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Smell of Fresh Bread Transformed One Refugee Life

Who would imagine that the smell of fresh bread wafting through a bakery could change the course of a young Syrian refugee.

SOP newswireCash for honours: Statement from Assistant Commissioner John Yates. - The Metropolitan Police began this investigation on 21 March 2006. It followed the receipt of allegations that honours were being sought or offered for gain in contravention
Krzys WasilewskiVatican Goes Online - Vatican City, the residence of the Pope and Catholic Church administration, has launched its new website.
SOP newswireItalian police to train Iraqi National Police - BAGHDAD " Italian Army Maj. Gen. Alessandro Pompegnani, Deputy Commander of NATO Training Mission-Iraq spoke about his country"s efforts to help
SOP newswireUN Law of the Sea Tribunal hears case of Japanese fishing vessels - The United Nations International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea today commenced a hearing on cases involving two Japanese fishing vessels.
SOP newswireTurkey protests to Austria for allowing wanted PKK rebel to fly to northern Iraq - Turkey's foreign minister on Thursday criticized Austria for allowing a wanted Kurdish rebel to fly to northern Iraq instead of being returned to Turkey and accused European allies of undermining
SOP newswireDecline in 2007 crop yield could lead to food shortages for 28 countries - The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that a predicted decline in the rate of cereal production this year in many low-income food-deficit
SOP newswirePakistani Government Praised for Confronting Extremists - Washington – The Pakistani government’s efforts to confront extremist forces have drawn praise from a senior U.S. diplomat, who also pledged support in upgrading Pakistan’s military capabilities
SOP newswireThe Russian Federation War on terrorism - At present terrorism has become a permanent damage factor of modern political life and social development. Terrorist and extremist actions have spread worlwide.
SOP newswireBan Ki-moon pledges to press for action on Darfur - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today pledged to push for action to facilitate the speedy deployment of peacekeepers to the troubled Darfur region of Sudan, while at the same time
SOP newswire10 days of beheading by the Taliban, 7 Afghan Spies killed - SPIN BOLDAK, Afghanistan (Reuters) - Taliban insurgents have beheaded seven Afghan civilians accused of spying for foreign and Afghan government
SOP newswireIran pipes gas to Europe via Turkey - Providing a major boost to Iran-Turkey ties, the transit deal will open a new export market for the country's massive reserves.
SOP newswireNorth Korea -- Shutdown of Yongbyon Facilities - The U.S. has been informed Saturday that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea shut down its nuclear facilities at Yongbyon.
Krzys WasilewskiBeing Rich in Zimbabwe - With rampant inflation running more than 4,500 percent a month, everyone can feel like a millionaire in Zimbabwe.
SOP newswireSurgeries, Eyeglasses Bring New Outlooks, Change Self-Perceptions - Yukeicha Newell knows exactly what she wants to do when she finishes school. Her dream is to open a beauty salon. But for the past two years, this 15-year-old Panamanian girl has felt anything but beautiful.
SOP newswireSecurity Council Welcomes Planned Continuation of Western Sahara Talks - The Security Council today welcomed news that United Nations-sponsored talks on Western Sahara between Morocco and the Frente Polisario.
SOP newswireWorkshops for young Latin American Londoners - Metropolitan Police Service officers will hold a series of community workshops for young Latin American people.
SOP newswireAnniversary of Klebnikov Murder - July 9 marks the third anniversary of the murder of American citizen Paul Klebnikov, who was the editor of Forbes Russia magazine. The U.S. Government recognizes the
SOP newswireSierra Leone election campaign approaches - On the eve of the start of election campaigning in Sierra Leone, a senior United Nations official in the country today urged democratic conduct by the parties.
SOP newswireSpeech by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov - I would like first to thank for the invitation to address this meeting. I am certain that the establishment of links with business, in particular with the RUIE, is an earnest of success in our further work on strengthening cooperation with the European Union.
SOP newswireICMP Gets a Visit From German First Lady - During her visit to the Sarajevo office of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), the wife of the German President, Eva Luise Kohler, met with the ICMP Director General, Kathryne Bomberger
SOP newswireTurkish Constitutional Court rejects attempts to block Constitutional packet - The Turkish Constitutional Court has disclosed its much awaited decision in reference to the applications by both the main opposition CHP and President Ahmet Necdet Sezer to have
SOP newswireUrgent aid needed to support countries hosting Iraqi refugees - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today urged States to step up and assist the two countries caring for the biggest proportion of Iraqi refugees – Syria and Jordan
SOP newswireGlobal Compact Leaders Summit to chart future course - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged action on climate change and other shared international concerns in an address to the Global Compact Leaders Summit – a gathering in Geneva of business
SOP newswireDeputy Leader of Al-Qaeda Calls for More Attacks - Osama bin Laden's right-hand man Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a vehement video Wednesday calling for attacks on Western interests worldwide and regime change in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
SOP newswireGov't's final word on incursion: NO - Turkey's top civil and military officials discuss additional measures in the fight against terrorists. PM Erdoðan dismisses a possible incursion into northern Iraq while the PKK declares a ceasefire
SOP newswireNew UNICEF-backed initiative to provide water for Djibouti's poor - A partnership between the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), the European Union and the Government of Djibouti is paving the way for at least 25,000 of the poorest and most
SOP newswirePew Poll in 47 Nations: Global View of U.S. Plummets - Attitudes toward Americans are often more positive than attitudes toward their country. This distinction is particularly evident in Western nations.
SOP newswireAfghanistan, Taliban Continue Human Shield Tactics - Taliban terrorists continue to use innocent civilians as shields, NATO officials in Afghanistan said today.
SOP newswireAsia sees drop in poverty but rising inequality - Rapid economic growth has spurred progress in the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger in Asia, where the proportion of people living on a dollar a day has been cut by half, but inequality is also
SOP newswireAfghans: 62 Taliban, 45 civilians dead - KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - A local investigation into airstrikes that slammed into Afghan homes where Taliban fighters sought shelter found that 62 insurgents and 45 civilians were killed, two Afghan officials said Sunday
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