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Ron G Anselm

Supermoon Shines Brightly Tonight on Cinco de Mayo - With all the nightly celebration that will be going on tonight in celebration of Cinco de Mayo I am sure there will be a few Margaritas making their way from the

Geographic Visibility Event of the Year: Venus Transits Across the Horizon - For all you science lovers out there and especially the ones that have a passion for astronomy get ready for one of the rarest events to only take place seven times in science history

Blazing Mini-Jet Like Objects Create Exotic Show in the Rings of Saturn - NASA's Cassini Spacecraft has taken photographs of what appears to be strange, half-mile-sized objects punching holes in one of Saturn's large rings.

GPS Monitoring System Now Being Taken to Next Level of Technology by NASA - Not sure if you know or not but the GPS monitoring System is also used by the military in pinpointing accuracy that has never been seen before.

NASA Exploring Universe End to End: Curious Things Continue Popping Up Like UFOs? - As NASA continues to explore the universe from end to end all kinds of neat things keep appearing that makes a curious cat look like a hungry Tiger and takes the word 'mysterious' to levels never heard of before in the English language.

Boston's Fenway Park More Than Just a Baseball Landmark - Baseball has changed over the years but there is still one entity that has not changed and I don`t think it ever will and that is Boston`s Fenway Park.

Some Interesting Facts About Science You Probably Don`t Know - To me science is life. Everything that makes us function, love, enjoy, and need comes from the world of science. Well, I guess I can say Science would be the interesting part, sports is a passion of mine.

Mysterious Flash of Light Over Phoenix Leaves Everyone Baffled - An early morning news broadcast in Phoenix, Arizona appeared to have more than just breaking headline news reported.

Storm Chasing 'Riding the Limits of Mother Nature' - Most storm chasers are not paid for what they do. Some may make YouTube videos, some may sell personal videos and make a profit and others may get their name out there to help their future career in science and meteorology.

Meteorologists Predict Record Warm Winter to Last into Spring - I have to admit we have seen a wacky weather pattern this winter. Here in Alabama the normal cold winter days where no one steps a foot outside have transitioned into cool pool party days.

Lightening Never Strikes the Same Place Twice? Or, Does it? - How many times have you heard the old saying lightening never strikes twice? What they are referring to when using this saying is that lightening never strikes the same place twice?

Answering Prayer: Does God Answer All Prayers? - This is really a question that I have been reading about more and more lately. Maybe with the turmoil all of us have gone through with the economic collapse, loss of jobs

The Mechanics of Global Warming and Future Effects on Our Climate and Environment - The main culprit of why Global Warming is now starting to increase is the effect greenhouse gases are having on our environment.

The Tsunami that Hit Japan Earlier this Year Could Have Doubled in Size - It`s a warm and sunny day with temperatures in the low to mid seventies. You decide to grab your boogie board and head for the beach. The forecast calls for a thirty-percent chance

NASA Deploys Historic Voyage to Mars - One of the ways NASA just made space exploration history is by launching the Mars Scientific Laboratory (MSL) which comes complete with a car-sized rover named Curiosity.

The Best Martial-Arts for Self Defense - As you walk along the top floor of the mall, your high-heels clinking on the hard linoleum floor like they were a hammer pounding repeatedly on a nail you notice the once crowded mall is now down to only a bare minimum of people.

The Web Bot Project and Scientific Opinion - The Web Bot project is really like an up and down trend when it comes to how much people tend to keep their interest in learning more and more about this new phenomenon.

Oakland Police Violate 2004 Agreement By Using Militarized Weapons on Civilians - This is really a topsy-turvy time in our nation`s history and has been for the past decade.

Top Five College Football Tailgating Stadiums in the Country - I know people who actually travel around the country to every college team`s stadium to try to figure out their main purpose and quest in life, to find out where are the best tailgating colleges in the country.

Teamwork? Where are the Jobs? Washington Get a Clue! - I`m not criticizing the Obama Administration because I think Obama has done as good of job as he can with what he has had to work with.


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