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Robert Paul Reyes

Swedish Cops Break Up NYC Subway Fight: Video - A quartet of Swedish police officers visiting New York were caught on camera breaking up a subway fight on their way to see a Broadway musical.

Colorado Man Shoots & Kills His Computer - A Colorado man finally had enough of his troublesome computer Monday and did what pretty much everyone has fantasized about: He shot and killed it.

Baskin Robbins Emloyee Punches Armed Robber: Video - A Washington state Baskin Robbins worker didn't want to see a robber get away with the store's money, so she punched him repeatedly in the head.

Dude Sees UFO Hovering Over His House Every Night - Guzman sends out an invitation to the extraterrestrials to join him for a cup of coffee. I have a feeling it ain`t coffee that Guzman is drinking, and it ain`t tobacco that he`s smoking.

Creepy 'Drone Dad' Watches Over Daughter, 8, With a Drone: Video - When Chris Early decided to use a drone to follow his daughter's walk to school, he never expected that the world would then follow him.

Viral Video: Nurse Breaks Down After Witnessing Parlayzed Patient Walk - Becky Miller of Denton shared a video on YouTube depicting her daughter, Bailey, revealing her rediscovered ability to walk to a nurse she had grown close to during her two weeks in the hospital.

Outrage: Sandra Bullock Named People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful Woman' - Sandra Bullock is a gifted thespian, a successful businesswoman who runs her own production company, a generous philanthropist, but she isn`t the most beautiful woman in the world.

Moron Bitten While Kissing Venomous Snake! Winner of Kylie Jenner Challenge! Video! - Maybe Hatfield was participating in the Kylie Jenner Challenge, fortunately the snake didn`t bite him in the nuts or he would have been the winner of the Bruce Jenner Challenge.

Court Grants Dad Parental Rights Over Turkey Baster Baby - A Virginia appeals court granted parental rights to a man who fathered a child with a friend when she used a turkey baster for insemination.

Colorado Dude Reports a UFO Sighting! - Dude, if you live in Colorado and you think you saw a UFO, please don`t bother alerting the authorities, go back to smoking your weed, eating Doritos and watching the Brady Bunch marathon.

Bruce Jenner is the Biggest Freak in the World! - Who`s that lady? It's Bruce Jenner wearing a dress!

Amanda Curtis More Breathtaking Than Quadruple Rainbow: Video - Never mind double, triple or even quadruple rainbows, it`s the photo of Amanda Curtis that blows my mind.

Outrage: Kraft Mac and Cheese to Remove Artificial Preservatives and Colors - I am stocking up on Mac & Cheese; I won`t be able to survive a Hillary administration without the comfort of the original recipe Kraft product.

One Scream Doomed Howard Dean, Hillary Screams and Cackels With Abandon! - You don`t have to be a rocket scientist, a political analyst or a psychiatrist to deduce that Hillary`s screaming fits are a manifestation of a serious psychiatric disorder.

Firefighters Hear Cries for Help, Save Parrots - Hmm, I'm considering exchanging my smoke detector for a parrot.

'Good Times' Actor Ben Powers Dead at 64 - Powers played Thelma Evans` husband, Keith Anderson during the sixth and final season of "Good Times."

Bill Clinton: I'm Proud of Hillary - Bill Clinton, I`m proud of you for having kept quiet about Hillary for an entire week, but America isn`t proud of you or your wife, in fact we are sick and tired of you!

It's Raining Earthworms in Norway! Rapture is Near! - Hillary will soon be the next president of the United States, and it`s raining earthworms in Norway, the End is Near: Beam me up Scottie!

Four Puppies Strapped to Roof of Speeding Van Rescued by Cops: Video - Akron police officers on Friday rescued four caged puppies strapped to the roof of a speeding van in the middle of a 300-mile trip from Ashland County to Pennsylvania.

Hookers for Hillary: Video - A group of sex workers at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where the business is legal, have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.


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