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Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

A Poet Dead 150 Years Addresses Today's Destructive Greed - The industrialization of England and the rape of the countryside by speculators drove the poet John Clare mad, and he was put in a madhouse--society's reward for his suggestion that greed had ruined the country.

Is Ayn Rand The Antidote to a Christianity Christians Find Too Hard? - Call me mad, call me an anarchist, a fool, but I never wanted to write for money, not as a newspaperman nor a poet nor a novelist. It has always struck me as a criminal activity.

Poet Says a Nation Whose Main Industries are War and Prisons Has a Lot to Fear From Women - The film industry is like the church in its devotion to making women second class. Djelloul Marbrook, a prize-winning poet, deplores new television series that he says depict women unfavorably, but he also lauds such series as 'The Good Wife,' 'In Plain Sight' and 'Bones' for their nuanced portrayal of women.

Wishing Our Young Men Felt Like Taking Travolta's 'Saturday Night Fever' Walk Again - Remember John Travolta taking The Walk in 'Saturday Night Fever'? Too bad our young men today don't have that kind of joyous anticipation. But what do they have to look forward to?

A Poet Recalls Beating The Starch Out of His Shirts- and His Tormentors in Boarding School - Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook tells how he emerged from World War II with a beloved Messerschmitt 109 made for him by German POWs working on the farm--and bitter memories of abuse.

A Poet Uses The Internet to Revive Interest in The Work of a Fellow Poet - One of the beauties of the Internet is that it encourages writers to retrieve works of literature that have blossomed for a season and then fallen into neglect.

We Have Nothing to Fear But The Fear-Mongers We Elect - The list of what Americans fear is growing, because fear is the grease of authoritarian government. But the list of what makes us happy and confident is shrinking. We're just where our corporate elite want us, in love with our abusers.

Prize-Winning Poet Explores Borders Between Poetry and Prose - When another author, Dan Baum, called Djelloul Marbrook's novel, 'Saraceno,' a prose poem, Marbrook began meditating on the nature of prose and poetry and arrived at some provocative conclusions, expressed here.

Disposable Americans, Dumped By Corporate Greed - First it was disposable products, now it's the Disposable American. Slashing Medicare and Social Security, as Tea Party Republicans are fixing to do, will complete the destruction of the middle class, multiply the numbers of poor Americans

Artemisia: The One Character Your World Can't Do Without - Good fiction, says prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook, is about creating that one character without whom your world can no longer exist, a person indispensable to your imagination.

Corporate Media and Government Stooges Threatened By Social Networks - The social networking media threaten the mainstream media's gatekeeping role. Received ideas perpetuated by the press are crumbling as we watch

Let's Hear It for Ball-Busting Poetry About a World Men Have Ruined! - National Poetry Month offers a moment to ask ourselves whether we're also celebrating dangerous, subversive, ball-breaking poetry. Or are we just celebrating safe, anecdotal, "accessible" poetry?

'Artemisia's Wolf': Story of Lightning, Love and Betrayal of a Young Artist - Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook has written a novel in honor of some of the world's most memorable women "Artemisia Gentileschi, Morgan Le Fay, Zenobia, Hypatia and Boedica.

Artist Frida Kahlo Paints Her Life in Words With The Help of a British Poet - Frida Kahlo painted with a unique brush. Now British poet Pascale Petit gives the great Mexican painter a unique voice in 52 poems that eerily resonate with Kahlo's vivid way of painting.

Why Doesn't The Press Give as Much Coverage to Campaign Funding as It Does to Donald Trump? - Why is the Jesse James legend so enduring? Could it be because it speaks indelibly to our sense of being swindled?

Facebook: Immense Egos and Their Retinues - Where it comes to Facebook, I`m an onion. Day by day a posting, a recognition, an introspection peels me away. I find autistic traits in myself, and so autism no longer seems so exotic to me.

In Inciting Violence The Media Stir Up Our Ghosts and Demons - 'Let sleeping dogs lie,' you often hear people say. But we can't. Our psyches don't work that way. Ghosts must be reckoned with, and it's very hard to do that when our popular media continually remind us of the people and events that somehow harmed us.

New York State Governor and Politicians Pass Budget Favoring Millionaires, Screwing The Middle Class - New York State could have balanced its budget by raising the taxes of the super-rich. It could have passed a plastic bottle tax that would have been environmentally sound.

What is Poetry About? Perhaps It's Saying One Essential Thing - Poetry isn't about recognition and the praise of readers, it's about saying one thing so essential that the world can no longer be imagined in its absence.

Out of The Dakota Badlands Come These Memorable People, Including a Candy-Drunk Elephant - Tommy Zurhellen has written a brilliant first novel with a runaway sugar-crazed carnival elephant that turns out to be just as lost as the people around him.


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