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Audrey Michelle

Audrey Michelle was born the middle of three daughters to a close knit family in Baltimore, Maryland. She started writing poetry at a young age and submitted her poems to national contests. One early poem about a Snowman that retains his wooden smile even after melting away demonstrated an early interest and understanding in both the fragility of life and the resilience of the human spirit. This interest is evident still in the poems she writes today.

As a adolescent and college student, Audrey drifted from her interest in writing, but life events inspired her once again to commit her emotions to paper.

Immediately following her graduation from the University of Maryland College Park, Audrey moved to San Diego, California. She worked in different sales-related professions and opened a speed-dating service before getting married and becoming a Stay-at-Home-Mom to her son, Gavin, while pursuing a dual Masters Degree. She soon resumed her entrepreneurial work in the establishment of an Internet children`s clothing store and a web design service while still in San Diego.

Audrey and her family moved to Tampa Bay, Florida and quickly thereafter she found she was pregnant a second time. Tragically, when Audrey was 6 1/2 months pregnant the child, Chase Victoria, was lost, bringing about a flood of difficult and painful emotions. Soon thereafter she and her husband divorced.

Despite an extremely difficult few years, Audrey is determined to maintain a sense of self and resolve in life. Battling depression, but keeping hopeful in the path that life will take her, Audrey once again uses her writing to work out her most difficult and complex of emotions. She has found an online community of friends and fans who continue to provide nurture and support through the invaluable commentary and conversation that her writing inspires.

Hoping that her poems will provide comfort and inspiration for those who read it, she writes of her deepest emotions. Still living in the Tampa Bay area with her greatest support and accomplishment, Gavin, Audrey is proud to present her first published collection of writing.


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