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Mattis, German Counterpart Reaffirm Defense Relationship in Pentagon Meeting

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis met with German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen at the Pentagon yesterday to reaffirm the long-standing defense relationship between the United States and Germany, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said.

SOP newswire3Multiple Launch Rocket System Battalion to Rotate to South Korea - Defense Secretary Ash Carter has approved a nine-month rotation of an Army multiple launch rocket system battalion to South Korea, according to a DoD news release issued today.
SOP newswire3Ban Urges Renewed Israeli Commitment to Two-State Solution - Ban Ki-moon called Benjamin Netanyahu today to congratulate him on his recent electoral victory, and urged him to renew Israel`s commitment to the two-State solution.
SOP newswire3UN: Ukraine Crisis Taking Heaviest Toll on Women, Children and Elderly - Women, children and the elderly are disproportionately bearing the devastating impact of the protracted conflict in Ukraine.
SOP newswire3Military Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq - U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
SOP newswire3UN: ISIS Many Have Committed Genocide in Iraq - A report released by the UN says that ISIS may have committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in its attacks against ethnic and religious groups in the country.
SOP newswire3Ban Praises Sendai Earthquake Recovery - Integrating disaster risk reduction into development can save lives and livelihoods, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said as he toured Sendai, Japan.
SOP newswire3UN Praises Suriname For Moving Away From Death Penalty - The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has welcomed the decision by the parliaments of Suriname and Côte d`Ivoire to eliminate capital punishment from their penal codes in a move, it said, that may prompt other countries in their regions to do the same.
SOP newswire3U.S. Conducts Counterterrorism Operation in Somalia - U.S. military forces have conducted what a Pentagon spokesman described as a counterterrorism operation in Somalia against a suspected member of the al-Shabab militant group.
SOP newswire3Coalition Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq - U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
SOP newswire3UN Stands Ready to Assist as Tropical Cyclone Pam Threatens Vanuatu - As the pacific island nation of Vanuatu braces for Tropical Cyclone Pam, the UN announced it is standing by to assist the Government.
SOP newswire3Iraqi Security Forces Defeat ISIL Attack on Ramadi - Iraqi security forces supported by Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve successfully defeated an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attack on Ramadi in the Anbar region of Iraq March 11, task force officials reported today.
SOP newswire3Russian Aggression Threatens European Security - Russia is actively supporting violence in Ukraine, sending weapons to separatist forces and violating the immediate and comprehensive cease-fire called for in the Minsk agreement.
SOP newswire3Coalition Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq - U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
SOP newswire3Ban says UN-EU Strategic Partnership Vital - The development of a strong partnership between the United Nations and the UE is critical as global crises intensify in complexity and multiply in scope.
SOP newswire3Iraqi Forces Eject ISIL Terrorists From Baghdadi - Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters from the Anbar region supported by coalition airstrikes have successfully cleared the Iraqi city of Baghdadi of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists.
SOP newswire3UN: Blockade of Gaza Undermines Living Standards - The living conditions of nearly 2 million Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip have been undermined by the enduring blockade against the enclave.
SOP newswire3UN Marks 'International Women's Day' - Despite great strides in the advancement of gender parity, women still lag behind men across an array of critical areas, from political representation and wage inequality to education.
SOP newswire3Ash Carter: 'Sad Math` of Sequestration Won`t Resolve Fiscal Issues - Sequestration isn`t the law of the land because it makes sense, it`s the law because of political gridlock, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress today.
SOP newswire3Taliban Face Overmatch Against Afghan Forces - It`s unlikely the Taliban have the ability to best Afghan forces on the battlefield or topple the government.
SOP newswire3Ban Urges World to Protect Human Rights - The United Nations has the mandates and tools it needs to prevent human rights violations.
SOP newswire3UN: Resolution of Gaza Crisis Key to Achieving Regional Peace - Peace in the Middle East hinges on resolving the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
SOP newswire3UN: Ukraine Death Toll Hits 6,000 - The estimated death toll caused by the continuing fighting in Ukraine has now surpassed the 6,000 mark.
SOP newswire3Liberia`s President Thanks Obama for Ebola Aid - Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf thanked Obama for Ebola aid.
SOP newswire3Russia, Violent Extremism Challenge Europe - Europe faces a different and more challenging security environment than it did just a year ago, including an increasingly aggressive Russia and a surge of violent extremism, Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove said here yesterday.
SOP newswire3UN: We Must Not Fail in Gaza - United Nations agencies and offices are expressing alarm over the limited progress in rebuilding the lives of those affected by last summer's fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip.
SOP newswire3Pentagon Expedites $17.9 Million in Equipment to Aid Iraqis - The Defense Department has expedited $17.9 million in equipment and supplies, some which have already been delivered to the Iraqi government.
SOP newswire3Defeating ISIL Takes Diplomatic, Military Effort, Ash Carter Says - Dealing a lasting defeat to ISIS will require a combined diplomatic and military effort, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told reporters.
SOP newswire3Ash Carter: ISIL Must be Dealt Lasting Defeat - There is no doubt the international coalition battling ISIS will deliver a lasting defeat.
SOP newswire3UN Condemns Bomb Attacks in Libya - The UN condemned deadly bomb attacks in al-Qubbah, Libya, claimed by an affiliate of ISIS.
SOP newswire3Ash Carter Thanks Kuwait's Leaders for Strategic Partnership - In Kuwait, Defense Secretary Ash Carter expressed U.S. appreciation for the strategic partnership between the United States and Kuwait during his meetings with His Highness Amir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jabir al-Sabah and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Khalid al-Jarrah al-Sabah.
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