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Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

Hot Copy #28 - You are more than students - You are more than students, much more, and I’d like to tell you why. I’ve read a lot of job applications from recent journalism school graduates.

A Free or a Free-er Press? Hot copy #27 - United States foreign policy is predicated on promoting democratic institutions. When you consider such institutions, the right to vote and a free press are paramount among them.

The Making of a New Fourth Estate - Hot Copy # 26 - The road to Iraq was paved with received ideas. Let me list a few reminders. First, there was the idea that Saddam Hussein was stocking weapons of mass destruction.

Lost Story Disease: Why Do Important Stories Get Lost? - Lost Story Disease is ravaging the planet. Its toll will be much greater than the Spanish Flu's. While there are no cures for such diseases as cancer, there is a cure for Lost Story Disease.

News as Improv - Hot Copy #23 - The emotionalization of news may be rooted in the late 1950s when editors decided that a microscopic approach to macroscopic news would help readers understand issues.

Do we need editors? - Djelloul Marbrook shares his advice with Journalism student around the world on Hot Copy. Do We Need Editors?

The Whir of the Great Spin Machine - Hot Copy #21 - If you?ve been listening to Hot Copy you?ve probably gotten the idea that I think the big stories are often lost in the fog of everyday stories.

Progress at Union Square - Union Square has a dog park now. Fritzy would have hated it. He hated organization and contrivance of any kind.

Investigative role models, Part 2 - Hot Copy #20B - Last week I urged you to study the work of Bob Woodward, Walter Pincus, Seymour Hersh, Ida Tarbell, I.F. Stone and a few others.

Investigative Role Models, Part 1 - Hot Copy #20A - If you think of the people who read what you write or listen to what you have to say as an audience, you shouldn’t be a journalist. Journalism is not about you.

Hot Copy #19 - Washington's Unofficial Source - Back when Sam Smith, the founder and editor of the Progressive Review and Undernews, was using summer interns, a common practice in journalism, one baby-faced

Looking Over The Shoulder of A World-Class Reporter - Hot Copy #17 - The New Yorker is the very paragon of graceful, insightful writing. The weekly magazine is impeccably written, fact-checked and edited. It has no peers.

Magna Carta of Journalism - Hot Copy #16 - Newspapers used to resemble feudal castles. Nobody knew exactly what the baron and his cronies were doing in the middle of the night in those mysterious castles, but whatever it was it was going to affect you.

Dear Ms. Perino, It's Speaker Pelosi - Each human face has its own climate and weathers. We respond not so much to the cut of another’s face as its micro-expressions.

Soap Opera Reporting - Hot Copy #15 - Some of you will become editors, some of you media executives. Some of you will win prizes for superior reporting and writing. So here’s something to think about on your way to the top.

The Ugly Blogger - Hot Copy #13 - Bloggers play an ever-increasing role in journalism. That?s a pretty bland and bald statement. But it will do for starters. We need to take a look at journalism itself.

Angels - Give them our Hearts - Once in a bustling mall I saw a young mother with a black eye, pushing a stroller as if it were a battering ram. As I watched she slapped the little boy walking beside her on the back of his head and hissed, Are you gonna get it when we get home!

Attribution, Plagiarism and Lies - Part 1 - Hot Copy #12A - The word plagiarism carries a lot of baggage. It should be thought about in the larger context of fraud. For example, if I copy passages from a book I admire and use them in my own book, that?s plagiarism.

This is the time to know...what we don't know - Hot Copy #11 - When I was a kid in West Islip, Long Island, I wrote a six-paragraph report about a baseball game. I have no idea what I said, but I"m sure it wasn"t very good.

Who makes the news? Who should make it? - Hot Copy #10 - Journalists need to help the people take back government instead of reinforcing the impression that government belongs to those who can steal it, either by rigging voting machines or gerrymandering voting districts.


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