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Prince Nelson Balina Omukisa Yiga


Nelson is enrolled for a bachelor`s degree  of Medical Biology with a goal to be a CardioThoracic Surgeon at Prairie View A & M University. He did get a Diploma in Journalism from a scholarship by Munnakatemba Newspaper in Uganda in 1992 same year he completed his Advanced Level Certificate of Education at St. Francis College Mengo in Uganda as well. He finished his Ordinary Level Certificate at St. Francis Tutorial College, Mengo in 1989.


In recent years, Nelson has returned to Charitable causes basing his office in Brookshire Texas a small town he went to develop and bring homes to hundreds of residents who could not afford homes. He did this by offering to pay their closing costs and those that needed a down payment always came out of his pocket.


Early Work

Nelson`s first worked as a theater Actor with famous writer Christopher Mukiibi and the Theatrikos in Uganda, succeeding his uncle the late Byron Kawadwa. Byron Kawadwa was the first black artistic Director of the National Theater in Uganda and was murdered by the orders of then President Idi Amin over a play "oluyimba lwa Wankoko" after the play had won an award in the west Africa.  While acting Nelson was the composer of music into two musicals by the Theatrikos or Kayaayu film players while attending school at St. Francis College Mengo where he studied Geography, Economics and Divinity minoring in Literature. He later took a diploma in Journalism and became a freelance writer for the Monitor News Paper and Munnakatemba news paper a once local entertainment monthly magazine. He also reported for the Kenyan Drum Magazine.


While acting and writing was becoming his main focus, Nelson had concentrated to singing theater music that became Nelson`s venue for his slightly off-kilter fantasy/career trait. This early period of work  is also noted for a number of high profile meetings with ambassadors and government officials who offered scholarships that he often turned down in love for entertainment.


During that period of time in his singing career, with a Scottish Manager only named as Peter, Nelson was asked to join a Uganda troupe the Pearls of Nile Valley to come and educate the American Mass of the Ugandan rich culture through music, dance and drama. An opportunity of a lifetime, Nelson took the offer. He joined the group that brought 43 members to the United States. When many of them decided to go back home, he chose to continue his career as a singer and Cultural Exchange Specialist.


Critics in an American Health Journal once wrote that "...his music works and philanthropy desires display considerable intellectual complexity, and do not shirk the downbeat implications of their anthropological treatment of the poor and poverty milieu... weather in America or Africa or any other continent..."


Another friend said, "Nelson Yiga is both a giver and a moralist. He is sometimes guilty, in the first respect, of a certain over-giving " underlying charitable venues by charitable diction " though the two become more organically integrated as his work progresses; and in the second respect of what one might call an over-scrupulousness on the part of his characters and his perceived attitude towards those in need. These, however, are merely the consequence of aspiration and conscience; and as more of Nelson`s work has appeared " and his reputation has grown " he has shown...a more coherent melding of exotic vision, ethics and moral giving either in a financial, spiritual, emotional or visual service.


He has raised funds for the Houston Seven AIDS charities through the H.E.B pantry network, raised funds for GAP children in Indiana, helped raise funds for Hermann Children`s hospital in the Texas Medical Center, Raised funds for the Houston Holocaust museum and so many others through arranged performances with his band the Brown Lions. He has worked with Stars like Calvin Owens, Gerald Grey, and Bushwick Bill and has been featured in two movies "thanx for a lovely Dinner" by Dave Mathews of Icon Factory and Sleep Eaters of the USA Network. He is the founder and owner of Iris Homes and Int`l Financing Incorporated,  founder and president of and creator of the New Social Network FACEME.ME.  


Four months after Nelson offered to volunteer at Hermann Hospital, he was honored and put at Hermann Hospital`s wall of fame for his service to the patients, the staff and visitors of that institution. In December that same year, his performance at DFW for the American Baha`i Youth saw him get a letter of appreciation from Unites States Baha`i Secretary General Kenneth E. Bowers.


In 2005, he was recognized by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson for his tireless fight to end the war in Northern Uganda that saw the death and displacement of children and women and men for almost 19 years by the Lord Resistance Army. He later got a certificate of Merit from Congressman Tom Cole and got appointed to the United States National Business Advisory Council. In the same year, Nelson was given a congressional Medal of Distinction the highest given by the United States Congress and was invited to attend the last dinner of President George Walker Bush. In the same year, President George Walker Bush gave him an autographed picture and appreciation letter of thanks.

He has facilitated funding for the construction of a series of Empowerment Centers that will be in five countries. His goals to eradicate poverty through skill on job training in third world countries has taken him to as many places as Ghana, Nepal, Namibia, Kenya and Uganda where construction began early last year.


Nelson says, "By philanthropy or giving, we mean individual gifts or donations, philanthropic grants by private and corporate foundations, including prescribed private funds, and corporate philanthropy- as distinct from corporate partnerships or sponsorships," "you do not have to be wealthy to give." 

Contact Information:

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