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Rouben Alikian

Contact Information:

I was born in Moscow, Russia on July 23, 1987. My mother is a professional opera singer and musician, my father is a well known writer with 56 published books in Russian, Armenian and French. Currently, I reside in Lebanon with my parents to where we have emigrated from Russia back in 1992.

My grandfather on my mother`s side was a WWII veteran on the Eastern and Far Eastern front. He served as a military medic with distinction and had taken part in the siege of Stalingrad and Berlin before being transferred to Manchuria. My grandmother was a military nurse and met my grandfather in the Reichstag during its fall where they left their initials on the wall of names (can still be seen in the Reichstag). My grandfather had five brothers all of whom perished during that war as infantry and tank crews.

My grandfather and grandmother on my father`s side were both aristocrats from Southern Russia and I do not know much else about them.

In 1992, we emigrated to Lebanon and have lived there ever since. In Lebanon, I attended the Yeghishe Manoukian Private Secondary College, one of Lebanon`s finest institutions. I graduated first in my class on July 13, 2007 and was accepted with a full SAT 1 and SAT 2 score into the Haigazian University on the faculty of Business Administration as a Freshman student.
 Currently, I am a Sophomore in the above mentioned university on the Dean`s list and have less than a year and a half left to get my BA due to a marathon studying spree of three semesters per year.

 It is fair to say that my life was quite uneventful until this point if we disregard the four Lebanese wars we have endured in the last 17 years and 23 assassinations that plague our country. I was personally 30 meters from one of the blasts when it happened and escaped without injury thanks to my car`s rather resistant structure that prevented any shrapnel from penetrating.

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The Breeder - I don`t think it would surprise if I said we are amazing creatures. Forget our achievements, our evolution

The Feeling of Being Watched - Sure, some may say that it is a disgusting phenomenon that soaks their clothes and forces to walk under the rain " as if it is not a pleasure in itself.

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