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Robert Paul Reyes

Fat Priest Rides Man Like Donkey in Bizarre Excorcism: Video! - A PLUMP orthodox priest has been caught on camera riding a man like a donkey in a bizarre exorcism ritual.

Meet Pancake, the Adorable Two-legged Kitty Cat: Video - Pancake was born with skeletal deformities, which means she only has the use of two legs.

Today is 'Hug Your Cat Day'! Video! - Thursday, June 4, 2015 is on one of the most important days of the Year: Hug Your Cat Day! Of course, cat owners hug their furry friends dozens of times every day, but this is a special day that we commemorate the special bond of affection between a human and his cat companion(s).

Is Sprinkles the World's Fattest Cat? Video! - Sprinkles who is currently living in a feline rescue facility, was found in a foreclosed home. You don`t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why the house was foreclosed, the kitty`s owners went broke feeding the fat kitty.

Viral Video: Adorable Armadillo's Antics Appreciated by Zoo Visitors - A visitor to the zoo in Mulhouse, France, captured video of an armadillo being foiled by its arch-nemesis: a slippery ramp.

Bacon-scented Indiana Lottery Scratch-off Prize: 20 Years of Bacon - Indiana`s Hoosier Lottery is rolling out a bacon-scented scratch-off card that counts a 20-year supply of bacon among its potential prizes.

Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) is the Most Evil Kardashian of Them All! - Bruce Jenner`s highly publicized transition from male to female isn`t a victory for the transgender community; it`s a victory for spirit of Antichrist that glorifies self-promotion, unbridled sex, and banal entertainment.

Viral Video: Young Girl is Chased by Mother Goose - A Texas dad made viral stars out of his young daughter and an exasperated mother goose who had enough of being harassed and sought revenge.

Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney to Customer - God bless Marianna, she can certainly teach all of us a thing or two about compassion and sacrifice. I hope she has a long, healthy and successful life, and I pray that her customer will enjoy a few more years of health and happiness.

Cancer Survivor Harriette Thompson, 92, Sets Marathon Record: Video - A 92-year old woman who is a two-time cancer survivor is the oldest woman to ever finish a marathon.

Bruce Jenner's Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair Cover Photo an Abomination! - Bruce you don`t know jack about what it means to be a woman, or even a trans woman,. You are just a side-show freak, a TV reality freak!

Viral Video: Cat Performs 7 Tricks in One Minute - It`s axiomatic that you can`t teach an old dog a new trick or any cat any tricks, but try telling that to Charlie, a three-year-old Main Coon Mix.

Woman Goes Blind in One Eye After Her Cat Licks Her - Cat scratch fever, it ain`t just a killer song by Ted Nugent!

Hillary Clinton's Fake Southern Accent Will Make You Vomit: Video - Hillary Clinton is the most disingenuous, hypocritical and phony candidate in recent political history, as evidenced by this video in which she adopts a fake Southern accent.

UFO Enthusiasts Descend on High Desert for UFO Conference: Tomfoolery Prevails! - More than 2,000 UFO enthusiasts descended on High Desert, California this weekend to attend Contact in the Desert an annual UFO conference.

Creep Gets Probation for Harassing Elk in Viral Video - As a civilized society we must demonstrate that we won`t allow animal abusers to get away with their horrific crimes.

Atlanta Falcons Waive Player Who Kicked Girlfriend's Dog to Death - I`d love to go deflategate on this creep, and kick him in his nuts a hundred times.

Bruce Jenner to Grace Cover of 'Vanity Fair' as a Woman - Enjoy your day in the sun Brucie, but don`t expect all of us to heap praise on your vain and indulgent publicity stunt.

Viral Video: Bulletproof Balls! Man is Shot in the Groin! - The Missouri inventor of the world`s strongest athletic cup put his own genitals on the line and took a bullet to the groin to prove its effectiveness.

Man Taking Dying Dog on 'Bucket List Adventure' - A New Jersey man whose 15-year-old dog was given a terminal prognosis is taking his furry friend on a cross-country bucket list adventure.


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