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Robert Paul Reyes

Crazy Cat Has Epic Fight With His Own Tail: Video - Cats love boxes, and once a feline is comfortably ensconced in a box he will defend his prized possession from any man or beast.

Larry David Nails Bernie Sanders in 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch: Video - David played the cranky Vermont senator in a comedy sketch mocking the first Democratic presidential debate.

Adele's 30-second Song Snippet Almost Breaks the Internet! All Hail the Queen! - Adele`s blue-eyed soul unites fans of different genres and appeals to all generations. It`s been years since Adele dropped a new album, and the music industry and pop music fans have anxiously been waiting for her return.

Taylor Swift Tweets Pic of Bandaged Thumb! - Pop star Taylor Swift shared on Twitter a photo of her bandaged thumb with the number 13 written on it.

Meet Pirate Cat! Kitty Cat Owns Halloween! - This pic of a cat dressed as a pirate is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Prepare for your mind to be blown by a blast of adorableness!

Clouds Mistaken for UFO Invasion! Again! - UFO's do not exist! Period! End of Story!

Kanye West vs Lindsay Lohan for President in 2020! Who Would You Vote For? - If a reality TV celebrity with wispy hair, an incontinent mouth, and no political experience can run for president, then who`s going to deny Lohan and West the same opportunity?

Wendy's Employees Write Racist Note on African American Child's Kids Meal Toy - Two employees were fired from a metro-area Wendy`s after they wrote a racist note on an African American child`s kids meal toy, the fast food giant said.

General Mills Makes 10 Boxes of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms - General Mills announced the 'unicorn of the cereal world,' Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms, is finally a reality -- but there are only 10 boxes.

Koko the Gorilla Gets Kittens for Her Birthday: Video! - What do you give a gorilla for her 44th birthday? When it`s Koko the world-famous sign language-speaking gorilla you give her kittens.

Porn Movie Soundtrack Played Over Target Store Intercom - Most department stores use their intercom system to broadcast light music meant to keep people shopping, but that`s not what happened at this California Target store on Wednesday.

#Babies for Bernie! Bernie Sanders Madness! Video! - The only thing that the socialist septuagenarian and a baby have in common is that they both wear diapers and they both have thin wispy hair.

Man Cuts Off Ears to Look Like His Pet Parrot, Now He Wants a Beak! - A man who had his face and eyeballs tattooed to look like his pet parrots has gone a step further - by cutting off his ears.

Mom Tried to Smuggle Meth to Jailed Daughter in Tampons - Brandi Lynn Miller needed help, so she did what many daughters would do: She called her mom. The only problem was Miller was behind bars and she wanted some meth.

Epic Fight: Rat vs. Pigeon! Video! - A New York man shared cellphone footage of an epic brawl on the streets of Brooklyn between two of the city's least-liked animals, a rat and a pigeon.

Interview With Air Force Amy, a Sex Worker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch - My SOP article started an email conversation with an executive assistant of Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch. She invited me to submit questions for Air Force Amy, one of the female employees of the Bunny Ranch.

Dude Injured by 16-pound Pine Cone Suing for $5 million - Did someone weigh the pine cone? If the huge pine cone really weighed 16 pounds he should have sued the Almighty for allowing a pine cone to grow that big.

Naked Woman Destroys Subway Restaurant in Anchorage - A woman enters a Subway restaurant fully clothed, and goes directly to the restroom, and she emerges naked two hours later to trash the restaurant.

Robert Paul Reyes' Concise Analysis of the Democratic Debate: Hillary Won! - Hillary put on a clinic on how a politician should conduct herself in a debate; she was in control of the conversation, comfortable in the spotlight, and in command of the issues.

Dude High on Weed Drove Topless Van With Motorcycle Inside - Police in Indiana shared a photo of a drunk driving suspect`s unusual vehicle -- a Confederate flag-waving minivan with the top cut off and a motorcycle inside.


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