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Robert Paul Reyes

Demi Lovato Shares Pic of Adorable New Puppy - Demi Lovato turned 23 today and in honor of the special occasion, the singer got the cutest present ever!

Woman Flashes Judge In Broward Bond Court - Hearings in bond courts are routine, perfunctory, and boring, but when Susan Surrette`s charges were read, it was a titillating experience.

Waxed Floor Repeatedly Foils Cat's Jumping Attempts: Video - A persistent cat trying to jump into its cage found itself repeatedly foiled by its nemesis: a freshly waxed floor.

What is More Destructive: Donald Trump or a Firenado? Video! - All I can say is that if Donald Trump is the top candidate in the GOP field, we deserve to be destroyed by a firenado.

Australian Cat Sits Still for Vacuum Cleaner Grooming: Video - An Australian cat owner shared video of an unusual grooming technique -- using a vacuum cleaner to tidy up the feline.

Viral Video: Little Boy Tackles Kitten Situation - This video is adorable! Watch this little guy make his best attempt at corralling a bunch of cute kittens. As he says, there's a situation! Enjoy.

Adorable Newborn Miniature Horse Chases Owner - The owner of a newborn miniature horse shared videos of the pint-sized equine chasing its owner at his farm.

Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) Dead at 78 - Rest in Peace Batgirl, you shall be sorely missed!

Police Officers Pull Over to Help With Boy's Tie - Two Los Angeles police officers took time out from fighting crime to help a 14-year-old boy look his best on his first day of high school.

Sword-wielding Store Clerk Chases Off Robbers With Machetes - The moral of this story: Don`t bring a knife to a gunfight. The store clerk`s sword was enough to scare away the wannabe ninjas, but he should have immediately reached for his gun.

Heidi Klum Trumps Donald Trump: Video - Most men of all political persuasions would agree that Klum is still a ten. Sorry Trump you got trumped again, the only feud you are likely to win is with the despicable Rosie O`Donnell.

Viral Video: Red the Cat Sits Like a Human Being! - Red the cat starts off looking all cute and unassuming and ... well, feline-like. But then he has to go and blow everyone`s mind by stretching legs out and sitting like a human. Because cats are evolving into higher beings and will probably take over the Earth very soon.

Will a Cardboard Cat Scratch Laptop Keep Your Cats From Blocking Your Laptop Screen? - Pet owners wanting to keep their kitties happy with a techie theme might want to consider getting them a personal Cat Scratch Laptop made of cardboard.

Viral Video: Cat Guides Old Lady Across The Road! - A video camera installed inside a car captured on film the most thoughtful cat we`ve ever seen as it guides an old lady across a road.

Brewery to Release Pope Francis Beer for Philadelphia Visit - A New Jersey brewery is celebrating Pope Francis' upcoming Philadelphia visit with a pontiff-themed beer featuring an unholy amount of hops.

Meet Corduroy, the Oldest Cat in the World: Video - Say hello to Corduroy. He lives in Oregon with Ashley Reed Okura, and, at 26 years old, he`s the oldest documented living cat in the world.

Bill Cosby Victim: He Said I Had Been Blessed With His Semen, Like Holy Water - Three more women came forward Wednesday with accusations of being sexually abused by Bill Cosby including a former flight attendant who said the creepy comedian grossed her out by sipping champagne from one of her Gucci shoes.

Not So Viral Video: Bear Play With Garden Hose - A woman living in Estes Park got a rare opportunity to see a bear playing in her yard.

Moron in Bear Costume Harasses Mom Bear and Cubs in Alaska - Smokey the Bear would have given this moron a stern warning, but let`s be honest, most of us are sorry that the bear didn`t shred him to pieces.

Campaign Aims to Rebrand 'Wife Beater' Shirts 'Respecters' - An Australian woman is campaigning to stop A-shirts from being referred to as `wife beaters` with a push to rebrand the clothing items as `respecters.`


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