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Robert Paul Reyes

Mare's Boyfriend Brings Her Bouquet of Hay: Video - But seriously, after watching this heartwarming video how can anyone doubt that horses are sentient creatures capable of experiencing love?

Bear With Blue Head Will Blow Your Mind: Video - A photographer on his drive home stopped at the side of a British Columbia road to film a video of a breathtaking sight: A black bear with a blue head.

Why Haven't You Hired a Cat Photographer? - Hiring a cat photographer isn`t evidence that you don`t have a life, it`s proof that you're living the blessed life of a cat owner.

Evil Woman Charged After Dog Dies, Likely From Heat Stroke - A woman is charged with animal cruelty after leaving her dog outside in the heat where it died.

Dog Found Breastfeeding a Starving Abandoned Child: Video - A two-year-old boy, who police in Chile say was neglected by his mother, was kept alive by nursing on a neighbor`s dog.

Cecil the Lion's Murderer Greeted With Invectives When He Returned to Work - Walter Palmer returned to his practice on Tuesday for the first time since killing beloved Zimbab­wean lion Cecil.

Selfie-shooting Driver Gets Canoe Through the Windshield - A Florida man using a selfie stick to film himself while driving his Jeep recorded the moment he rear-ended another vehicle and got a canoe through his windshield.

Suspected Drug Dealer Conceals Loaded Gun In Her Vagina! - Ashley is a real firecracker, and not only cops but any dude considering having intimate relations with her should frisk her to make sure she`s not packing heat in her nether regions.

Canadian Candidate Calls it Quits After Coffee Cup Urination Video Emerges - When you`re a candidate running for political office, you can be sure that any skeletons in your closet will be exposed, especially if they were caught on tape.

The Almighty Hates Christmas Pudding! - I`m an anglophile, I love all things British -- even their cuisine. But even I am horrified to discover that in this day and age some Brits still eat pudding. Young kids wouldn`t know a bowl of pudding from a steaming pile of crap on the sidewalk.

Black Lives Matter Sowing Racial Discord, They Will Reap the Whirlwind! - Martin Luther King must be rolling in his grave at the sad spectacle of a violent and undisciplined mob of young blacks engaging in racist and divisive tactics in the name of civil rights.

Outrage: Cecil the Lion's Killer Plans on Returning to His Dental Practice Tuesday - THE American dentist who killed Zimbabwe`s iconic Cecil the lion has broken weeks of silence, saying he had no idea it was a special feline and announcing he would return to work after lying low.

Zelda Williams on the Death of Her Father Robin Williams - A year after the death of her father, Zelda posted this thoughtful essay/poem reflecting on his death, her ensuing depression, and the light at the end of the tunnel of grief.

Sacrilege: 'Hillary` Replaces 'Jesus` in Campaign Rally Song - For Christians this video is an abomination, and for music lovers of all political persuasions it`s way, way lame.

UFO Tomfoolery Will Never Go Away Thanks to Drones, YouTube & Cell Phone Cameras - PHOTOGRAPHS of a bizarre unidentified flying craft sighting - branded one of the weirdest and clearest on record - are being taken seriously by a recognised global UFO organisation.

Study: Your Cat Doesn't Love You! - My 25-pound cat Tico takes a nap with me every day, snuggling under my chin, that may not be a manifestation of love, but it`s enough to keep me going.

FOX5 Anchor Brad Wills Freaked Out By Little Bug on Live TV! Resign! - Wills is an embarrassment to himself, FOX5, journalism and the human race; he might as well turn into a hermit.

Female MMA Fighter Holds Phone Thief in Choke Hold, Thief Cries For His Mommy - A phone thief in Brazil ended up crying for his mom and daddy when his victim, a female MMA fighter, put him into a choke hold.

Meet MEDUSA The Two-headed Albino Honduran Milksnake - MEET MEDUSA the Two-Headed Albino Honduran Milksnake!!!

Charlie the Dog Hates Sadie the Baby: Video - A YouTube user`s dog showed his displeasure with the news of his baby sister`s arrival using the universal language: regurgitation.


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