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David J. Knee

David graduated from Binghamton University with a B.A. in Political Science. He realized he could either go to law school or pursue other interests; he chose the latter. David became interested in the college market as a freshman when he engaged Pearson Publishing into negotiations about creating a college hand guide written for college freshman by college students. Pearson was interested in developing this idea with David, however he decided he would like to create his own college-based brand.

Since his freshman year of college David has consulted for a number of different web based companies. In 2008, David was involved in the development of a College based website called He oversaw all of the college liaisons, as well as, the day-to-day business operations of the website. In 2010, the website transitioned into a production company and it was decided Collegefirsts would come offline to develop something greater and the idea of CollegeXclusive was born.

In March of 2011 David started working for a company called Viralfuel where he was the director of social media strategy. He specializes in Social Media Strategy, Social Media Marketing and Branding. He left this company in early April of 2012 to explore other opportunities and to have more time to develop and The CX Cares Foundation.

David and his brothers formed in 2010 as both an educational and recreational destination for college students. CollegeXclusive is a unique blend of everything you need to survive college. They standout from other college based websites and this is something they are proud of. Not many sites provide students with an educational and recreational place to interact, grow and learn. What makes them special is their dedication to not only provide helpful, educational, entertaining information, but additionally to help students do all of this while having fun. CX is a place where you can learn about your school and yourself. You will be able to interact with your community like never before.

There are many unique components to this website. David and his brothers are in the process of raising the appropriate funds to make this project a reality.  

David believes it is important to give back in a variety of different ways. In early 2012 David formed The CX Cares Foundation Inc., which is a recognized non-for-profit pending 501(C)(3) recognition. The CX Cares Foundation plans on helping underprivileged k-12 students achieve higher education.  This is accomplished through providing students with school supplies, scholarships, food support as well as mentor and tutoring programs.  Additionally, The CX Cares Foundation plans on helping college students transition into the postgraduate world.   David wants to help prepare college students for what comes after college. Universities do a great job of getting students ready for a lot of things except the real world. 

In the near future David and CollegeXclusive will be taking part in Ashley Hill`s yearlong book launch, Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me. On August 28th CollegeXclusive will be taking part in a fun twitter chat and on October 1st CollegeXclusive will be writing a guest blog spot featured on Ashley`s blog and website. 

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