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Robert Paul Reyes

Roy Moore is a Pedophile and Christians Should Condemn Him - For decades Roy Moore has been an evangelical icon, he earned his Christian street cred by doing what fundamentalists excel at: Using his narrow interpretation of the Bible to demonize gays and lesbians, Muslims and feminists.

White Evangelicals Embrace a Pussy-grabbing President and a Pedophile Senate Candidate - Will God-fearing Alabamians elect a cowboy-hat wearing, pistol brandishing, Bible-thumping, Muslim-hating, pedophile to the Senate?

Donald Trump Says He Believes Putin's Election Meddling Denials - President Donald Trump suggested on Saturday hes done confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin over his country's election meddling since it's insulting to the Russian leader.

Artist Makes Donald Trump Action Figure Out of Old Flip Flops - The Trump doll sucks, just like Trump the man.

Trump Tweets in China - Donald Trump, the Twitterer-in-Chief has maintained an active Twitter presence during his tour of Asia, nothing short of Nuclear Armageddon can stop the presidents tiny fingers from firing off tweets.

Kevin Spacey, The Most Despised Degenerate in Hollywood - A former Boston TV news anchor claims Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her then 18-year-old son Will Little at a Nantucket bar in July 2016.

Dog Has Cyst That Looks Like Donald Trump - A cyst found in a dog's ear looks like Donald Trump's face and blonde quiff, its owner claims.

The Cult of Donald Trump - Impeach Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Considering Designating North Korea as State Sponsor of Terrorism - The United States will determine very soon whether to designate North Korea a state sponsor of terror, a senior administration official said on Sunday.

Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile: Hillary Clinton Rigged the Primaries - Former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, recently claimed that Hillary Clinton's team took control of the DNC before she won the primary elections against Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren corroborated Brazile's claims

Twitter Employee Deletes Donald Trump's Twitter Feed on His Last Day of Work - On Thursday President Donald Trump's Twitter feed went down, unfortunately it was restored 11 minutes later.

Study: People Are More Empathetic Towards Dogs Than Fellow Humans - A study published in the journal Society and Animals suggested that people are more empathetic towards dogs than fellow humans."

John Kelly is as Racist as Donald Trump - Kellys interview this week on Fox News has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kelly is as racist as his boss.

Woody Harrelson's Brutal Lunch With Donald Trump and Jesse Ventura - Woody Harrelson has a laidback demeanor, his dinner with the paranoid conspiracy theorist Jessy Ventura and the narcissist buffoon Donald Trump was destined to be a disaster.

Sniffing Farts Can Stave Off Disease - Hydrogen sulfide, the gas that gives farts their rotten smell, can help stave off disease.

It's National Cat Day! - Adopt a kitty, it will change your life and save your soul!

Female Cyclist Flips Donald Trump the Bird! God Bless Her! - The president of the United States is used to being saluted, but a cyclist in Virginia put her own particular slant on the tradition on Saturday when she was overtaken by Donald Trumps motorcade.

Heartless Reporters Bring Their Children to White House to Meet Donald Trump - It's a longstanding tradition for the children of the White House correspondents to visit the Oval Office for Halloween festivities.

Ellen DeGeneres Ogles Katy Perry's Breasts! Shame on the Butch Lesbian! - Ellen DeGeneres is facing backlash for tweeting a photo in honor of Katy Perrys birthday that some social media users consider sexist.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? Because They're Jerks! - Cats have their quirks, no doubt. But one of the more puzzling - and annoying - things they do is to knock stuff off tables and shelves.


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