resolve Middle East conflict - Welcoming the commitment of both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to try to resolve the conflict, the leadership of the US as host of the Annapolis meeting
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Summary: November 26 - The era of Prime Minister John Howard came to an end on Saturday when the rival Australian Labor Party defeated Howard's Conservative Party which had ruled the country for 12 years.
SOP newswireSuccessful weapons recovery operation concludes in Dili district in Timor-Leste - The United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) today announced that its police officers, working alongside their Timorese
SOP newswireUN campaign to fight violence against women - In a message marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, commemorated on 25 November, Mr. Ban hailed progress
Krzys WasilewskiThe Rich in Russia - The most luxurious place in the world is not in America or Europe, but in the very heart of poverty-stricken Russia.
SOP newswireCIA's Directory of World Leaders - The CIA publishes and updates the online directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments regularly. The directory is intended to be used
SOP newswireBomb kills 9 Afghans, Italian soldier - KABUL (Reuters) - A suicide bomb on the outskirts of the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday killed nine civilians, four of them children, and an Italian soldier,
SOP newswireBus explosion in Russia's south - It would have been a routine security check for the driver and passengers on the bus but, as it stopped
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