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Robert Paul Reyes

Did Shoshana Roberts' Haughty Attitude Provoke the Catcalls? Hell Yes! Video! - No woman should be subjected to sexist remarks while taking a walk, but exercise some common sense and give the snotty attitude a rest.

Dude's 'Drugs Test Trick' Foiled by Pregnancy - An Egyptian bus driver who tried to avoid a drugs test by using his wife`s urine has been busted after it turned out his wife was pregnant.

Polish Medical Student Dies Taking Selfie on Bridge: No Pollock Jokes Please! - Unfortunately, the selfie craze won`t die unless Kim Kardashian falls off the Golden Gate Bridge while taking a selfie.

Viral Video: Revving Lamborghini Catches Fire - The YouTube video shows the Lamborghini Aventador driver revving his engine at the side of a London street until flames shoot out from the tailpipe and light the back section of the vehicle on fire.

Giant Fatberg Located in London Sewer: Video - A congealed mass of dirty diapers, used condoms, plastic bags, feces, oil and grease isn`t a pretty picture, but it perfectly depicts the worst aspects of our capitalist society. Wake up and smell the sh**!

'Wannabe' by Spice Girls World's Catchiest Song: Video - So here`s a story from A to Z, you wanna get with me you gotta love you some Spice Girls!

France Only Country With a Team of UFO Hunters: Video - France is the only country in Europe to maintain a full-time state-run UFO (unidentified flying objects) department.

Meet Presto Flo, the Lamest Rapper in the Rap Game: Video - An aspiring rapper in Florida may not be a hip hop star yet, but he became a viral celebrity when he plunged into the ocean during a photo shoot.

Mexican Jumping Beans Prompt Bomb Scare: Video - "A postal worker delivering mail in Carlsbad reported a ticking package to authorities and it turned out to be something entirely unexpected.

Woman at Airport Caught Hiding Cocaine in Her Vagina - I wonder if she had crack cocaine in her crack?

Outrage: Employee Suspended for Answering Phone Like a Robot - I`d cut off my thumb to speak to a person that sounds like a robot, rather than try to make sense out of an Indian speaking English.

Putin Spanks Obama in Propaganda Poster: Beautiful Work of Art! - In one enormous poster, Putin is spanking Obama, who is dressed as a schoolboy. If anybody is in dire need of a good spanking it`s Obama, the electorate is set to deliver such a spanking tomorrow.

Dude Tried to Steal Chainsaw By Hiding it Under His Shirt - A Port St. Lucie man is under arrest after police say he attempted to steal a chainsaw by placing it under his shirt and walking out of a local lawn equipment store.

Fat Dude Robs 4 Subways in 4 Days Because 'Jared Diet' Didn't Work: Video - Fairfield man who is accused of robbing Subway restaurants said he did it because the Jared diet didn`t work for him, so he wanted his money back.

'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever' Destined to Become Ratings Blockbuster: Video - Grumpy Cat is the undisputed Queen of the Internet, and now she has set her eyes on conquering television.

Meth Dealer's Dog Helps Police Track Him Down - A suspected meth dealer who fled from authorities found himself in custody because of the betrayal of man`s best friend, his own dog.

San Luis Valley, Colorado: Hotbed of UFO Activity! Video! - If you don`t catch the paranormal vibe at San Luis Valley, just remember recreational weed is legal in Colorado, smoke enough joints and you will see Tinky Winky flying a flying saucer over the moon.

T-Pain Performs Auto-tune Free and He Sounds Terrific: Video - T-Pain is a singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor. T-Pain is famous, or should I say infamous, for popularizing auto-tune.

Fridge-raiding Teletubbie Charged with Burglary: Video - Police in Pennsylvania said a man who dressed as the yellow Teletubbie and broke into a friend`s home for leftover Chinese food has been charged with burglary.

Most Hated: Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox or Ebola Doctor Craig Spencer? - The publicity whore went bicycle riding with her partner, interesting to note she wore a helmet to protect herself from injury, but she exhibited no concern for people she might be exposing to Ebola.


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