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Robert Paul Reyes

Viral Video: Crafty Crow Catches a Fish - Crows are among the smartest birds, let alone animals, in the world. In fact, scientists have found they're at least as smart as a seven-year-old human. So it shouldn't come as a shock when they find ways to show off their intelligence.

Study: Your Cat Wants to Kill You! - Cats show the same dominant, impulsive traits as the lions who want to eat you, researchers say.

Potty-mouthed Latino Kids' Anti-Trump Video a Fuc**** Disgrace! - A controversial video by Hispanic activists that has grade-school kids hurling F-bombs and waving the bird at bomb-throwing GOP candidate Donald Trump will probably backfire.

Bernie Sanders Underwear Is Now For Sale! End of World is Nigh! Video! - Millions of voters have taken Bernie Sanders to their hearts. Now they can take him to their nether regions.

Lana, the Saddest Dog in the World, Happy With Her Foster Family: Video - After a heartbreaking photo of Lana the shelter dog went viral, thousands offered to adopt her. Terrific news, Lana the Saddest Dog in the World, has settled in with her new foster family and she is deliriously happy.

Israel, Indeed the World, Outraged Over Proposal to Deport Street Cats - Cat lovers around Israel were dismayed by Agricultural Minister Uri Ariel`s suggestion that stray cats should be transferred to another country.

World's Largest Cat Painting Sells for Almost $1 Million: Video - It is a painting so large and so heavy that Sotheby`s had to build a special wall to display it. When hung on a normal wall, it pulled out the nails. At 1.9 by 2.6 metres, it`s believed to be the world`s largest painting of cats.

Couple's Engagement Ring Beset With Wisdom Tooth - A California woman whose photo of her engagement ring beset with her finance`s wisdom tooth went viral says `diamonds are so overrated.`

Plane Diverted When Farting Sheep Trigger Smoke Alarms - A Singapore Airlines flight from Australia to Kuala Lumpur was diverted when fire detection devices were triggered by gas from the plane's cargo -- 2,186 sheep.

Wrinkles the Clown Will Scare Your Brat Straight! Horrifying Video! - Desperate parents in Naples, Fla., have a new weapon in their arsenal for reining in misbehaving kids.

Rainbow Cloud Will Blow Your Mind! - A holidaymaker was amazed when she looked up at the Caribbean sky and spotted this stunning rainbow.

Houston Voters Reject Broad Anti-Discrimination Ordinance! No to Trans-Tomfoolery! - Houston spoke loud and clear: Enough with this trans-tomfoolery! Civil rights for transgender persons is one thing, a man using a women`s bathroom is just plain wrong, period, end of story!

Thieves Steal 50K Worth of Hair Extensions! Dear God, What a World! - Who is more disgusting and deplorable: Men who steal hair extensions or the women who wear them?

Donald Trump: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Highly Neurotic Woman! Amen & Amen! - Makes you wonder how Schultz`s hair got so frizzy? I think she has an obsessive-compulsive urge to stick her finger in electrical outlets.

Hillary Clinton Scarecrow Will Scare the Hell Out of You! - Clinton is costumed wearing a witch`s hat, holding a broom next to a candy dish with a sign, which reads: free handouts.

Outrage: Parents Dress Daughter, 4, as Hillary Clinton! - Sullivan`s parents should be charged with child abuse for dressing their innocent and impressionable daughter as the most wicked politician in recent political history.

Grumpy Cat is Jedi Knight for Halloween - Grumpy Cat hates Halloween, and she probably hates her owner for dressing her up as a Jedi Knight for Halloween, but millions of her fans think she looks adorable as a Jedi Knight.

Top 7 Things I Hate About Halloween - Top of the list? Candy Corn!

When Yoga Meets Bowling: Video - Yoga is terrific if you`re an attractive young woman with a burning desire to show off your camel toe in skin-tight yoga pants, or if you`re a foolish young man who wants to get in touch with his inner spiritual child.

YouTube Star Tillman the English Bulldog Has Died! The Internet Mourns! - YouTube star Tillman the English bulldog, known for his various skateboarding and surfing videos, has died. He was 10 years old.


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