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Smell of Fresh Bread Transformed One Refugee Life

Who would imagine that the smell of fresh bread wafting through a bakery could change the course of a young Syrian refugee.

Olga BelogolovaBush committed to `lasting peace in the Middle East` - In a radio address on Saturday, President Bush blamed Hisballah for the current crisis in the Middle East and made it clear that the United States will continue to work toward peace and a long-term solution.
Joe CampbellInsurgents Attempt To Delay Afghan Road Progress - Despite the Taliban's best efforts, the future looks bright for residents of Panjshir Province in Afghanistan.
Brad DavisNew Global Initiative Will Aim to Keep Nuclear Weapons Out of Terrorist Hands - The United States and Russia join forces to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists.
SOP newswireSyria Blocks U.N. Efforts To End Lebanon Crisis, U.S. Envoy Says By Judy Aita - United Nations -- Syria is becoming a serious stumbling block in international diplomatic efforts to end the fighting in Lebanon, U.S. officials say.
SOP newswireLebanon Assisted Departure Special Briefing With Assistant Secretary of State - MR. CASEY: Good afternoon, everyone. We are back for round three of our daily updates to you on our efforts to assist the departure of American citizens from Lebanon.
Shakti GhimireUN Human Rights Conference in Bangkok, 2005 - United Nations office of the High Commissioner For Human Rights (OHCHR) had organized a regional expert seminar for south and Southeast Asia on Human Rights: role of education on September 2005, at The United Nations Building, Rajadamnern Nok Avenue in Bangkok.
SOP newswireAfghanistan needs more international attention, - During a visit to Afghanistan, 20-21 July, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said the country needs more international attention and that there can be no lasting security without development.
SOP newswireLebanon Response Report - The United States is using all available means to ensure safe passage of American citizens out of Lebanon, including chartered commercial ships, US military aircraft, and US military ships en route to the Eastern Mediterranean.
Rasha LambaThe Silence of Uranium and the Summits of the Millenium - A participation and answer, a negotiation, a package of compromise and many more actions and appreciations of the United Nation Organization and other agencies failed to cool down the roaring Mr. Ahmadinejad sitting on the uranium huge, spreading in his actions the deadly heat of radiation
SOP newswireU.N. Ambassador John Bolton advises caution on proposed - United Nations -- While waiting for the results of a special U.N. peace mission to the Middle East, the Security Council July 17 began discussing ways it could contribute to a sustainable and lasting solution in the region.
SOP newswireChina, Russia To Join Generation IV Nuclear Energy Forum - Washington -- China and Russia are expected to join the Generation IV
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)SOP Reporter - Live in Beirut Lebanon Says that Evacuation of Lebanese American University Students Cancelled - (Beirut, Lebanon) - SOP Reporter, Ashley Marinaccio discusses U.S. evacuation plans for the Lebanese American University Students.
Olga BelogolovaBush Calls upon Hezbollah to End the Violence - President Bush has called upon the Lebanese Hezbollah to stop the violence, saying that the organization is responsible for the increased tension and hostility in the Middle East. Bush has also called on Lebanon’s neighbor, Syria to influence an end to the fighting.
Ashley MarinaccioSOP Reporter - Live in Beirut Lebanon chats with Judyth Piazza - There are some things you won't see on the news... things that aren't as exciting as explosions, people running into the streets and hysterical
SOP newswireUN Demands Suspension of All Related Ballistic Missile Activity; - The United Nations Security Council today condemned the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s recent test-firing of a series of missiles, and demanded that the North-East Asian country suspend all ballistic missile related activity and reinstate its moratorium on missile launches.
Olga BelogolovaBelarus Opposition Leader Sentenced, U.S. Opposed - In response to the Thursday, July 13 conviction and sentencing of former Belarusian presidential candidate, Alexander Kozulin, the United States condemned the trial for being “politically motivated.”
SOP newswireAmbassador Bolton says U.S., Japan continue to insist on mandatory sanctions By David Anthony Denny - Washington -- Ten days after North Korea launched seven ballistic missiles, the U.N. Security Council is moving toward a vote on a resolution drafted by Japan that would impose mandatory sanctions on the Pyongyang regime, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says.
SOP newswireNATO condemns India attacks - In a letter to the Ambassador of India to Belgium on 12 July, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer expressed his condolences and condemned the barbaric attacks in Mumbai and Srinagar on 11 July.
SOP newswireRelease of Second Report of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba - The Commission’s second report contains recommendations for how we can help those on the island who are willing to push for freedom despite the consequences. The Commission’s recommendations include concrete support for change in Cuba including a two-year, $80 million program to break the regime’s information blockade and to reinforce efforts to prepare for the day when the country will hold free and fair elections.
SOP newswireSecretary General statement on parliamentary elections - Wednesday"s parliamentary elections were an important test for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on its path to achieving its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.
Amanda CarleskiDarfur: If you aren't Outraged, you aren't Paying Attention - Darfur. Is it the latest clothing trend? Maybe it is a new movie coming out. Lately it has been everywhere, from shirts, to a video game, and has even been featured on E.R.
SOP newswireBush Urges Diplomatic Solution to North Korean Missile Situation - Washington -- President Bush called for a diplomatic solution to the problems posed by North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs and urged the international community to provide a unified response to Pyongyang's intransigency.
SOP newswireU.S. and Dominican Republic Agree To Join Nuclear Smuggling Prevention Effort - SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The United States signed a Declaration of Principles today with the government of the Dominican Republic to help thwart smuggling of nuclear and other radioactive material. The Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) cosigned the declaration. The document covers implementation of NNSA's Megaports Initiative and CBP's Container Security Initiative, as both programs continue working together to stop nuclear material from being smuggled to U.S. ports.
SOP newswireUnited States Proposes New Export Restrictions on Sales to China By Elizabeth Kelleher - Washington – The U.S. Commerce Department has proposed requiring U.S. companies that export high-tech goods to China to verify that their products will not aid China’s military.
Krzys WasilewskiDarfur is Dying - Few people know what Darfur is. Can a computer game change it?
Joe CampbellAfghan district dedicates new micro-hydro plant and governce center - PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Governor Haji Bahlol and provincial leaders dedicated a new micro-hydro power station and governance facility at separate ceremonies in the Shutol District here June 28.
SOP newswireU.S. Urges Security Council Send Strong Signal to North Korea By Susan Krause - United Nations -- A proposed resolution drafted by Japan that would impose sanctions on North Korea for its July 4 ballistic missile tests has
SOP newswireUnited Nations officials in Timor-Leste today met with the leaders - The top two United Nations officials in Timor-Leste today met with the leaders of all registered political parties as they continued their efforts to calm tensions after two months of unrest in the small South-East Asian nation that the world body shepherded to independence from Indonesia four years ago.
SOP newswireNATO North Atlantic Council Statement on North Korea - On July 5, the North Atlantic Council met in Brussels to express the Alliance ’s grave concern over North Korea ’s (DPRK’s) launch of a Taepodong-2 and other missiles. North Korea ’s development, deployment and proliferation of ballistic missiles, missile-related materials, equipment, and technology pose a serious threat to the region and the international community
Brad DavisOfficial: U.S. Disappointed by China's Beef Import Decision - Department of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said the United States is "disappointed" with China"s decision to only partially re-open its markets to U.S. beef products.
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