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UNESCO Experts Ready to Assist Reconstruction of Iconic Notre Dame

Two-thirds of the largely medieval roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris have "gone" after the devastating fire in Paris on Monday evening, but UN cultural experts are standing by to offer help where it is needed in rebuilding the iconic structure.

SOP newswireJournalist convicted, condemned-- all in 4 minutes - An Afghan journalist sentenced to death for blasphemy says he was denied access to a lawyer and barred from speaking in his own defense.
Zoneziwoh MbondguloWho's to blame? - I know, you"ve read a lot regarding Africa and its wahala until it"s becoming boredom whenever you come across articles narrating Africa crisis.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: February 25 - Sudan expects to establish normal diplomatic relations with the United States within six months.
SOP newswireParisians form Human Chain for Ingrid Betancourt - The Colombian rebel group FARC kidnapped Betancourt on February 23rd, 2002 as she campaigned for the Colombian presidency.
SOP newswireCastro claims Bush intent is annexation of Cuba - Mr. Castro says U.S. presidential candidates are making immediate demands for change in Cuba to avoid losing votes.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: February 22 - Turkish forces entered Iraq Friday morning to crack down on Kurdish rebels.
SOP newswireWhy is the world such a mess? - Since the 17th century the world has been set on a deeply negative course. War has been continuous and ever more
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: February 21 - The American embassy in Belgrade was attacked by an angry mob on Thursday evening during an anti-Kosovo rally organized by the government.
SOP newswireMore than 40 Members of Chinese House Church Alliance Detained in Inner Mongolia; South Korean Minister also Missing - The intensity of persecution amongst members of the Chinese House Church Alliance continues to increase as the Beijing Olympics draw near.
Juliet MaruruA Girl Named Terri - Terri lives in a home for orphans and vulnerable children. The founder of the home, who runs it herself, explained upon my enquiries that both Terri’s parents died of HIV-related illnesses.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: February 20 - It may well be over for Hillary Clinton as she has to swallow a bitter pill of the 10th consecutive loss in states' primaries.
SOP newswireKosovo: UN envoy speaks out against attacks - While the situation on the ground in Kosovo, which declared its independence from Serbia on Sunday, remains calm overall
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: February 19 - Fidel Castro has resigned as Cuba's president, 49 years after he assumed the office.
SOP newswireGhanaians anticipate President Bush visit - While in Ghana, Mr. Bush is expected to hold bilateral talks with President John Kufuor.
SOP newswireCastro Resigns! - Granma published a quote from Mr. Castro Tuesday saying he will not aspire to, nor accept another term as president.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: February 18 - The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church called on his countrymen to form an army and bring Kosovo back to Serbia.
Krzys WasilewskiKosovo Declares Independence; President Bush Expected to Recognize the Country - A new country has appeared on the map of Europe, with Prime Minister Hasim Thaci declaring today that Kosovo ceases to be a Serbian province and begins a new period in its often turbulent history – this time as an independent state.
SOP newswireIndependence for Kosovo! - Lawmakers are expected to proclaim independence Sunday afternoon in the special assembly session.
Ann PoludenkoTo Direct the Russian Rocket! - Russia will have to re-direct its rockets towards the objects it considers to be dangerous for national security. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, talked about this during his summarization conference in Moscow.
Krzys WasilewskiWorld Chronicle: February 15 - Minutes passed between 27-year-old Steven Kazimierczak entering a lecture hall to spray his fellow Northern Illinois University students with bullets and when he used the last one to end his own life.
SOP newswireKidney Scam lands Indian police officer in slammer - Officials in New Delhi say assistant sub-inspector, Ravinder Kumar Singh, was detained on Thursday for accepting a bribe of roughly $50,000. Six other police officers are also wanted in the case.
SOP newswireUnion Leader killed in Panama City - Officials from a construction union say police killed Airomi Smith during a confrontation in the province of Colon.
SOP newswireShi'ite militant threatens Israel - Hassan Nasrallah said if Israel wants 'open war' with Hezbollah, it will have it.
SOP newswireLame Duck Putin warns Russian missiles will point to Ukraine, et. al. - Mr. Putin also said that Russia did not plan a conflict with the West, and would not point its missiles at any state unless it was forced to do so.
SOP newswireIraq tells U.S. Iran stalled scheduled Security session - U.S. embassy spokeswoman Mirembe Nantongo is quoted as saying it is increasingly clear that Iran is not ready to sit down for talks.
SOP newswire'Not us.' Israel claims no role in death of Imad Mughniyeh - As to who killed Imad Mughniyeh? Moshe Marzuk says he was a man with many enemies.
SOP newswireIran advancing nuclear program say unnamed EU diplomats - Fear Iran's new high-tech centrifuges are designed to enrich uranium by at least twice the rate of previous ones.
Krzys WasilewskiNews:The Amsterdam Employment Office Crammed with Flamboyantly Dressed Ladies - The Amsterdam employment office may soon be crammed with flamboyantly dressed ladies as the city's lawmakers decided that every agency that gives jobs to prostitutes must obtain special permission.
SOP newswireUN Envoy calls for Council review and oversight to end impunity - Ms. Coomaraswamy wants child abusers punished. In total, at least 58 parties are known to be offenders.
SOP newswireExxonMobil and Venezuela at odds over frozen assets and oil - Venezuela's state-run oil company has announced it is cutting crude sales to ExxonMobil because of Exxon's efforts to seize Venezuelan assets.
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