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Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

Never Mind The Recycled News: Keep Your Eyes on The Internet - The Internet has made TV obsolete, and the media want to control it. Ask those politicians where they stand on a free Internet.

Father-Daughter Project Reveals a Timeless Algeria in Poetry and Postcards - Christine Fasse and her father Dominique have created in "Deserted Memory" an elegant and fascinating homage to Algeria.

War is a Shell Game Politicians Play to Keep Us Distracted - In spite of all our forefathers' warnings, we have become the United States of War, blaming it on one threat after another but never on failed diplomacy or policies driven by lobbyists and corporations instead of the best interests of the people.

Bad Government is Contagious: It Starts Locally, Not Washington - A call to arms: Retirees should band together to delve into local government across America. All government is local. Bad government starts in your home town. Stop giving local government a free pass.

Few Translations are Published Here: Reason to be Thankful for This Poetry by Valerie Rouzeau - Very little foreign literature is translated and published in the United States an intellectual disgrace but all the more reason to rejoice in the translation by Susan Wicks of 'Cold Spring In Winter' by the young French poet Valerie Rouzeau.

Sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Should Avoid The Museum of Modern Art - In a dismaying display of adolescent exhibitionism Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art has reprised Yoko Ono's 1961 'Voice Piece for Soprano,' which invites visitors to scream into a microphone.

Wonderful Old War Posters Put to Hateful Purpose in Email - A lot of blind anger is bouncing around in cyberspace. An email last week got my goat as a veteran: 22 old war posters. All the men were lily-white. I enjoyed the nostalgia except for the screed saying we're no longer patriotic. Nonsense. Our military is as brave and effective as ever. And more racially diverse. Is that the sender's real complaint?

Do we misunderstand Middle East history or just ignore it? - Iran wants to preserve its culture and assert itself in its historic sphere of influence, the Middle East and Central Asia, by asserting Shia interpretation of Islam in a sea of contrary Sunni believers.

America: Truly Rich in Poetry and Other Literary Forms - Our small presses and literary periodicals are a neglected national treasure. No culture has ever produced so many. Here are voices that count, not the politicians and pundits.

If we are paranoid about terrorists, why not the weather, too? - The way weather is reported on television suggests a siege mentality. Weather is reported as a threat, not unlike pharmaceuticals "good for you unless they happen to kill you.

Terrorists Are Really Waging War Against Half of the Human Race - United States, Israel and Iran share one thing in common: Their policies are driven to an alarming extent by messianism "and therefore their policies are largely immune to reason, to changing developments, and to compromise.

Television News is An Antique: There Are Better Ways to Get the News - Is it possible we`ve outgrown our politicians and their media cronies? Is it possible they`ve died and don`t know it?

Poetry Readings as Archaeological Adventures - At poetry readings and slams, many poets read from memory. I don't remember poems I've written. Just as well "I believe reading poetry aloud is a kind of marine archaeological adventure, a search for hidden treasures.

The President Asserts Civilian Control of The Military - President Barack Obama has relieved Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal for the right reasons. But he continues to make the wrong decision about staying in Afghanistan.

The Politicians Know We Prefer Lies to Truth, So They Thrive - Many, left and right, seem to prefer lies and prejudice to facts, dividing the country "fertile ground for losing our liberties.

An American's Journey Through The Maze of Nativism - "Far From Algiers," Djelloul Marbrook's prize-winning book of poems. His book speaks to the pain of rejection by his mother's family thanks to his father's Algerian heritage.

Who Believes We're in Afghanistan to Bring Democracy? - So that's why we're in Afghanistan "huge deposits of lithium, copper, gold, emeralds, sapphires and other minerals.

There is Nothing Journalists Do That You Can't Do, So Do It - Joining a new party, putting money in a new candidate's pocket, complaining about rotten government, protesting "none of these things, however satisfying, will do you as much good as finding out what's really going on.

Why Do Homeless Men Often Look Like Old Testament Prophets - Perhaps they both ventured into the same land and never fully returned.

Just One Bad Apple Can Impose a Security State - The 2001 German film "Das Experiment" foreshadows the response six months later when terrorists attacked the United States. In an experiment gone madly wrong, college students volunteer to play prison guards and prisoners.


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