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Steve Selengut

Professional investment portfolio manager. BA Business, Gettysburg College, MBA, Professional Management, Pace University, Paul Harris Fellow, Phi Gamma Delta, AAII member & speaker, Steve Selengut has been a private investment manager since 1979, as the CEO of Sanco Services Inc.

His life experience as an investor started in 1970, at age 25, when he was given the responsibility to manage a $60,000 portfolio. He developed an Asset Allocation Model then (decades before the concept became popular) that he still uses today, and a trading approach to investing that allowed him to start his own business at age 34.

During his twelve-year career in the Financial Services industry, prior to 1979, Steve developed an appreciation of the complete Wall Street (political, social, and economic) environment. Using this understanding of the "playing field" (and a portfolio that provided all the income his family needed), he took his new investment ideas and concepts on the road.

Building an Investment Management business with no corporate sponsorship, no products to sell, and just two management clients was a daunting task. Fee-only personal investment management without mutual fund commissions or product sales was a revolutionary approach in 1979.

Steve has developed a loyal following of dedicated clients, many of whom have been with him for most of his career--- the two who helped start the business in 1979 remain as clients today. Many non-clients use his unique portfolio management methodology and a select few have been taking advantage of his mentoring services.

He has published hundreds of investment (and tax reform) articles, and three investment books. He invented the Working Capital Model, developed the IGVSI, and has introduced many new investment concepts, including: Market Cycle Investment Management, The Investor`s Creed, Smart Cash, the QDI, Base Income, Securities Buckets, and others.

Investment Grade Value Stocks and High Quality Income securities are the only investments considered for use within the Working Capital Model (WCM). In 2008, this utterly boring combination produced surprising results compared with the DJIA, S & P 500, Morningstar`s latest and greatest, Bill Miller`s LMVTX, and the Buffett Berkshire "B".

Kiawah Golf Investment Seminars
3912 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy
Johns Island, SC 29455
Phone (800) 245-0494 ยข Fax (843) 243-8509
Contact Steve directly for additional information: 800-245-0494

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