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Robert Paul Reyes

Great Dane Gives Birth to 19 Puppies: Video - Make this the most joyful holiday season of your life by adopting a puppy from your local animal shelter.

Netflix Postpones Bill Cosby's Comedy Special! Cancel the Damn Thing! - I love Netflix, and I enjoy watching their original programming as well as movies from their extensive archive, but if they air the Cosby special, I will immediately cancel my subscription.

Russian Dashboard Cam Captures Hellacious UFO - Something big, bright and bodacious exploded over Russia, fortunately dashboard cams are as ubiquitous as drunken Russians passed out in subways, and one of them captured the astonishing spectacle.

UFO Spotted Over Australia Via Google Earth: Video - Normal folks use Google Earth to check out the houses of their friends, colleagues and family members, nutjobs use Google Earth to search for UFOs.

Thank God for Dogs and First Responders - I hope this story will inspire you to adopt a dog from your local animal shelter, and motivate you to thank the next first responder you see.

In 1969 Bill Cosby Released Album That Included Bit About Drugging Women - The department store Santa is a skid row wino, your parish priest is a pedophile, and America`s favorite TV dad is an alleged serial rapist.

Ireland's Gay Bull Benjy Saved From Slaughterhouse - A bull that was going to be sent to the slaughter house for being gay has been saved by the actions of terminally ill Simpsons creator Sam Simon.

Outrage: Philly Jesus Arrested at Iconic LOVE Park: Video - It`s an affront to the reputation of the City of Brotherly Love for Philly Jesus to be arrested like a common criminal in the iconic LOVE Park.

Viral Video: Paratrooper Beats Bejesus Out of Burglar! Amen! - A Seattle veteran`s security cameras captured his confrontation with an intruder who wasn`t ready for a fight with a paratrooper.

Outrage: Obama Refers to Peter Kassig as 'Abdul-Rahman'! Muslim-Pandering Disgrace! - When I read where Obama referred to the victim as 'Abdul-Rahman Kassig, also known to us as Peter' I felt like throwing up.

Artist Looks for Needle in Giant Haystack: Video - An Italian artist is spending two days looking for a needle in a haystack in a Paris gallery. Yes, literally.

Mother and Daughter Give Birth on Same Day: Video - Destinee Martin, 20, gave birth to her son Damien roughly three hours after her mother, Heather Penticoff, 40, gave birth to a girl named Madeline.

Alleged Serial Rapist Bill Cosby Should be Banished From Society - Cosby should be welcomed with rotten eggs whenever he rears his ugly head and makes a public appearance.

Alyssa Milano's Breastfeeding Pics Adorable! Kim Kardashian's Nude Pics Disgusting! - Paper Magazine`s nude Kim Kardashian photographs didn`t break the Internet as promised, but if Kim Kardashian uncovered humongous posterior ever breaks wind it will wreak havoc.

Hollywood Treating Alleged Rapist Bill Cosby Like a Leper - Bill Cosby onetime America`s favorite TV dad is now America`s most hated alleged rapist.

Joe Biden: Obama's Insurance Policy Against Impeachment - Joe Biden is a one-man gaffe machine! Two floppy shoes short of a complete clown outfit! So full of crap that he goes through a dozen adult diapers daily! A steaming pile of horse manure. In short, he is Obama`s insurance policy against impeachment.

Polish Woman, 91, Wakes in Morgue After Being Declared Dead - A 91-year-old Polish woman who spent 11 hours in cold storage in a morgue after being declared dead has returned to her family, complaining of feeling cold.

Power Wheels Spoofs Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ad - Using a child actor is parody the Lincoln commercial is pure genius.

Cops Question Sean Penn & Charlize Theron Over Crying Son - Sean Penn and Charlize Theron had the cops called on them Thursday morning by another female hiker after she accused the two of possibly mistreating the actress` 2-year-old Jackson, who was having a screaming tantrum.

Dude Walks Into ER With Stake in His Head - The doctors successfully removed the spike, and the hapless man is now recovering.


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