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Tina Marie Holewinski (Mentor/Columnist)

She’s a 100% Polish, 100% blond farm girl - Gone Hollywood!  Tina went from baling hay and milking cows to working as an actress/emcee in the big city.  While attaining her BA in film and TV broadcasting, from California State University - Los Angeles, she started working in feature films and television shows.  During this time, Tina realized - first hand - how the media twists the truth. 

Her involvement as a contestant in the preliminary Miss America pageant sparked her interest in educating society on what today’s media is calling “harmless entertainment.” As a National Speakers Association member, she frequently shares the truth with her fellow cast and crewmembers, models, actors, and especially with the youth and parents across America.

Tina has experience as an actress, narrator, spokes model, host, reporter, author, and emcee.  She was a National Trainer for L’Oreal Cosmetics, the emcee for Limited Too’s “Passion for Fashion” national tour, a reporter for the TV Guide Awards and the Wings Celebrity Classics, and an award presenter at the Crystal and Lucy Awards for Women In Film. 

You might have seen her on “Young and the Restless,” “Lizzie McGuire,” the ABC special “Domino Day,” “Constantine,” and “Little Black Book,” just to name a few.  In addition, she was recently a guest on Si TV’s “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner” show where she exemplified the importance of protecting the sanctity of marriage.  Tina has also opened for the bands Poverty, Apologetix, and Skillet and was a contributing writer in the book, “Fifty.” 

After seven years of Hollywood experience, Tina is taking the truth to the streets of America to spread her message on how the media is killing this generation.When Tina’s not speaking, you’ll find her mowing down some steak and baked potato, traveling, drumming, scuba diving, doing photography, cooking (look for the smoke) and reading a book on how to find the love of her life. 

Tina loves life and yearns to inspire the young minds of America!  She will EXPOSE…EDUCATE…and ENLIGHTEN!  The True Lies presentation, will open your eyes, ears and heart and will challenge you to live to your fullest potential!

Click here to listen to Judyth Piazza interview Tina Marie on the American Perspective Radio Program.

Abstinence is the Answer! - Simply put, if premarital sex was OK, there would be NO consequences. My mission in life is to EXPOSE the lies.

Teens Need Positive Role Models - Teen sex, porn, violent video games, and what can only be described as an epidemic of "cutting" among our youth.

Using Media to Positively Impact the Future Leaders of America - You hear it time and time again. Be IN the world but not OF it. Today’s world is filled with an entertainment industry that is promoting life-threatening behaviors non stop without showing the consequences.

A Personal Message from God Via a Homeless Man - And the winner is Angela Perez Baraquio Grey! CONGRATULATIONS! You have been crowned the new Miss America! It was September 2001…on the shores of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Less Is More I miss the way the world used to be - I miss the way the world used to be. Either how it really was or how I perceived it to be. I miss the time when people cared, when people helped the

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