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Mimi A.

Hello my name is Mimi =):

My main goal in life is to spread "Positive Energy" to all humans, encourage them to never give up, and to treat all humans with the mutual respect that we all deserve.  

I have completed my under graduate degree in psychology with a minor in business and I am currently attending graduate school for Clinical Psychology. While attending graduate school my aspiration is to develop a new division within the field of psychology called: "Entertainment Psychology." Currently a petition is posted on the APA website and members may follow the URL provided to read and sign the petition. (right column second box down).

For those who are not affiliated with the APA I am developing a site to post the original petition for professionals in the entertainment industry and the general public to read and sign the petition as well.

As for my writing I am re-writing a book based off my life story and aspire to have it published and turned into a Lifetime/Hallmark made for TV movie one day. I`m writing this book in hopes to inspire all humans` to never give up. To learn more about my personal story visit:

I have ventured into writing for the SOP through a mutual friend, Darren Lamontage, and while doing so I am looking forward to meeting new people, making new memories, and connecting with fellow humans. Thank you Darren for the referral and I wish you much luck on your book. 

Thank you also to Judyth Piazza for creating an avenue for aspiring journalists and writers to get their work out and published.  

Love, prayers, and positive energy to all.

Contact Info:

Never Give up!
Positive Energy,
God Bless.

The Dina Collection: Celebrity Memorabilia, Fine Art, Antique Cars, Fine Jewelry, and More - The Dina Collection of Beverly Hills has been in business since 1985. Yossi Dina, Founder and CEO, is known for being an entrepreneur, businessman, and the Pawnbroker to the rich and famous.

Men Are Abused Too!!! - Abuse towards men is not a common topic of discussion, but one that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

Agesong Assisted Living: Not just an Elder Community - scope of care to include adults and elders who suffer from psychiatric disorders as well as terminal illnesses who are on hospice and walking through the end of life process such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar, cancer, epilepsy, congested heart failure, and other debilitating conditions.

The Human Experiment - The Human Experiment is a documentary that seeks to have everyone stop and ask "Why are rates of autism, cancer, and infertility going up? Does our societies dependency on and use of unregulated chemicals have anything to do with the rise?

AgeSong: Senior Community Living that is Reestablishing the Role of Elders within Society - AgeSong embarks on restoring the belief that elders get better with age; through the lived experience elders have a lot to offer: wisdom, depth, wonder, mystery and beauty.

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