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Maria Marchisello

State:  Pennslyvania

College:West Chester University

Major:  English

Contact Information:

"Focused, determined and driven" is a highly applicable description of Maria.  She is a junior at West Chester University of Pennsylvania and is majoring in English, and minoring in Psychology.  Maria currently carries a 4.0 GPA.

Maria has written a variety of papers for a variety of classes over the course of her academic career, with quite a few receiving blush-inducing praise. For years she would briefly consider turning her love of magazine journalism into a career upon hearing such compliments. However, self-doubt would soon set in and cause her to shy away from her journalistic calling. You see, she was afraid to embrace it, because writing was always her safety net. If she failed at "Life Plan A", she still had her writing, and if she failed at "Life Plan B", she still had her writing, but if she failed at writing itself...then what?

Fortunately, time and experience have taught Maria to let go of that inhibiting mind set. She has been given the courage to accept her talents, to continuously hone her skills, and to go as far as she possibly can.

Maria has written biographies of bands that have been (or soon will be) published on a fan-run web site, and she plans to devote herself to her university`s student newspaper come this semester.

Maria is looking forward to the opportunity to prove herself by contributing to the Student Operated Press. Entertainment is her main area of journalistic interest. She greatly appreciates thoughtful and well-written profiles of those artists whose talents she enjoys. Given this, it is no surprise that her ultimate career goal is to interview and profile various celebrities for highly respected publications.

Although she is something of a pop culture vulture, she will be perfectly capable of contributing to other areas of reader interest as well. She firmly believes that one can credibly write about anything with enough research and immersion in the topic. It is also her belief that the combination of this flexibility with her enthusiasm will aid in garnering the industry experience that she craves.

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