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Robert Paul Reyes

Man, 91, Returns Library Book 61 Years Late - The library at the University of Liverpool waived a $7,600 fine for a 91-year-old man who returned a library book after 61 years.

'Me, I Am Mariah, The Elusive Chanteuse ' CD Bombs! End of Mariah's Career? Video! - `Me, I Am Mariah`, really? Well girlfriend it turns out you`re nobody! Get off your pedestal, can the diva act, and be grateful if you can still sell out a small club.

Chinese Man Gets Penis Stuck in Pipe & Waits 2 Days to Get Help: Video - A Chinese man gets his manhood stuck in a pipe... My first thought? It must have been a tiny pipe.

Outrage: Firefighters Rescue Intoxicated Man From Tree - Washington firefighters were called in to help rescue an intoxicated man who got himself stuck in a tree in his own yard.

Caught on Camera: Shoplifter Stuffs Lobster Tails Down Her Pants - Reed doesn`t have the financial resources to afford lobster tails or even dinner at a Chinese food restaurant; she should live within her means and stick to the McDonald`s dollar menu.

NASA Hopes to Launch Flying Saucer After Many Delays: Video - NASA is getting ready to launch a "flying saucer` into Earth's atmosphere to test technology that could be used to land on Mars.

Teen Goes Postal Over Frozen Chicken Strips - A Pennsylvania teen is facing multiple charges after allegedly assaulting his brother and mother after an incident involving frozen chicken strips.

Puppy, Cheetah Cub at San Diego Zoo Become Best Friends: Video - How sweet, BFFs! Well maybe not best friends forever, the cheetah might eat the dog for dinner in a year.

Outrage: Cop Arrests Beautiful Prostitute in Library - Libraries are a magnet for homeless bums, and assorted riff-raff, but it`s news to me that working girls are plying their trade amidst the book shelves.

Grumpy Cat Will Star in a Lifetime Christmas Movie: Video - Grumpy Cat will star in the Lifetime movie called " Grumpy Cat`s Worst Christmas Ever ", and it promises to be horribly good.

John Busted After He Offers Undercover Vice Cop Salad in Return for Sex - Short on cash, Alonzo Liverman,a 29-year-old Floridian allegedly offered to provide a salad to a prostitute in exchange for oral sex, according to cops.

The Sierras: Hotbed of UFO Activity! - Mary told the MUFON investigator that a chunk of flesh was taken from her buttocks, I`m sure there`s an alien on the Mothership saying: This human butt takes just like chicken.

Reporter Asked to Leave Courtroom Because of Sleeveless Blouse - A reporter had to sport a winter jacket after she was barred from a Utah courthouse for wearing a sleeveless blouse.

San Marino Mayor Throws Dog Poop In Neighbor's Driveway - A California mayor was caught on camera tossing a bag of dog poop onto the walkway of a man who opposes the mayor's stance on a nearby dog park.

Pizzeria Owner Fined $335,000 for Paying Teens in Pizza and Sodas - An Australian pizzeria operator has been fined $335,000 after a government investigation revealed he had been paying teenage workers in pizza and soda over the course of four years.

Sir Mix-a-Lot Performs 'Baby Got Back' With Seattle Symphony: Video - Go old school fool, and get down with Sir Mix-a-Lot and the Seattle Symphony.

Viral Video: Stingray Charges Moron Who Provoked It - This story doesn`t have a perfect ending, the swimmer didn`t drown, but it was nice to see the stingray turn the tables on the doofus.

Epic Condiment Fight Lands Woman in Jail: Video - Two condiment-armed 19-year-olds squared off against each other last night in the apartment they share, a confrontation that ended with them drenched in ketchup and maple syrup.

Male Guinea Pig Escapes From His Cage and Makes 100 females Pregnant: Video - It`s usually cats who get all the attention on the Internet, the only way a guinea pig can get any buzz is by sleeping with 100 females.

Australian Dude on Motorized Beer Cooler Arrested for DUI: Video - Australian police arrested a man and charged him with drunk driving after he was found riding a motorized beer cooler while under the influence of alcohol.


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