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Robert Paul Reyes

Music Designed Especially for Cats: Video - Cats did not respond when played human music, but upon hearing the specially-produced cat songs they became excited.

Dude Smokes Weed With Strangers, Gets Clothes Stolen - Dude you need to quit smoking weed, and stop hooking up with strangers.

Canadians are Turning Politicians on Their Money into Spock - RIP Spock!

Viral Video! Instant Karma! Thick As a Brick! - Karma is a beautiful thing ...

Guru Manipulated 400 Men into Removing Testicles to be 'Closer to God' - A man has been accused of encouraging hundreds of followers to be castrated in a promise for them to become closer to God.

Does NASA Photo Depict Crashed UFO on Mars? Video! - An unusually shaped object seen in the otherwise deserted Martian skyline could be a crashed UFO, say some skywatchers.

Bill Cosby: Hey, Hey, Hey -- I'm Far From Finished! - Hey, Hey, Hey, -- Go to Hell rapist!

Will Sauerkraut Dethrone Grumpy Cat as Queen of the Internet: Video! - Move over Grumpy Cat; Sauerkraut kitty is the next big thing.

Madonna's Epic Fall: Video - Madonna still sells out arenas and stadiums all over the world, but like most legacy artists she just isn`t selling many records. Maybe the publicity generated by her epic fall will spike her album sales.

Baby Born Encased in Amniotic Sac Becomes Viral Star: Video - Baby Silas is adorable, now that he has been freed from the amniotic sac! Congratulations to the mom on the birth of her gorgeous baby.

Ode to Spock (Leonard Nimoy) From a Star Trek Fan - Rest in peace Spock/Nimoy, you truly lived long and prospered.

What Color is the Dress? Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift Share Their Thoughts! - It`s the great debate which has taken over social media.

Llama Drama Up The Wazoo! Video! Now That's Entertainment! - I have a feeling we haven`t heard the last of these llamas, don`t be surprised if the National Geographic channel or some other cable channel produces a reality series starring the loveable animals.

What Color Is This Dress? Debate of the Century! #Dressgate - Life came to a standstill yesterday as theologians and philosophers, politicians and professors, artists and writers (Okay it was mainly wankers) debated the colors of a dress posted on Tumblr.

Who's Creepier: John Travolta or Joe Biden? Video! - Dude, you aren`t that great of a thespian, manhandling poor Idina Menzel isn`t going to convince anyone that you`re straight. Travolota is the gayest man in the history of Hollywood; he should come out of the closet and then disappear.

Lindsay Lohan Skimped on Community Service, Judge Rules - If the disgraced starlet is truly sorry for her criminal behavior, she will perform a legitimate community service by jumping off a cliff.

Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal Version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The End is Near! - Watch Julie Andrews Mary Poppins belt out a death metal version of the Disney favorite Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Postpone Wedding Over 'Magic Mike' Sequel - Vergara, 42, said the pair intended to marry in the summer, but was forced to postpone the weeding because Manganiello will be busy promoting his new film Magic Mike XXL.

Kelly Osbourne May Quit 'Fashion Police' Over Co-host Giuliana Rancic's 'Racist' Comments! - Please quit you politically-correct diva!

Viral Video: Dog Shovels Snow From Ice Rink - An Ontario man posted a video on YouTube depicting his pooch clearing snow from his backyard ice rink.


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