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Robert Paul Reyes

Camille Cosby Stands by Her Man Bill Cosby! Outrage! - I don`t live in a mansion courtesy of being married to the devil, and therefore I can afford to be objective: Bill Cosby is a serial unrepentant rapist!

Cheetah Plays With Puppy at San Deigo Zoo Safari Park: Video - The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has released video of cheetah cub Ruuxa showing off his speed while playing with his puppy companion.

Outrage! 200-Pound Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Statue Stolen! - Someone has made off with a 200-pound wooden Rudolph statue from a neighborhood in Los Angeles County.

Viral Video: Panda Cub Doesn't Want Keeper to Leave - Is there a creature more adorable than a panda?

Outrage: Bill Cosby Pleads With Black Media to be 'Neutral' - Crying racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, Cosby is basically pleading with the black media: The mainstream press (read: white) is hammering me, show a brother some love, and if you can`t take my side at least stay quiet.

Brewery Creates Christmas Tree From 300 Kegs: Video - The Genesee Brewing Co. in New York State stacked 300 empty beer kegs to create a 23-foot-tall Christmas tree topped by a rotating Genesee sign.

Viral Video: Cat Plays Whack-A-Mole With Owner's Fingers - Playing Whac-A-Mole is a fiendishly addictive game calculated to drive you insane. Whenever I play this arcade game I end up wanting to mash my head with the mallet.

Viral Video: Stray Cat Dines on Squid & Dried Octopus at Airport Deli - A stray cat got its paws on a gourmet feast courtesy of an airport delicatessen, after managing to get inside the fish counter.

Steve Carell, Jimmy Fallon Sing 'Sexual Healing' - Steve Carell performed `Sexual Healing` Wednesday on The Tonight Show.

Meghan Trainor Bringing Booty Back With 'All About That Bass'! Video! - Meghan Trainor, 20, is the best thing to happen to pop music since Adele. The effervescent righteous white girl is on a mission from God to bring booty back.

Pope Francis: All Dogs Go to Heaven! Amen and Amen! Pope Francis Rules! - When I go to heaven I expect to see streets of gold, angels playing harps, double rainbows, and dogs and cats playing in meadows. Heaven simply wouldn`t be heaven, at least not for me, if my dearly departed pets aren`t there waiting for me.

Tokyo Restaurant Bans Couples on Christmas Eve - Tokyo restaurant announced couples will not be welcome at the eatery on Christmas Eve because the sight of them would make single customers feel lonely.

Package Thief Pranked into Purloining Parcel of Poop: Video - A couple fed up with packages being stolen from their porch said they put a box of dog poop on their porch and recorded it being swiped.

Viral Video: Adorable Toddler Befuddled by Twin Babies - A sick and twisted person placed the toddler between two infant twins, and poor befuddled Landon looks from twin to the other wondering what in the hell is going on.

Beverly Johnson, Vogue's First Black Cover Model, Accuses Bill Cosby of Drugging Her! - Bill Cosby`s legacy is ruined beyond redemption. He won`t be remembered as "America`s TV dad", as a civil rights hero, a gifted comic, a philanthropist, a bestselling author or an actor. Bill Cosby is a motherfuc***, period. End of story!

Viral Video: Polar Bear Twin Cubs Celebrate 1st Birthday - There`s nothing like animals to help us forget about man`s inhumanity to man.

SUV Crashes into Garage Through Roof - A California couple said they initially suspected an early morning earthquake Wednesday when an SUV crashed through the roof of their garage.

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014: A Celebration of Pop Culture 2014 - But in the digital age video takes precedence over the written word, if Shakespeare were alive today he`d be producing videos for YouTube.

Is Bill Cosby a Somnophiliac? Or Just a Garden-variety Rapist? Video! - I don`t know, and I don`t care, if Cosby is a somnophiliac, but I do know that he`s most likely a serial rapist.

Lost Sheep Wearing Christmas Sweater Claimed by Owner! Video! - Oh Christmas that magical time of the year when we spike the eggnog, make out under the mistletoe, buy presents for people we despise and wear god-awful Christmas sweaters.


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