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Robert Paul Reyes

Psy, Not Kim Kardashian, Breaks the Internet: Video - Kim Kardashian planned to "break the Internet` with her big booty nudie on the Web. But it was the mega viral video of Psy's K-pop dance hit Gangnam Style that really broke the web when it zoomed past YouTube's maximum 2,147,483,647 hits.

Dude Assaults Pregnant Wife With McChicken Sandwich - A picky eater was jailed Tuesday for reportedly using a McDonald's McChicken sandwich as a weapon against his pregnant wife.

Women's Rights Icon Gloria Allred Takes on Fallen Icon Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby has finally met his match, Allred, 73, may be fighting the final women`s rights battle of her controversial but distinguished career, and she will settle for nothing less than justice.

Insane Jill Scott Defends Bill Cosby! Boycott Cosby and Scott! - Boycott Bill Cosby and Jill Scott!

Dale Scott Becomes First Openly Gay active Major League Baseball Umpire - Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott is the first active male official to come out as gay in the four major professional American sports leagues.

Bill Cosby Accused of Molesting Girl, 15, in 1974 at Playboy Mansion! Scumbag! Video! - Cosby is the antitheses of a paragon of virtue, and his penchant for raping white women has served to further racially polarize America, only an individual with half a brain would hold him up as a role model for his children.

The St. Louis Rams' 'Hands Up' Ferguson Stunt a Disgrace! NFL Doesn't Need Another Black Eye! - Five players for the St. Louis Rams angered a city police group Sunday when they took the field with their hands raised overhead in the 'hands up, don`t shoot` gesture.

Viral Video: Labrador Adopts Tiger Cub - A zoo in India had a case of imprinting when a motherless tiger cub was adopted by a Labrador that even allowed the baby big cat to suckle.

Bill Cosby Resigns From Temple University Board: Video - Bill Cosby resigned Monday from Temple University`s Board of Trustees, a position he has held since 1982.

Viral Video: Pigeon Outsmarts Cat - Enjoy watching this unique video that depicts a pigeon outsmarting a cat.

Dude Left Auto Accident to Get Away from Yelling Girlfriend - A man fled the scene of a Sunday night accident because he did not want to be yelled at anymore by his girlfriend.

Star Wars Drama! Are All Stormtroopers Supposed to be White Clones? Video! - I don`t care if a Stormtrooper is white, black, or purple as long as he delivers the action I crave in a Star Wars movie.

'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever' the Best Movie Ever, Period! - "Grumpy Cat`s Worst Christmas Ever" is a must-see movie for cinephiles, cat lovers, and anyone who cares about the human condition.

Passenger Kicked Off Plane After Pet Pig Goes Postal - I`m all for service dogs and therapy animals, but boarding a plane with a pig is insane!

Dan Aykroyd Makes Endorsement Video for Kooky UFO Organization, MUFON - I ain`t afraid of no ghosts, but UFO nuts scare the Bejesus out of me!

Michael Brown's Killer Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson Police Department - The white police officer who fatally shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in the US town of Ferguson has resigned.

Bill Cosby`s Alma Mater Kicks Him to the Curb! - Boycott Bill Cosby!

Bill Cosby Offering Refunds for Those Who Don't Want to Attend His Shows - Bill Cosby is still performing at a suburban New York venue next weekend but the embattled comic is offering refunds to ticket holders who don`t want to go.

Ferguson: Photo of Black Boy Hugging White Cop Will Melt Your Heart: Video - Amid a Ferguson rally in Portland, Ore. a freelance photographer was able to capture a powerful image of a young African-American boy hugging a police officer.

Black Friday Madness: Epic Fight Breaks Out Over Cheap Thongs: Video! God Deliver Us From Ratchet Women! - You know it`s that most wonderful time of the year when strangers smile at you, Christmas hymns are heard everywhere, folks are full of good cheer and ratchet ladies fight over the same pair of cheap thongs at a shopping mall.


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