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Robert Paul Reyes

Stoner Accused of Pointing Laser At Drivers Had Marijuana in Rectum - Roepcke should be forced to film an anti-drug commercial, depicting him with his drawers down to his ankles, and a close-up of his butt with the caption: This is your brain on drugs.

Black Ring UFO Scares Bejesus Out of Villagers in Kazakhstan: Video - Eerie footage of a strange, black ring floating in a clear blue sky before vanishing into thin air has sparked UFO rumors among sky-watchers.

Meet 'Pompous Albert' The Newest Feline Internet Star: Video - Move over Grumpy Cat - the latest sourpuss to become an internet sensation is scowling feline Pompous Albert.

Is Cat Going Up or Down the Stairs? - Is this cat going up or down these stairs? asks the new viral Facebook photo. The answer to the question is being debated all over the internet, but some say the steps make it obvious while others say nowhere may be the correct answer.

Cops Seize Easter Bunny Containing $30,000 Worth of Meth: Video - To turn an Easter Bunny, an iconic creature beloved by children, into a drug mule is an unforgiveable sin.

Pregnant Dog Shot and Abandoned on the Side of the Road Rescued and Adopted by Good Samaritan - Our instincts to be a Good Samaritan must also extend to the animal world.

Japan's Top Military Official: No Sign of UFO Invasion - Japan's top military official earnestly revealed that the country's Air Self Defense Force had never encountered an extraterrestrial unidentified flying object.

Fat Albert Urges Bill Cosby to Come Clean - Even Fat Albert wants Bill Cosby to come clean.

It's a Moral Imperative to Heckle Bill Cosby - Nobody should be outraged or surprised that`s there`s a heckler in the audience at any comedy venue, especially if the comic on stage is accused of being a serial rapist.

Would a Hillary Clinton Administration Be Transparent About UFOs? - I don`t know what`s scarier: Another Clinton presidency or discovering that there's a thriving extraterrestrial community in Area 51.

Texas Trooper in Trouble for Posing with Snoop Dogg - A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper has been reprimanded after posing for a photo with rapper Snoop Dogg.

Kmart Pooper Wore 'Dropping a Load' T-shirt - Police arrested a woman accused of urinating and defecating in a box at Kmart while wearing a T-shirt that said 'dropping a load.`

Statue of Lucille Ball Creeps Out Residents of Her Hometown: Video - The artist responsible for this abomination should be tarred and feathered, burned at the stake, crucified, and have his remains fed to Rosie O'Donnell.

'Price is Right' Model Commits Epic Gaffe: Video - Manuela Arbelaez accidentally revealed the price of a sedan before the contestant had a chance to select it, clinching a victory for the lucky - and definitely unsuspecting - player.

April Fools: CERN Announces Discovery of the Force - CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, got into the April Fools` Day spirit by announcing the discovery of the Force from the Star Wars films.

Indiana Pizza Shop: We Won`t Serve Gay Weddings! Outrage! - If O`Connor wants to be a good Christian witness she should serve everyone in her community with a smile.

Kelly Clarkson's Triumphant Return to 'American Idol' - I never watch my former favorite show any more; I made a one-time exception for Kelly Clarkson. Like good wine Clarkson has aged very well, she`s an Idol, a superstar and a legend.

Epic Fight in Kentucky Involving a Bra and a Ceramic Chicken - Police say they arrested a 31 year old Lexington woman after she strangled a stranger with her bra.

Coachella and Lollapalooza Ban Satanic Selfie Sticks: Video! - The two top music festivals in the United States, Coachella and Lollapalooza, are telling their visitors to leave their selfie sticks and narcissism at home.

At 51 Lisa Rinna Looks Great in a Tiny Bikini - Rinna`s 51-year-old body looks terrific, but those unnatural lips have got to go!


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