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Robert Paul Reyes

Outrage: Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders is Back: Video - There`s nothing more passé than greasy fried chicken, offensive corporate icons and minor Saturday Night players trying to cash in on their fame.

Hero Substitute Teacher Uses Belt to Discipline Unruly Students: Video - If more teachers (and parents) administered corporal punishment there would be fewer Trayvon Martins, Michael Browns, and Freddie Grays in this world.

Swedish Man's Roar Scares Off Charging Bear: Video - A Swedish man out training his new hunting dog was caught on camera warding off a charging bear with a scream emulating a ferocious roar.

'Fire Challenge': Teens Set Themselves on Fire and Jump Into a Pool - The London Fire Brigade is warning teens not to attempt a stupid and dangerous stunt called the fire challenge, which involves lighting oneself on fire.

Hungry Cows Ignore Tornado at Feeding Time: Video - All I can say is: Holy Cow!

Drama at Starbucks Over a Cookie Straw: Video - A New York Starbucks employee fired over a viral video of her berating a customer said she quit after being suspended by the coffee chain.

Judy Messoline's UFO Watchtower: Monument to UFO Tomfoolery - Judy Messoline used to earn an honest living as a cattle rancher, but she sold her cattle, erected a UFO Watchtower, and now instead of raising cattle she fleeces the sheep who visit her monument to UFO tomfoolery.

UFO Spotted Over Australian Outback - At 10am Ferguson was most likely already as drunk as a skunk when he spotted the flying saucers; I hope the extraterrestrials dropped Alcoholic Anonymous leaflets.

Photographer Captures '14-strong Fleet' of UFOs - A photographer has captured a `fleet` of UFOs on camera in the skies over Spain.

Marvin Gaye Impersonator Spots UFO and a Double Rainbow - This story has everything: A double rainbow, a Marvin Gaye impersonator and UFO`s!

Evil Wife Challenging Clueless Husband for his City Council Seat - Roy Runyon, a six-year incumbent representing District 6, learned this week that his wife, Kim Faulkner, filed for his seat.

Birthday Granny, Blows Out Candles, Loses Dentures: Video - A 102-year-old Connecticut grandma became a viral star with an Instagram video from her birthday showing her losing her dentures while blowing out the candles.

Driver Caught Using Public Fountain as Free Carwash: Video - Police did not say whether the wanker was arrested or issued a citation, they should at least release his name so he can be publicly humiliated.

Viral Video: Young Boy Baffled by Payphone - I can understand a young boy being baffled by a payphone, it`s not every day you encounter such a glaring anachronism.

Cat Up a Tree? Who You Gonna Call? - The Winona Fire Department recently rescued a cat which it aptly described as a scaredy-cat in its weekly incident listings that managed to get up a tree but not back down.

Hillary Clinton Should Divorce Bill Clinton and Come Out of the Closet! - Hillary: Free yourself of the odious Bill Clinton, divorce the bastard, and come out of the closet.

Moron Professor Sydney Engelberg Encourages Women to Bring Babies to Class: Video - This namby-pamby professor is actually being hailed as a hero, and he`s received dozens of love letters. What an upside-down world we live in!

Dude With No Arms Demonstrates Shaving With His Feet - A New Zealand man born without arms posted a YouTube video to answer a common question from friends: How does he shave with no hands?

Outrage: Evil Students Dance With Dead Cats in YouTube Video - A civilized society will demonstrate zero tolerance for animal cruelty and disrespect for animals.

Meet 'Andre the Giant Cat', the new Internet Sensation - The owner of a Colorado pet store and cat sanctuary says cat adoptions have `skyrocketed` thanks to a 25-pound feline called `Andre the Giant Cat.`


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