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Juliet Maruru

Country: Kenya, Africa I am a Kenyan woman, writer, teacher, website content manager, freelance forums administrator, determined and above all else an open, honest and creative thinker.

I have always loved to write. I remember keeping a journal when I was as young as 12. I have loved to read even longer than that. My parents tell me the story of a little daughter who walked into the Kitchen and announced that she would no longer be called Serah. Daddy asked with indulgence, "So what is your new name?" Serah piped up to Daddy, "My new name is Juliet." So Daddy looked at my mother, then back at me, "Juliet? Why?" And innocently I said, "I read it in a book." I was three. Now, I am not sure how much of that is true. That was before my parents split up; happier times, so I choose to believe it all.

I suppose my own growing up experiences have created a need for me to contribute positively to the life of a growing child. Thus my career in childcare. Writing however has always been my passion. Now it is my voice. I use it to tell the world about what I see, both the wrong and the right. I know I can use my voice to educate, enlighten and educate. So I try even harder to educate myself and enlighten myself. I read, read, read, and then I write, write and write. I will write about children, about women about Kenya, and about the world, too. If there is something going wrong, I will write about it. If there is something going right, I will write about it. I hope someone will hear me.

The Student Operated Press is my home. I grew up here as a writer and I know I have a long way to go still. TheSOP will always be home. I am proud to be associated with all the writers here who use their voices, too.

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