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Robert Paul Reyes

UFO Enthusiasts Descend on High Desert for UFO Conference: Tomfoolery Prevails! - More than 2,000 UFO enthusiasts descended on High Desert, California this weekend to attend Contact in the Desert an annual UFO conference.

Creep Gets Probation for Harassing Elk in Viral Video - As a civilized society we must demonstrate that we won`t allow animal abusers to get away with their horrific crimes.

Atlanta Falcons Waive Player Who Kicked Girlfriend's Dog to Death - I`d love to go deflategate on this creep, and kick him in his nuts a hundred times.

Bruce Jenner to Grace Cover of 'Vanity Fair' as a Woman - Enjoy your day in the sun Brucie, but don`t expect all of us to heap praise on your vain and indulgent publicity stunt.

Viral Video: Bulletproof Balls! Man is Shot in the Groin! - The Missouri inventor of the world`s strongest athletic cup put his own genitals on the line and took a bullet to the groin to prove its effectiveness.

Man Taking Dying Dog on 'Bucket List Adventure' - A New Jersey man whose 15-year-old dog was given a terminal prognosis is taking his furry friend on a cross-country bucket list adventure.

Viral Video: Londoners Lift Bus to Free Pinned Unicyclist - Videos shared on YouTube captured the moment a crowd of up to 100 witnesses lifted a double-decker bus in London to rescue a pinned unicyclist.

Viral Video: Whippets Destroys Man's New Bed - An Australian man made viral stars out of his three mischievous whippet dogs with a video showing how they ripped his brand new bed to shreds.

Man Named 'Bacon' Arrested in Fight Over Sausage - A New Jersey man named Bacon is being accused of assault after getting into a beef over a piece of sausage.

Kitten Survives Being Carried Away By Hawk - Animal rescuers in California said a 5-week-old kitten carried off by a hawk survived when the clumsy raptor dropped it out of the sky.

Brandon Jenner Sports Baby Bump! Is There Anything the Kardashian/Jenner Clan Won't Do For Publicity? - The satanic Jenner/Kardashian monsters will do anything for publicity; the only way they can be stopped is if we simply ignore them.

Paula Jones Begs Us Not to Let Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton Back in White House - Paula Jones may not be the perfect messenger, but we would be well-advised to heed her message: Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit to be President of the United States.

Dog Strapped to Motorcyclist's Back on Freeway: Video - Wow, what a bitc* I`m referring to the female motorcyclist, and not the hapless pooch strapped to her back.

Worthless Scarecrow Has Become Home to Family of Birds: Video - You know that your scarecrow is worthless when it serves as a home, rather than a deterrent to birds.

Russian Waitress Beats Bejesus Out of Handsy Customer: Video - Security cameras at a Russian restaurant captured the moment a waitress used a menu to swat a handsy customer to the ground.

Viral Video: Dog Uses Trampoline to Escape Backyard & Follow Owner to Work - A clever dog surprised its owner on a train after making a spectacular escape from a kennel -- by using a TRAMPOLINE to bounce over a 6ft fence.

UFO Tomfoolery Spreads in China - CHINESE social media was awash with UFO speculation after people in several cities reported seeing this spiral of light across the night sky.

Outrage: Lena Dunham Posts Pic of Herself in Lingerie! God Save Us! - Dunham needs to call Jenny Craig, visit fitness guru Tracy Anderson on a daily basis, and learn that you can love your body without getting butt-naked at the drop of a hat or the click of a camera.

UFO Caught on Camera INSIDE a Space Museum - Surveillance video captured an orb-shaped object moving about inside the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Downtown Titusville, Florida.

Boy, 11, Graduated from College With Three Degrees! Big Deal, It Was a Community College! - Tanishq Abraham graduated from American River College in Sacramento on Wednesday night with associate degrees in math and physical sciences, general science and foreign language studies.


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