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Robert Paul Reyes

Moral Outrage: Sarah Palin Posts Photo on Facebook of Trig Standing on Family Dog! Video! - Sarah Palin is the most evil politician of our generation!

Dennis the Dachshund Sheds 43 Pounds: Video - Dennis was a whopping 56 pounds when Burton got him from an uncle, who had fed him table scraps in addition to his dog food.

Donna Douglas (Elly May Clampett) of the Beverly Hillbillies Dead at 82: Video - RIP Donna Douglas, you shall live forever in re-runs and in my heart.

Kim Jong Un Hacked His Eyebrows! Pudgy Dictator is a Freak! Video! - Kim Jong Un may look like he doesn`t know a USB port from his tiny genitals, but evidently he knows how to hack, he did a splendid job hacking his own eyebrows.

Viral Video: Wooden Ferrari 'Drives' the Canals of Venice - An Italian craftsman is making a splash on the "streets` of Venice with a wooden Ferrari F50 he created to float the city's famous canals.

Dude Pays Nearly $500 for Constipated Goldfish Surgery - A goldfish lover from Norfolk paid hundreds of pounds in vets` fees when his pet became constipated.

Let's Make America a Bill Cosby Free Zone - Bill Cosby`s comedy show on January 8 at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, is set to go forward, but not without a hitch. Protesters plan to hold a demonstration and heckle the comedian.

Outrage: White Castle to Sell Vegetarian Sliders! End of the World is Nigh! - What an ominous start to the New Year, what other signs of the Apocalypse can we expect: Dead birds falling from the sky, dead fish washing ashore, an Ebola outbreak?

Heart Emoji Named Top Word of 2014 - The Global Language monitor said its annual survey of the English language dubbed the heart emoji symbol as the Top Word for 2014.

Jamie Lynn Spears Brandishes Huge Knife to Break Up Fight - Last weekend at the Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana, Jamie Lynn Spears and a friend were casually getting a late night meal when apparently, someone attacked her buddy with a bottle!

'Bae' Demonic Slang Word Should Be Banished from English Language! Video! - I just had a vision of Miley Cyrus burning in hell calling her horned demon lover bae; this demonic word should only be uttered by twerking demon-possessed talentless pop stars -- period! End of freaking story!

Photo of Pooch on Rainy Tarmac Sparks Twitter Outrage Against United Airlines - United Airlines continues to fight a public relations battle after a photo on Twitter shows a dog in a kennel on a rainy tarmac.

Robert Paul Reyes: My New Year's Resolutions - Maybe if I renamed my New Year`s resolutions My Bucket List ", I might make more than a half-hearted effort to keep them.

Viral Video: Great Dane Too Big For His Dog Bed - This Great Dane trying to get comfortable on a ridiculously tiny dog bed reminds me of a circus clown riding a tiny bike, or me trying to get comfortable on my bed after my 25-pound cat Tico has plopped down right in the middle of it.

Minnesota's Giant Paper Ball Sets Guinness Record: Video - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said a 426-pound wad of paper created to represent the state`s waste has been awarded a Guinness World Record.

CIA Admits Being Responsible For Most UFO Sightings in the 50's! Video! - The CIA was responsible for more than half of all UFO sightings in the late 1950s and most of the 1960s.

Mexican Female Bullfighter Karla de los Angeles Gored - Mexican bullfighter Karla de los Angeles has been injured in a bullfight in Mexico City.

Christina Aguilera Swears at Mickey Mouse at Disneyland - Former Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera reportedly threw a tantrum at Disneyland earlier this month.

Outrage: Bill Cosby Hires Private Investigators to Dig Up Dirt on His Victims - Bill Cosby has hired a battalion of private investigators to dig up dirt on his many accusers.

Patient Causes Hospital Fire By Smoking Crack While Being Hooked Up to Oxygen - A fire broke out while a patient was attempting to smoke the cocaine from a homemade device


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