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Pamela Johnston

Pamela Johnston is a rare breed of thought leader who plays the business world like a chess master (but with better social skills), continuously beats through the strongest of competitive forces (for sport), and reaches the highest plateau of every industry she operates in (in high heels). Some climb up to the business horizon. Pamela was bestowed with fairy wings to fly. 

Her newest vision is taking form on the next frontier of luxury and life management, in a space that, as is common for Johnston, didn`t exist until she imagined it at the start of 2013. Always searching for the evermore `impossible that can be made possible,` this latest venture is by far her boldest and most evolutionary. In line with her lifetime quest to help people and organizations realize their potential and navigate change, her new endeavor aims to fill gaping holes that are turning up more and more in the lives of driven, focused people.  She`s set out to build dream teams to produce dream outcomes during some of life`s biggest transitional moments. 

As the woman known to `influence the influencers,` Johnston`s career has been characterized by high-profile entrepreneurism  - having founded, sold, or played a role in spinning off top tier PR firms, consumer services companies, nationally best-selling books, hospitality corporations, and tourism industry brands. Her ability to draw pioneers into high impact teams and think tanks speaks to her dynamism \\\" what`s been described by partners as a gravitational pull that aligns the planets of invention and progress.

Building companies that disrupt the business-as-usual model, bringing them to their pinnacle, and successfully exiting to make room for her next venture is Johnston`s passion. Her unconventional approaches and astute methodologies have impacted the realms of media, publishing, corporate strategy, business innovation, and consumer engagement, while firmly planting her among the most creative and respected minds of our time. 

She`s been referred to as "someone who cuts through complexities, who sees things that others don`t", "one of those rare people you meet that just `get`s it", who routinely takes on and triumphs over "herculean challenges". Over the years, Johnston has been proudly honored as a BrandWeek Guerilla Marketer of the Year and HSMAI as one of the Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds In Sales & Marketing, and has been featured in a multitude of notable media including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, Investors Business Daily, CBS and Good Morning America. 

Her landmark work in crisis management and market strategy spans numerous sectors, and she has been `of record` for governments, blue chip companies, major consumer goods corporations, consulting firms, professional institutions, technology entrants and incumbents, the tourism industry, personal branding and image agencies, dating services, and astrologers. 

She`s precipitated great moments of business innovation borne of both acute success and extreme distress two ends of a spectrum that she thrives in. An instinctive problem solver popular for her signature way of distilling the complex down to the manageable, Johnston`s insights and analysis tap into some of the most groundbreaking and thought-provoking conversations happening today as our worlds simultaneously expand and join together at an exponential rate. 

As expansive as her career trajectory has been, Johnston`s path always revolved around her personal mission to help leaders, organizations, and society realize their true potential. She is a person who genuinely relishes the opportunity to solve seemingly insurmountable problems, and her upcoming book explores personal and professional development, while delving into the contradictory versions of the "self" that often dull the flame of inspiration. 

Johnston also blogs for numerous publications, including he Huffington Post and, in between hosting her legendary parties \\\" reserved for the `buttoned up that get down` crowd. A futurist with an indulgent streak, she believes that people truly grow and expand their abilities among other thinkers and by surrendering to the moment and the fantasy.

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