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Robert Paul Reyes

Mother's Day is Also For Those of Us Who Have Lost our Mothers! - Happy Mother's Day!

Distilllery Raises Pigs to Taste Like Whiskey - The good folks at the Tempelton Rye Distillery must have been drunk on Jack Daniels when they came up with this brilliant idea.

James Franco Posts Semi-Naked Selfies on Instagram! Why, Dear God Why? - James Franco has spoken out to defend his recent spate of near-naked selfies on social media.

Japanese Bar Offers Discount to Bald Customers! - Otasuke in Tokyo is now offering a 'balding discount` to customers who are having follicle issues.

Video Depicts UFO Destroying Taliban Base - This video is obviously fake, if alien beings interfered in Afghanistan it would be on behalf of the Taliban.

Baby T-Rex Throws Out First Pitch at Padres-Royals Game: Video - Baseball is still America`s pastime, even without a dinosaur throwing out the first pitch you`re guaranteed to have a good time.

Jennifer Lawrence: People are Going to Get Sick of Me! We're Already There! - We are sick to death of hearing about Lawrence getting wasted at Hollywood parties. I know Lawrence is only 23, but she seriously needs to consider taking a long break from show business.

Top Five Awful Mother's Day Gifts - Husbands, play it safe on Mother`s day and get your wife flowers, chocolate or treat her out to a romantic dinner.

A Twisted Mother's Day Tale - A Pulaski County man kept his dead mother in a freezer for three years while spending her Social Security checks, then he killed himself as police tried to unravel the mystery of what happened to the woman.

Happy Mother's Day (In Remembrance of My Mom) - Happy Mother's Day!

Creepiest Mother's Day Ad, Ever! Video! - Happy Mother`s Day!

World's Ugliest Couple Arrested For Having Sex on Church Lawn - It hurts just to look at their mugshots, thank goodness I was spared the sight of them having sex.

Gwen Stefani, Pharrell sing 'Hollaback Girl' on 'The Voice'! Video! - Judging by the lyrics a hollaback girl is a psychotic cheerleader who is sick and tired of hollering back chants and is on a mission from God to beat down anybody talking smack about her.

Parents: For God's Sake Don't Neglect to Give your Children Middle Names! - Middle names are often an afterthought when it comes to naming your baby. But according to a new study, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, parents could put their little one on the path to success if they choose to give her a middle initial(s).

Cardwell UFO Festival a Senior Citizen Freakfest! - From aliens to men in black, flying saucers and strange lights, 'UFOlogists' gathered to share their stories and theories at the inaugural Cardwell UFO Festival.

Mom, 60, Arrested for Tossing Glass of Kool-Aid at Son, 33: Video - Police arrested Yeteva Mccollum after she told them she tossed a full glass of Kool-Aid at her son when he called her a bad name.

Heartless Creep Kicks Cat 20 Feet Through The Air: Video - Andre Robinson, 21, is seen laughing as he lures the unsuspecting kitty toward him before he kicks it with full force, sending it flying 20 feet through the air.

Steve Wiles 'Anti-gay' GOP Candidate Outed as a DRAG QUEEN - Just another example that the GOP is the last refuge of self-loathing closeted gays.

Dude Offers Cop Beer Instead of Driver's License During Stop - A Georgia man is facing eight charges, including DUI and reckless driving, after he handed a police officer a beer instead of his driver`s license during a traffic stop.

Redneck Robs Waffle House With a Pitchfork: Video - Waffle House diners are magnets for rednecks, toothless senior citizens and assorted riff-raff. If you don`t like drama with your coffee and breakfast, you`d be well-advised to find another place to eat.


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