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UNESCO Experts Ready to Assist Reconstruction of Iconic Notre Dame

Two-thirds of the largely medieval roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris have "gone" after the devastating fire in Paris on Monday evening, but UN cultural experts are standing by to offer help where it is needed in rebuilding the iconic structure.

SOP newswireFounder of Pakistan's nuclear program breaks silence - Four years ago, Abdul Qadeer Khan publicly confessed to selling banned nuclear technology to countries like Iran, Libya and North Korea.
Benjamin J. SedlinsFeeding the World - Wanted: Agricultural Innovation. Food production will be a crucial humanitarian issue in the years to come.
SOP newswireIsrael's prime minister vows he will not resign - Ehud Olmert is brushing off demands to resign after an American Jewish businessman said he gave him envelopes stuffed with cash to support a lavish lifestyle.
SOP newswireFood prices will remain high according to UN report - The report, which was jointly published by the OECD, says 862 million people already suffer from hunger, and high prices make the situation worse.
SOP newswirePope Benedict not likely to meet wih Ahmadinejad - Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is reported to be seeking a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI when he visits Rome next week.
SOP newswireDraft Treaty Outlaws Cluster Bombs - The United States, one of the world's largest builders of the bombs, opposes a ban and was not present at the Dublin meeting.
SOP newswireQuake Lake latest headache in China - More than 150,000 people have been evacuated from the area below Tangjiashan lake, which was formed after landslides triggered by the May 12 quake
SOP newswire10th anniversary of Pakistan's first nuclear test - Islamists call for release of Abdul Qadeer Khan, 'Father of Pakistan's Atomic Bomb.'
SOP newswireAli Larijani blasts International Atomic Energy Agency - Larijani said if the IAEA continues on a similar path, Iran's parliament could limit Tehran's work with the U.N. agency.
SOP newswireWest Bank and Gaza Strip sad state - The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights said Tuesday that complaints of human rights abuses in the territories increased in 2007.
Krzys WasilewskiEurope Asks for Exorcists - Exorcists are the most sought after experts in Germany as more and more people believe they have been possessed by evil spirits.
SOP newswire26-year-old controversial Emergency Law continues in Egypt - The emergency law has been in place since the assassination of President Hosni Mubarak's predecessor, Anwar Sadat, in 1981.
SOP newswire Following earthquake, China suffers fear of flood - Quake survivors in China are now being threatened by what Premier Wen Jiabao has called 'secondary disasters.'
SOP newswireTime to cement the gains from Bucharest Summit, says NATO - Daniel Fata, US Deputy Secretary Assistant of Defence for European and NATO Policy, said that the members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly can play an important role in building parliamentary and public support for NATO.
Krzys WasilewskiBritish Prisons Taken Over by Muslims - Muslim gangs have taken control of one of Britain's maximum security prisons, the Observer informs on Sunday.
SOP newswireArmy Chief elected president in Lebanon - The election of the consensus candidate, General Michel Suleiman, is part of an Arab-brokered deal to ease the 18-month-long political stalemate.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloBiya Offers Clemency to Riot Convicts - Christopher Jator Njechu, reporting for The Post on Line, says one decree reduces the prison terms of February riot convicts and the other one commutes the sentences of those incarcerated for life.
SOP newswireSunday Conference in Rangoon focuses on aid to Burma - Many of the potential donors at the Rangoon conference say they want to see that Burma's military government honor its pledge to allow foreign aid workers into the country.
Krzys WasilewskiUN: Send Burma Condoms First, Food Later - As Burma (also known as Myanmar) faces the greatest calamity in its history, with over 130,000 people killed and two million displaced by a murderous cyclone, the United Nations says that what the country needs now is more condoms.
Daniel MabeeIran Storing Oil in Offshore Tankers - According to PetroLogics Ltd., a company that tracks oil-carrying vessels, Iran is now storing crude oil in 20 tankers in the Persian Gulf; this is up from an estimate of ten earlier this month.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloWhy is the Universal Price Increasing on Commodities - On thesop’s behalf, join me to find out what our society thinks about the latest hits on the planet.
SOP newswire2100 elite soldiers to cut-off quake area - The first batch of 100 elite soldiers were parachuted on Wednesday afternoon into an area near the epicenter of Monday's earthquake in southwest China.
SOP newswire2US, EU money promotes Palestinian ideology - Palestinian Authority (PA) infrastructures controlled by Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah continue to promote the ideology that
SOP newswire219,000 Dead: Chinese, U.S. presidents talk over phone - Chinese President Hu Jintao and his U.S. counterpart George W. Bush held a telephone conversation Tuesday, during which they discussed the latest massive earthquake in
SOP newswire2Workers still 40 km from China quake epicenter - Road repair workers were still 40 km from the epicenter of the devastating southwest China earthquake on Wednesday morning, a senior official of the Ministry
Krzys WasilewskiA Just Woman - Irena Sendler, whose bravery and sacrifice saved 2,500 Jewish children from gas chambers, died on Monday in her Warsaw apartment.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Her Majesty The Queen of England and The Duke of Edinburgh Head to Turkey - Her Majesty The Queen of England and The Duke of Edinburgh will start their four day official trip to Turkey. First city on the list is Ankara.
SOP newswire213,000 Dead: Rescuers Reach Epicenter of Major Quake - Some 1,300 rescue and relief troops arrived for the first time at Wenchuan County, the epicenter of Monday's major quake, and started operations in rain.
SOP newswire2China: 7000 Dead, In Earthquake Measuring 7.8 - President Hu Jintao on Monday ordered all-out efforts to help those affected by a major earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale that jolted Wenchuan County of southwest
Garrett GodwinTony Blair is Taking Liberties - The film shows the aftermaths of the 2005 attacks under the leadership of Tony Blair, who
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