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Advocate Md Mahmudul Hasan- Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Life is the combination of sometimes. The people of this world can be compared to the batch of any University. In every university or educational institution, the new batch admits and another batch leaves the university after completion of their course. Like this matter, we have also come in this world for a little period and after completion of our time, we have to leave the world. That is why I always believe that during our lifetime we should do something for the human being about their different problems. Nowadays the people of this world are facing too many problems as poverty, malnutrition, bloodshed, terrorism etc. That is why it is the responsibility for every people of this world to come forward to help the people as per their ability. "Death" is the ultimate truth, so stop fearing about the end of life. Today or tomorrow everybody has to die. However, I have dedicated my life to work for the betterment of human being.

This is the world of globalization. That is why it is very easy to communicate with each other. It has also been easy to be informed about the problems, pain, the sorrow of other people. So, it is now easy to be concerned about the problems of the human being just we need a dedicated mind to materialize our goal. We should also work in an organized way and it will be better to be involved with different national as well as international welfare organizations to work for the human being. However, I invite every person of this world to work for the betterment of human being without considering sex, color, religion, country, and others.


Md. Mahmudul Hasan
LL.B(Hons), LL.M
Masters in Human Rights Law (MHRL)

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Professional Services:

  1. Visa Appeal

  2. Italian Visa Appeal

  3. Visa Processing

  4. Embassy Related Documents and Affidavits

  5. Asylum Case

  6. Special Marriage

  7. Dual Citizenship

  8. Income Tax

  9. Company Tax

  10. VAT

  11. Company Cases

  12. Admiralty

  13. International Law Matters

Please Contact:

+88 0170 8524 688

Viber/Whatsapp:   +88 0170 8524 688 

Phone:          +1 202 568 6588

Skype:      mmhcenter



Law Chamber:
Eastern Mansion (14th Floor) Suite No: 06,
Road: 67/9 Pioneer Road, Kakrail (Opposite of N.B.R),

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