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Robert Paul Reyes

Meet Corduroy, the Oldest Cat in the World: Video - Say hello to Corduroy. He lives in Oregon with Ashley Reed Okura, and, at 26 years old, he`s the oldest documented living cat in the world.

Bill Cosby Victim: He Said I Had Been Blessed With His Semen, Like Holy Water - Three more women came forward Wednesday with accusations of being sexually abused by Bill Cosby including a former flight attendant who said the creepy comedian grossed her out by sipping champagne from one of her Gucci shoes.

Not So Viral Video: Bear Play With Garden Hose - A woman living in Estes Park got a rare opportunity to see a bear playing in her yard.

Moron in Bear Costume Harasses Mom Bear and Cubs in Alaska - Smokey the Bear would have given this moron a stern warning, but let`s be honest, most of us are sorry that the bear didn`t shred him to pieces.

Campaign Aims to Rebrand 'Wife Beater' Shirts 'Respecters' - An Australian woman is campaigning to stop A-shirts from being referred to as `wife beaters` with a push to rebrand the clothing items as `respecters.`

Sharon Stone's Nude Harper's Bazaar Pictorial: Skanky, Sexy or Scandalous? - When a young and vibrant pantyless Sharon Stone uncrossed her legs in Basic Instinct, she won over a legion of (mostly male) fans.

Viral Video: Melanie the Raccoon Rides Scooter - Raccoons are mean and ornery critters, and I`ve never seen one on a leash, let alone riding a scooter. But it turns out that this raccoon is a celebrity, Melanie Raccoon has shown off her talents on Britain`s Got Talent.

Rep. Ann Wagner Picks Nose & Eats Booger on Live TV! Resign or be Impeached! - Missouri congresswoman Ann Wagner should apologize to her constituents and resign --she`s an affront to humankind.

Cops Find Loaded Glock in Hollowed-out Bible - Respect and obey peace officers, and always remember that Blue Lives Matter!

Adorable Bunny and Fawn Jump Around: Video - Rabbits know how to do two things, hump and jump, and this heartwarming and delightful video captures an adorable bunny and the equally adorable fawn jumping and frolicking.

Dr. Ben Carson Condemns Racist Organization, Planned Parenthood: Video - I can understand if Planned Parenthood was popular with the KKK, but why are white liberals so enamored with this criminal organization?

Black Lives Matter Militants Threaten to Disrupt Donald Trump Campaign Event - It would be wonderful if Trump personally delivered an a** whipping to the Black Lives Matter racists, but you delegate security to deal with riff raff.

Outrage: HOA Threatens Family With Jail for Putting Up Purple Playground - A family said they are being threatened with jail time by their community home owners association. Marla Stout said it is all because of the purple-colored playset that`s been in her backyard for two years.

Outrage: KFC Selling Pink & Black Chicken Sandwiches in China - Pink and black buns may work in a nation where people are afraid to complain about anything for fear they might end up in a concentration camp, but these strange buns would never fly in the good old United States.

Viral Video: Fish Bites Man's Nipple - The video goes into slow motion as one of the fish locks its eyes on Green's chest and jumps out of the water to latch onto the man's nipple.

Cecil the Lion: Icon, Celebrity, Myth, Savior! - Before his untimely and savage death Cecil the Lion was a beloved tourist attraction and the subject of research by academics from Oxford University, but the tragic circumstance of his death has propelled him to worldwide fame.

Viral Video: Diesel the English Bulldog Bouncing Off Walls, Cars & Doors - A New Jersey woman shared video showing how her English bulldog enjoys playing with boxes more than he cares about walking into walls.

Cecil the Lion Cub Killed by Rival Lion! - A cub of slain Cecil the lion was killed by another big cat in Zimbabwe realizing the worst fears of conservationists following the celebrated feline`s slaughter at the hands of a Minnesota dentist.

Woman's Bra Deflects Hunter's Stray Bullet - A female cyclist's underwire bra may have saved her from life-threatening injuries after a hunter accidentally shot her.

Caitlyn Jenner's 'I Am Cait' a Wretched Unwatchable Disaster! - Watching Bruce Jenner do his grotesque parody, caricature of a woman is the antithesis of 'Must See TV.'


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