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Robert Paul Reyes

Outrage: Park Ranger Fired for Dancing on the Job! Video! - Nelson`s dancing is a manifestation of the joy he derives from his job, city officials should admit they made a mistake and give him his job back.

Outrage: City Bans Little Boy's 'Little Free Library'! Video! - A Kansas family was trying to share their love of reading with the entire town of Leawood when they built a free library in their front yard on Mother`s Day, but the city is forcing them to hide that love away.

Risque Apron Gets Old Codger Banned From Farmers Market: Video - Tom Levine likes to wear an apron made of a transparent material that appears to show a woman's breasts and genitals. (There is a flower covering the crotch.)

Meth Head Mistakes Plymouth Prowler for UFO! Will MUFON Investigate? Video! - Moral of this story: Avoid driving through the South, not only do you have to be wary of speed traps, but the locals might confuse your vehicle for a flying saucer if you`re not driving a rusty pickup.

Cat Travels 12 Miles to Former Home After Family Moves Across Town - An Oregon cat traveled more than 12 miles across Portland to get back to his old stomping grounds after his family moved from St. Johns to Parkrose Heights.

Disabled Woman Wards Off Intruder With A Backscratcher - A disabled Indiana woman was able to use a backscratcher and a wrench to fight off an intruder who invaded her home.

Jennifer Lopez: New Album is a Colossal Flop! Video! - I have one word for Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey: Retire!

Dude High on LSD, Coke & Meth Goes on Naked Rampage - A Seattle man is in custody after allegedly ingesting a drug cocktail and going on a rampage on Tuesday night.

Music Lovers Attack Taylor Swift's House With Beer Bottles: Video - Unfortunately, Swift wasn`t home at the time, she needs to be cognizant of how much decent and morally-upright folks hate her guts.

Should Hillary Clinton Come Out of the Closet to Revive Her Lackluster Campaign? - As Hillary Clinton makes the rounds of the networks for her book tour cum presidential campaign, she`s eliciting yawns and anemic ratings.

Outrage: Adele Videos Could Disappear From YouTube This Week - A simmering dispute between Google and independent record labels could result this week in the disappearance from YouTube of Adele, the Arctic Monkeys, and additional artists signed to smaller labels.

Handcuffed Meth Head Fires at Cops With Gun Hidden in His Rectum - Vigil will be a burden on society for the rest of his miserable life, I hope the next time the officers will aim for his head.

Hillary Clinton Signs Book for Giant RNC Squirrel: Video - An intern dressed as a giant squirrel is following Hillary around the country as she promotes her new book, "Hard Choices."

Outrage: Miss USA Nia Sanchez Doesn't Know Capital of Her Home State: Video - Miss USA proved that beauty queens aren`t exactly Rhodes scholars when she was unable to name the capital of her home state of Nevada.

Dude Facing Felony Charges After Throwing Drug-Stuffed Football into Prison - A Michigan man is getting sacked with felony charges after he allegedly tried to throw a drug-stuffed football into the yard of a state prison.

'Sex and the City 3' in the Works? Dear God, Say it Ain't So! Video! - They shoot horses don`t they? Why hasn`t Sarah Jessica Parker been put out to pasture? Does a guy armed with a stiletto heel have to go postal on Parker to put an end to this chick flick nightmare? Enough is freaking enough!

Mariah Carey's New Drink 'Butterfly' As Awful As Her New Album! - Mariah Carey`s latest CD "Me, I am Mariah, The Elusive Chanteuse" absolutely bombed and I predict that her drink will meet the same fate.

Cops Find Weed Stashed Under Fat Man's Stomach Fat:Disgusting! - The next time you buy controlled substances from a street dealer, keep in mind they could have been stored in his belly fat, or in his rectum for that matter.

Samuel L Jackson Recites 'Pulp Fiction' Speech on Graham Norton Show: Video! - In the classic 1994 movie "Pulp Fiction" Samuel L. Jackson plays a hitman with a penchant for reciting scripture before blowing away his targets to Kingdom Come.

Pooch Survives 15-story Fall in Florida High-Rise: Video - A Florida woman's dog is recovering Saturday after it plunged 15 stories down an air conditioning vent.


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