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Clairesse Colon

State:  Florida

Contact Information:

My friend calls me Claire. It's more by request really; you see my full name is Clairesse pronounced Klair-ees. Same name as the character played by Jodi Foster in Silence of the Lambs. So you can imagine with a name like that I do not get by with a simple Hi or Hello from the people I come across. It’s always "Hello Clairesse" in some deep botched attempt at Hannibal Lectors voice, and to be honest, it’s kinda creepy in a humorous way.



I'm 21 years old, and I feel unaccomplished. I have yet to enroll to college, partly due to the fact my parents are making enough in the government's eyes to pay for my schooling, but in actuality, they cannot afford it. So, I work at a restaurant, as I have since I was 16 years old. No progression forward or even inkling to a future. However, there is a secret I want to share with you, though obviously apparent. I have a love for the written word. I only have a High School education, which is where I did most of my writing and learned to embrace it as an outlet. Though I have already graduated, I still write for my own amusement. However, I have grown tired of just dreaming of becoming a published writer, just dreaming of the possible future that could have been had fate dealt me a different hand.



I am ready to chase my dream and I hope that somehow I catch it. Even though I may fail, many, many times down the road to success, I refuse to always be a dreamer and sit here wondering "what if" any longer. Inevitably, my goal is to be a Best Selling Romance Novelist. I love Romance, I give that credit to all the princess movies my mother sat me down to watch night, after night when I was little. To write about romance though is far different than to actual experience it as it unfolds.



I hope to write stories that make the reader feel as the characters do, just for that moment, so even if they have never experienced love or romance, I could give them that feeling, you know the feeling I speak of? The feeling where the reader is up at 3am reading one chapter after another with that grin plastered on their face even though no one can see them smiling, yea... that’s the feeling. I would like to provide Sop with articles, either fact, fiction, or both. That makes the reader think, or daydream, that makes them laugh or cry. I want to provide emotional pieces of writing.


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