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Robert Paul Reyes

Viral Video: Mexican Flag Sweeps Soldier 45 Feet Into the Air - A Mexican soldier was carried away by more than patriotism during a ceremony when a gigantic flag snagged on his rifle and carried him 45 feet into the air.

Pizza Delivery Dude is Robbed and Stabbed, But Still Makes Delivery - A Spinelli's pizza delivery driver is in stable condition Monday after he was carjacked, robbed and seriously stabbed " but still managed to make his delivery.

Scofflaw Family of Evil Vandals Outed on Facebook! - If you recognize these miscreants, tempting as it may be to bash their heads in with a sledgehammer, don`t take the law into your own hands: Notify the authorities immediately.

Please Don't Be a Pendejo on Cinco de Mayo - Please don`t be a pendejo on Cinco de Mayo! Don`t even think about wearing a sombrero or affecting a fake accent.

Viral Video: Councilman's Mic Stays On During Bathroom Break - As humiliating as his predicament was, it could have been worse. After a full meal I will shout in exultation, and sometimes break out in song after taking a huge crap. At least this hapless politician didn`t provide any commentary while doing his business.

Canadian Caught Using Curling Iron Behind the Wheel: Video - Check out this video recorded by a passenger in a vehicle alongside a car driven by a woman, who is using her knees to keep the steering wheel steady while using a curling iron on her hair.

Viral Video: Meth Head Surfs Atop Stranger's Vehicle - If a meth head climbed on top of my car I would press down on the accelerator and then hit the brakes. I don`t suffer fools gladly, and I don`t shed tears for druggies.

Spice Girls Reunite at David Beckham's 40th Birthday - The Spice Girls reunited for his 40th birthday party, I`d be lucky if one of my friends gives me an old cassette copy of a Spice Girls album for my next birthday.

Kanye West's Next Album to be Titled 'Swish'! Subliminal Clue About His Sexual Orientation? - Kanye West exudes such an overwhelming gay vibe that it`s impossible to write an article about him without discussing his sexual orientation.

Aspen's Smuggler Mountain Struggles With Mountain of Dog Poop: - A month after volunteers cleaned up roughly 600 pounds of dog poop on Smuggler Mountain, rangers have flagged another 50 or so piles in the same problematic section of the trail.

Does Idina Menzel Rock the Blond Look? - Let it go people, just let it go! Idina Menzel didn`t go blond to imitate her Elsa character, don`t say anything of the kind, or she`ll serve you a frozen look.

Selena Gomez Deserves to be Body Shamed: Video - My advice: Grow thicker skin sweetheart, or lose a lot of weight so you won`t look so thick.

Is The Bronx Being Invaded by UFOs? - The truth is out there -- and it`s hovering over The Bronx.

Woman, 91, Gets $148 Ticket for Making Too Much Noise With Her Rocking Chair - Police in Saguenay, Que., say they are withdrawing a $148 ticket issued to a 91-year-old woman for making too much noise with her rocking chair.

Man, 73, Punches Bear to Save His Dog: Video - There will be hell to pay for a man or beast who messes with a man`s dog.

Brit Banned From Using Vending Machines for Five Years - A petty thief has been banned from touching or using ANY vending machine for the next FIVE years.

Woman Sets Fire to Car of Man Who Refused Her a Cigarette - Israel Police arrested a young woman who caused a fire in a Jerusalem gas station after a driver refused to give her a cigarette.

Graffiti Artist Uses Drone to Deface Kendall Jenner Billboard: Video - A prominent New York graffiti artist shared video of his successful attempt to spray paint over Kendall Jenner`s face on a prominent Calvin Klein billboard.

Viral Video: Three Bear Cubs Frolic on Pool Deck - It`s getting pretty hot and humid in my neck of the woods; I wouldn`t mind sharing a pool with three bear cubs. (As long as Mama wasn`t around.)

Dude Rides 'Kittymobile' bike 300 Miles With His Cats: Video - Thomas Vles, of cat product company Poopy Cat cycled his kitties from Amsterdam to London to celebrate the launch of his new shop.


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