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Ron G Anselm

(MMA) Mixed Martial Arts: The New Warriors of the Decade - The format of combat sports has changed from the days we watched Sugar Ray Leonard going toe to toe with Roberto Duran George Foreman

Up, Up, and Away:Balloon Drama in the Sky a Hoax? Or Reality? - Last week most of the country was interrupted during their Soap Opera show time to watch a balloon shaped like a flying saucer

Entertainment of the Past in Prime Time - A little insight on past television shows form the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Week Four of the NFL Keeps Fans Guessing - Insight on week four of the NFL. Week four of the NFL rolled on with more close games, a few upsets and the spirit of winning. The Lions battled it out in Chicago and kept the

Week Three of the NFL a Roller Coaster - Week three in the NFL proved to have more excitement and close games than a roller coaster ride at Six Flags.

Week Two of the NFL Slides in with Close Games and Good Offnse and Defense - Week one of the NFL set the stage for the upcoming NFL season and week two added to the stage with some very good games.

Stop! - Senseless Animal Abuse - I think most of us grew-up with a special friend who was either our pet or the family pet that we thought of in terms as our friend or as another family member.

Week One Proves to Start the NFL Season with a Bang - Well, Week One of the NFL started out with a bang. A lot of the teams I thought would win their first games didn`t and the teams that were supposed to not start out in the win columns did.

2009 Little League World Series: What Happened in the Finals? - A little history and on Little League World Series and the 2009 final results.

A Victim of the Recession? "You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do" - A little opinion on what to do if you are unemployed due to the recent recession.

Business Dreams? Keep Going Until You Succeed - A very brief story of Colonial Harland Sanders and how he succeeded.

Adrenaline Rush - A little insight on a Coast Guard search and rescue call from my own experience.

The True Art of Self-Defense - From the day we are born and as we go through the journey of life, we become accustom to knowing that the world we live in is not at

How Old is Too Old to Return to School? Or, Is There Really an Age Limit? - A little insight on adults returning to school at any age.

Joining the Military, Are You Ready for Basic Training? - A little segment on military basic training and small things to prepare for it.

High-Performing Teams Accomplish Out of Reach Challenges - A short summary on managing and creating high-performing teams.

A New Era in Prime Time Television Is Born - A litle documentary on the past of Monday Night football and a new era of football with the birth of Sunday Night football

Remorseful? Or, Just Talking? - A short article on a little overview about Michael Vick's crime and reinstatement back into the NFL.


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