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Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Harvey Carroll, Jr. has over twenty-five years of Real Estate, and Finance experience. In addition to his private sector business, Harvey has served as a high-level political consultant dealing with the funding of local, state, national and international projects, to include military conflict and conflict resolution...

Harvey`s has spent most of his life as a political activist and dealing with high-level political and business issues, which he feels has saved millions of lives and affected the economic fate of nations. More recently, his focus has been on establishing, acquiring, restructuring, privatizing, and expanding private-sector companies. As well as, development projects within Eastern Europe`s` Big Emerging Markets (BEMs). A great deal of attention has gone to focusing on the creation of Public, Private Partnerships, and serving on numerous Investment Committees.

Mr. Carroll has served for nearly three decades in various capacities within the real estate, land development, and within the international commerce and finance industries. Harvey has vast hands on experience from his travels to more than thirty countries; to include long-term integration of himself within the Western and Eastern European social, political and business cultures, and dealt with a variety of Middle Eastern crises issues...

Harvey`s education and experience has allowed him to become a very strong and powerful Washington D.C. advocate for international affairs, crises issues in the Middle East, the expansion of Big Emerging Markets of Eastern Europe. A strong focus on business and economic reforms, comprehensive planning to expand growth and development  Politically, Harvey favored and perhaps initiated the Two State Solution between Israel and Palestine, a NATO Poland, a NEUTRAL Ukraine, and relationships that are more constructive with the Russian Federation.

Harvey values his friendships with corporate executives, community/regional planners, and strong consortium of companies throughout the World dealing with land development, real estate, finance consultants, and nearly a dozen solid capital market/fund managers that actively invest...

Harvey also values his ability to make contacts throughout the Globe at all levels, to include Senior-level Business and Government Officials. These strong relationships have allowed him to influence policy within many American Cities, as well as key International Level with his interest focused on Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Americas.

Harvey is a frequent speaker and chairperson at political and real estate/investments conferences. Credentialed as holding a Bachelors of Business Administration; specializing in Real Estate and Finance, 3 partial masters (MBA, MPA, Diplomacy and International Commerce).

Contact Informatino:

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