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Robert Paul Reyes

UFOs Spotted Over Loch Ness! Tomfoolery Run Amuck! - As if having a monster on the doorstep wasn`t enough, a tourist visiting Loch Ness claims he has photographic evidence of two UFOs flying over the famous lake.

Newborn Pudu Welcomed at New York Zoo - Visitors to New York City's Queens Zoo are fawning over a newborn southern pudu, the world's smallest deer species.

Viral Video: Hippos Help Hapless Duckling Escape From Pond - A duckling trapped on the embankment of a pond at a Netherlands Zoo escaped with a little help from its friends -- a pair of hippopotamuses.

Sassy Little Girl Channels Aretha Franklin in Tap Dance! Viral Video of the Century! - The video uploaded by Johanna`s mom, Elissa M. Colón, shows a tap dance routine with her daughter and two other girls performing to Aretha Franklin`s Respect.

Loser Calls 911 to Brag About Muscles, Hits on Dispatcher - A man was arrested after he hit on a 911 dispatcher and told her about his big muscles.

Drunken Dude Clad Only in Underwear Breaks Into Home - Let`s hope this wretched excuse for a human being spends a few days in jail, and months in rehab.

Ariana Grande, Clueless Bimbo Thinks She's a Feminist - Ariana Grande has railed against the media`s obsession with her dating life, saying that she wants to be valued as an individual and not as someone`s girlfriend.

After the Flood: Earthworm Herds Terrorize Texans! Sign of the End Times? - Rangers at a Texas park said earthworms gathering in clumped herds in the middle of a road looked like someone had dumped spaghetti from their car.

Family of Fledgling Ferrets Climb Stone Wall: Video - A Utah man captured footage of a family of fledgling ferrets adorably attempting to climb over a wall to follow their mother.

Viral Video: Adorable Bear Shows Off Its Waving and Catching Skills - One of the famous 'Waving Kodiak Bears` at Washington state's Olympic Game Farm showed it can do more than wave -- it can catch.

Heroes Trap Flasher; Tip Over Porta-potty - A homeless man was trapped in a portable toilet on Thursday morning after other homeless people became angry when they saw him masturbating inside the toilet with the door open.

'Weave Loan Store' to Offer Loans to Buy Hair Extensions in Detroit! - We have free Obamaphones, and free Obamacare, so why not free Obamaweaves?

Epic Battle Between Hello Kitty & Minnie Mouse in Times Square! The Rapure is Nigh! - Moral of this story: Parent foolish enough to visit Times Square with their children will probably also visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam with their kids.

Grandpa Crashes Car Through Garage Door for 'Bucket List': Video - Dreams do come true. On May 31, a 91-year-old man just crossed off the first and last thing on his bucket list. With the help of his grandchildren, Walter Thomas purposely backed a car through a garage door for his family, friends and wife to see.

Corpulent Chris Christie Looks Comical Playing Softball: Video! Crazy Stuff! - The corpulent governor looks like a fish out of water playing softball; he would be more at home entertaining the crowd with Shamu the Killer Whale at Marine World.

Fat Priest Rides Man Like Donkey in Bizarre Excorcism: Video! - A PLUMP orthodox priest has been caught on camera riding a man like a donkey in a bizarre exorcism ritual.

Meet Pancake, the Adorable Two-legged Kitty Cat: Video - Pancake was born with skeletal deformities, which means she only has the use of two legs.

Today is 'Hug Your Cat Day'! Video! - Thursday, June 4, 2015 is on one of the most important days of the Year: Hug Your Cat Day! Of course, cat owners hug their furry friends dozens of times every day, but this is a special day that we commemorate the special bond of affection between a human and his cat companion(s).

Is Sprinkles the World's Fattest Cat? Video! - Sprinkles who is currently living in a feline rescue facility, was found in a foreclosed home. You don`t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why the house was foreclosed, the kitty`s owners went broke feeding the fat kitty.

Viral Video: Adorable Armadillo's Antics Appreciated by Zoo Visitors - A visitor to the zoo in Mulhouse, France, captured video of an armadillo being foiled by its arch-nemesis: a slippery ramp.


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