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Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

State:  Nevada

Contact Information:


Glenn Brandon Burke shouldn`t be where he is today! Statistically speaking, Glenn should either be dead or in prison. Glenn made the choice to not be a victim of his circumstances. Instead, he overcame the adversity in his life and chose to succeed in the U.S. Military, College, Life and Career!

Now, a motivational speaker, he uses his past experiences to produce motivational and inspirational speeches as a keynote speaker for the incarcerated to prevent recidivism, for colleges to increase student retention and to motivate and inspire teachers to teach with passion, for At-Risk high schools students to complete their education and to give them aspirations for a brighter future, for the military to motivate the enlisted personnel to utilize their tuition assistance program and go to college, and the business world to motivate and inspire employees to know that if he can build a multi-million dollar sales company from scratch, then they can certainly succeed with their career!
Following the divorce of his parent`s, Glenn and school did not get along very well. He became the original "juvenile delinquent." In the fifth grade he was suspended six times and in the sixth grade he was expelled. At the age of 14, he was arrested.

Once in high school, he attended for only three reasons. 1. Girls. 2. Sports. 3. Sell Drugs. Glenn was "asked" (euphemism for expelled) to leave school during his senior year along with his 1.2 GPA. Once completely out of high school, he felt the easiest way to earn money in the "real" world was with illegal activity. He continued this unlawful life style for the next several years.

Glenn received a phone call one day informing him one of his "colleagues" was shot to death about midnight the previous night in his home. What no one knew other than Glenn was that he was at his "colleague`s" house that fateful night until about 11:45 P.M. This is when Glenn realized he had been doing wrong and could`ve been dead or ended up in prison, and decided to change his life for the better!

At the age of 23, feeling he had nowhere to go, Glenn joined the U.S. Military for a five-year enlistment. Nearing the end of his enlistment, and through the encouragement of his commanding officer (who saw "something" in him), he decided to pursue self improvement and registered for college once his contract ended with the military.

At the age of 28, Glenn walked on to his first college campus and attended his first college class. He completed his undergraduate degree in Communications in 36 months leaving the door of opportunity open to become a motivational speaker. All while going through a marriage, a divorce, his father`s death, and working full time.

Today, Glenn is a successful entrepreneur owning a multi-million dollar sales company (and the CEO), The Burke Advantage, Inc., in Las Vegas, Nevada (, an entertainment management firm representing international recording artist, David Michelangelo (, is a contributing writer for Urban Avenue Magazine, and is a former Board of Trustee for the Community Alliance to Reform Education (C.A.R.E.) in Clark County Nevada. Glenn also spent four-years as a very popular and well respected adjunct instructor with the College of Southern Nevada (, teaching Communication 101 (AKA: Public Speaking).

Glenn now takes his incredible life story as a motivational speaker and intertwines positive, motivational and inspirational messages to succeed with one`s education, life and career!

Success is a Choice!

If Glenn Can Do it...ANYONE CAN!

¢ Motivational Speaker ¢ Leadership Training ¢ Keynote Speaker ¢
Personal Development ¢ Self Improvement ¢ Professional Speaker 
¢ Business Coach ¢ Public Speaker ¢

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