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Andrew Chien

State:  New Jersey

College:  Montclair State University

Major: English: Creative Writing

Minor: Journalism

Contact Information:

Andrew Chien is a 22 year old struggling writer/poet who has been published in, Eighty Six Magazine, Local Buzz Magazine, The Montclarion, and the Essex County College Observer.

He transfered to Montclair State University from Essex County College where he worked as a columnist for the school paper but
rose to fame as the only Chinese member and vice president of ASAD(American Student of African Descent) that managed to create the first free HIV testing/certification program in ECC history. Chien graduated with an A.S. degree in Social sciences(3.0 GPA) despite dealing with bigotry, incompetent staff, and insecure security guards that tried everything possible to block him from success including changing
his name to "Andrew Napier" so the computer would mark him absent and fail him for every class.

In Montclair State University, Chien has written as a columnist for the Montclarion and performed poetry for: various rap battles, open mics,The Women's Center presents"Que Pasa Aqui?" To raise awareness about violence against women that occurs everyday worldwide and OSCE's BigTime at MSU winning best talent by earning an unanimous perfect score from all four judges in categories of appearance, talent, and showmanship. He has also worked with award winning Montclair artist Charlee Swanson in creating Hip Hop Construction and award winning MSU film student Alberto Noriega.

Andrew Chien's goals are as follows: satisfactory completion of all educational endeavors in MSU, constant improvement of his writing skills, the success of any publication he is involved in, a career in poetry/writing, to do traveling around the world, make a significant contribution to the humanitarian movement, win scholarships, and acquire an internship in journalism.


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