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Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

Michael Perkins' Poems: A Climate That Doesn't Clamor for Attention - Michael Perkins of Woodstock NY, whose book of poems, 'Carpe Diem, New and Selected Poems,' has just been published, is a poet of particularities, sharp-eyed observations, and broad experience.

By Putting Things in Pigeonholes We Lose Sight of The Big Picture - By thinking in terms of categories, as our society does, we are prevented from seeing the big picture. By living contrary to string theory we often fail to see the forest from the trees.

17 Prescriptions From Five Doctors and No One is Coordinating Them - Here is a medical horror story, pointing up one of the glaring deficiencies in our health care system. An elderly man is dying of leukemia.

Did Aldous Huxley or George Orwell Predict America's Society Today? - In 1932 a British writer, Aldous Huxley, published a book called 'Brave New World.' It foresaw a dysfunctional Western society that had turned its citizens into consumer bots drugged on trivia. Sound familiar?

Six Long Poems of Grandeur and Oceanic Sweep - American poetry tends to commemorate the ordinary, striving to use plain language and to avoid references to things readers may not know.

Why Do We Tout Jamestown and Plymouth Over Tolerant New Amsterdam? - We celebrate the less-than-tolerant Pilgrims and their leader, John Winthrop, but we don't listen to him.

Slavery is Alive and Well in America and All Over The Globe - Most Americans believe our economy is in permanent decline, but a rich elite is getting richer a lot faster than it used to "with a big hand from the Supreme Court, Congress and state legislatures.

Murdoch Lesson: A Misinformed Public is in Corporate America's Best Interests - Rupert Murdoch's sleazy media circus is hardly all that's wrong with American journalism. But the controversies now engulfing it offer a good opportunity to examine all that is wrong with it.

A Cultural Exchange With Algeria That Went Bad But Now Shines Brighter Than Ever - In contrast to some stories about misunderstandings and ill will between America and the Arab World, Algeria's acquisition of the paintings a young American woman made there in the 1930s is an unusual story of cultural bridge-building.

Facebook: A News Template That Far Exceeds Newspapers in Effectiveness - Millions of Americans, and people all over the world, own a newspaper. They just don't realize it. Operating Facebook pages is very much like operating a newspaper. The Facebook template is essentially a newspaper template

How Can We Find Good Literature in a Crass Commercial Culture? - Is the Internet changing the way we think about literature? Can it help separate money from merit and create a more egalitarian environment for literature?

Presidential Nominations Stuck in Limbo Gives Us a Broken Republic - We still teach citizenship in our schools but our politicians seem to have forgotten the lessons: cooperate for the good of the country; tolerate dissent; strive for consensus to make the country work.

Curiosity and Intellectual Inquiry are Ebbing in The U.S. - In some ways George W. Bush as president was emblematic of an incurious nation that gathers around a bunch of received ideas and clings to them instead of challenging them...

Is Poetry Written for The Recognition of Contemporaries Or for Other Reasons? - Why does a poet write poetry? For recognition, the praise of contemporaries, the money [just kidding here], or something else?

Facebook Rips The Masks Off Cliques - Facebook groups provide young people with a good luck of what they will contend with in the world "groups that are snarky and inhospitable to newcomers and groups that are inclusive and welcoming.

Old Glory is Disgraced By People Who Use to Bully Other Americans - Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook says that in the midst of all the patriotism after the 9/11 terrorist attacks something ugly happened in American culture

The Cost of Shipping Books Stands in The Way of Greater International Understanding - The high cost of shipping books across borders is a major impediment to cultural exchange, which in the long run does more good than diplomacy to improve global affairs.

Bin Laden's Killing is a Good Time to Recall An Earlier Muslim Terrorist Attack on Ireland - Now that Osama bin Laden has been killed it might be a good time to recall the Baltimore incident, a 9/11 in 1631 Ireland.

An Overheated, Over-Opinionated Culture is Killing Us - The word punditry comes from the Sanskrit word for learned, pandita. In a truly intelligent society that would disqualify everyone.

Why are a Few Acres More Important Than The Galaxies of The Mind? - A stroll down the main street of Hudson, New York, prompts prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook to meditate on our culture's values.


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