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Robert Paul Reyes

Adorable Baby Dressed as Pumpkin for Halloween: Video - Halloween is right around the corner, and it`s not too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes.

American Wins World Poutine Eating Championship Held in Canada: Video - Poutine is a common Canadian dish made with French fries, topped with gravy and cheese curds. Only Canadians would ruin French fries by topping them with gravy and cheese curds. Cheese curds? Really? Freaking really?

Police, NORAD, Military Investigate UFO's Over Breckenridge! Stop the Insanity! Video! - People, please! NORAD has more important things to do, like tracking Santa Claus!

Bear Swims in Backyard Pool: Video - A Pennsylvania family got quite the surprise on Thursday when they checked their surveillance cameras: A black bear decided to take a dip in their pool.

ISIS Beheads British Aid Worker Alan Henning - A video purporting to show UK hostage Alan Henning being beheaded has been released by Islamic State militants.

Bigfoot Seeker Takes a 'Respectful' and 'Non-threatening' Approach - An Oklahoma Bigfoot seeker (Farlan Huff) said his "non-threatening` and "respectful` approach to the sasquatch has allowed him to get close to legendary creature.

Viral Video: Baby Flexes His Muscles - As dad flexes in the mirror while getting baby Hadley ready for a bath, the little tyke flexes his muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Full Circle Rainbow Will Blow Your Mind: Video - A full circle rainbow is a manifestation of the divine, those who witness this spectacular sight tend to become mystics, prophets or babbling homeless persons.

Outrage: Several Reports of Horse Manes & Tails Being Cut and Stolen - A troubling trend is emerging in Union County. Someone is allegedly cutting and stealing horse manes and tails.

Hyenas Fail to Breed, Japanese Zoo Discovers Both are Male - The Maruyama Zoo in Japan said zookeepers discovered repeated attempts to breed their two spotted hyenas were doomed from the start -- both animals are males.

German Town Pays Wino Street Cleaners in Beer and Cigarettes - This wonderful program will reduce the need for panhandling, clean up the streets and make the addicted population feel good about themselves.

OMG: Doctors Remove 9-Pound Hairball From Teen Girl's Stomach: Video - Doctors treating a teenage girl who had become unable to drink water without being sick were shocked to excavate a gigantic nine-pound hairball from inside her stomach.

Swiss Court Rules Buffet Restaurant Not at Fault for Woman Slipping on Potato - A Swiss court tossed out a criminal complaint brought against a restaurant by a woman who slipped on a potato and mashed her elbow.

Which is More Reprehensible: Statue of Satan, Penguin or Christopher Columbus? - The former home of a mysterious nude Satan statue in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now hosting another piece of unsanctioned art -- a bowtie-clad penguin.

10,000 Pigeons Get 'Anal Security Check' in China - Chinese communist birdbrains believe the birds may be weaponized, but the only real problem is thousands of pigeons crapping on millions of celebrants.

Rolling in the Deep: Who Sings it Better Aretha Franklin or Adele? Video - In the same way that Aretha made "Respect" her own she makes "Rolling in the Deep" her own.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Came Out When Dad Found Stolen Gay Porn - Jesse Tyler Ferguson came out to his father in an unexpected and humiliating way.

Outrage: Husain Abdullah Prays to Allah After Scoring Touchdown: Video - The NFL says a Kansas Chiefs player should not have been penalized after sliding to his knees in a Muslim prayer following an interception return for a touchdown.

Bee Freaks Out Bubble-headed Bleach Blond Meteorologist on Live TV: Video - It`s not too much to expect a modicum of professionalism from a TV meteorologist " shame on you Ms. Ketchmark!

Poop Prank Ends With Taser Attack: Video - A pair of Czech YouTube stars carrying out pranks in the United States said a fake poop stunt went horribly wrong when a Lamborghini owner pulled out a Taser.


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