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Robert Paul Reyes

Outrage: Hillary Clinton Has 2 Million Fake Twitter Followers! - Hillary Clinton is as fake as her Twitter followers, and the fact that this fake witch is the presumptive Democratic nominee for President is an indictment of our political system.

Top Google Query About Hillary Clinton: How Old is Hillary? Answer: Older Than Dirt! - Stop Hillary!

Grandfather Escorts Granddaughter to Prom: Video - Saturday evening was one Albertville High School junior Joy Webb will cherish forever as the night she attended prom with her grandfather.

Premature Celebration Costs Runner Victory: Video - A University of Oregon runner discovered the dangers of hubris when his premature celebration allowed a rival sprinter to pass him just before the finish line.

Redneck's Bullet Bounces Off Armadillo, Hits Mother-in-law! Talk About Blind Luck! - Authorities say a south Georgia man shot an armadillo, but ended up accidentally wounding his mother-in-law when the bullet ricocheted off the mammal known for its hard shell.

Chimp Knocks Drone Out of the Sky With a Stick: Video - A chimpanzee at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands has been filmed using a stick to strike a drone that flew into his enclosure.

Anti-Hillary Clinton Street Posters Hit Brooklyn! NYC Hates Hillary! - Anti-Hillary Clinton street art emerged in Brooklyn just hours before Clinton's presidential candidacy announcement on Sunday.

Viral Video: Elvis the Bulldog Puppy Reads Mom the Riot Act - This overload of cuteness will restore your will to live.

Viral Video: Cat Says 'NO' to Bath Time - Cats hate water, and they aren`t shy about letting you know this fact. Witness Tigger the kitty as he yells NO! " when his owner tries to bathe him.

Hillary Clinton's Office Responds to UFO Question - If a flying saucer landed in the Rose Garden, and Bill Clinton had carnal relations with a blue alien in the Lincoln Bedroom, Hillary wouldn`t say a word.

Happy National Pet Day! Video! - National Pet Day is a special day when pet owners can share with non-pet owners the happiness and joy our animals bring to our lives.

Epic Lip Sync Battle: Emily Blunt Vs Anne Hathaway: Video - A video clip featuring British actress Emily Blunt miming the lyrics to Blackstreet's song "No Diggity` on Lip Sync Battle has gotten nearly 2 million views on YouTube since it was posted Friday.

Godzilla Named Tokyo District's Tourism Ambassador: Video - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to get with the damn program, and erect a giant Godzilla on top of the Empire State Building.

Hapless Robber Used Canvas Bag With Handwritten Dollar Sign - What a loser, the cops should have slapped him silly, and dumped him in the dumpster.

Viral Video: Pooch and Tortoise BFF - Texas veterinarian has made viral stars out of her tortoise and dog with a video of the unlikely best friends playing chase in a yard.

Bruce Jenner Poster Boy for Transgender Rights? Say It Ain't So! Video! - Fu** the Kardashians, and fu** Bruce Jenner!

Madonna: The Sad Spectacle of a Legend Desperately Trying to Look Young - The original recording of Holiday " was awesome, and the stripped-down classroom rendition was delightful and entertaining, but I feel sad for myself and Madonna when I witness her trying so desperately to appear young.

Pink Stiletto Heel Sculpture Stirs Controversy - I would love for the pink shoe to be installed on my front lawn; it would go perfectly with my little pink house and plastic pink flamingos.

Rolling Stones to Tour This Summer! - The Rolling Stones will soon embark in a 15-date summer tour dubbed Zip Code, and 71-year-old lead singer Mick Jagger refuses to slack in his preparations.

Fat Comic Amy Schumer Won't Crack Any Bruce Jenner Jokes at MTV Movie Awards - A politically correct approach to comedy should be anathema to a comic, he (all great comics are male) shouldn`t be afraid to skewer any individual.


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