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Angela Castillo

State: Florida

College: Florida International University

Major: Journalism

Contact Information:

AIM name:  alocateahora21

I was born and raised in Peru, and decided to come to the U.S as soon as I finished high school. I came with the idea to improve my English, but later I decided to take advantage of the academic and liberal opportunities that the country offered me.

At first, I was an undecided major although I knew that journalism was the right career for me, but for some time I had an internal battle trying to put aside my childhood memories when I used to play that I was the editor of a magazine or the writer of fairy tales. Finally, I was able to conquer my own battle and pursued what I wanted: Print Journalism.

At school, I learned the basics of journalism, or I would say journalism 101, but it was not until I joined the student newspaper that I realized how exciting it is to be pressured or under deadline and elaborating the content of articles that students would like to read and make comments about. I could even say that I learned so much more at that newsroom that in a classroom, but I should give some credit to my professors.

Anyway, I stayed working at "The Beacon" for about 2 years and a half, wrote stories for all sections, but sports, and was awarded Best Improved Writer of the Year'03. After I quit, I kept writing some columns just to have fun and not forget my writing skills and style until the school and the Miami Herald offered an internship and an scholarship for students at FIU and UM (University of Miami). They selected a small group of about 10 interns, and I was one of them.

At the Herald, we had so much pressure and sleepless, but the experience was priceless. I learned how to get story ideas, what angle or side to take on those, how to write it and edit it. The Herald has also inspired me to visualize better my goal that is to have a magazine publication of my own as well as give college students the opportunity to run it along with me. Now that I have joined the Student Operated Press, I will strive to ensure higher readership and greater recognition.

Her Achilles' Ankle - An immigration pilot program forced a Peruvian immigrant to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. A short battle for the respect of human rights followed, but the immigrant's family was still deported; they had been living in Florida for 10 years.

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