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Robert Paul Reyes

UFO Invasion of Portsmouth a Hoax! Pranksters Come Forward: Video - Several images of an unidentified object hovering over Portsmouth did the rounds last week, sparking speculation that the city could be the landing site of an invasion of green-skinned aliens.

Ghost in Surveillance Video Scares Bejesus Out of Cop: Video - Espanola Police Officer Karl Romero was watching surveillance video on Sept. 20 when he spotted a ghost-like figure moving through the parking lot.

Murata Cheerleaders: Robotic Cheerleaders Precursors of Doom: Video - The Murata robotic cheerleaders may be more fascinating to watch than Olympics synchronized swimmers, but I hope they never replace the well-endowed NFL cheerleaders.

Sawmill Owner Sees Jesus in Tree Trunk - This certainly gives a new meaning to"WWJD." (What Wood Jesus Do)

Hottest Mug Shot in History of Western Civilization: Video - Let`s hope that Angela will have learned her lesson, and the only "disorderly conduct" in her future is an accidental wardrobe-malfunction.

Rapper, 11, Sings About Sister with Down Syndrome: Video - This video may not be a musical milestone, but it`s a strong anti-bullying message and a testament of a brother`s love for his sister.

Study: Bells Harmful to Cows - Researchers in Zurich said the iconic cow bells worn by the country`s bovines could be damaging the animals` hearing and feeding habits.

Barbra Streisand Makes Billboard History With Number One Albums In Each Of Her Six Decades In Music - Barbra is as smooth and ageless as butter.

Cheerios Pays Tribute to 3rd Shift Workers: Video - Cheerios has a patent on heartwarming, life-affirming commercials, here`s their latest gem that pays tribute to 3rd shift workers.

Danish Burger Joint Offers Burgers and Sex Toys - A Danish burger restaurant famous for scantily-clad waitresses said it will become the country's first combination restaurant and sex shop.

Gunman Says 'This is for Michael Brown' as He Robs Three Couples - A weekend robbery near a Lafayette Square restaurant took a strange turn when police said a gunman stated "this is for Michael Brown.`

Obama's Coffee Cup Salute Outrages America! Impeach Obama! Video! - As the president landed in New York for the U.N. General Assembly, some say he `too casually` saluted Marines upon his exit from the presidential helicopter, Marine One.

Kansas Dubs October 'Zombie Preparedness Month'! Are You Ready for Zombie Apocalypse? - The Kansas of Division of Emergency Management said October will be "Zombie Preparedness Month` to help residents prepare for the undead and other disasters.

Beautiful Motorist With Heroin Falls Asleep In Taco Bell Drive-Thru Lane - A woman was arrested on drug possession charges after being found asleep at the wheel in a Taco Bell drive-thru.

'The Big Bang Theory' Premieres Penny's New Pixie Hairdo! Love it or Hate it? Video! - The season premiere of `The Big Bang Theory` meant the premiere of Penny`s ... er, we mean Kaley Cuoco`s ... new, short hairdo.

Man Attacked by Papa Swan While Trying to Rescue Baby Swan: Video - File this one under: No good deed goes unpunished.

Drunken Hunter Fights Crocodile: Bad News Croc Loses! - An Australian hunter says having a few drinks definitely helped when he had to fight off a crocodile.

British Granny Unknowingly Cultivates Monster Marijuana Plant: Video - A British grandmother asked hosts of a BBC radio program to help her identify a plant in her garden and discovered she was unwittingly cultivating cannabis.

Mystery at UFO Mecca Roswell: Men Involved in Car Crash Wake Up in Donkey Field - The two men, who admitted they had been drinking, woke up several miles from their vehicle and with no memory of how they got there.

Woman Steals Circuit Breaker From Gun Shop! Why, Dear God, Why? - Enquiring minds want to know, why would anyone steal a circuit breaker? It`s not the type of item that you can quickly sell so you can buy some crack.


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