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Robert Paul Reyes

Putin Spanks Obama in Propaganda Poster: Beautiful Work of Art! - In one enormous poster, Putin is spanking Obama, who is dressed as a schoolboy. If anybody is in dire need of a good spanking it`s Obama, the electorate is set to deliver such a spanking tomorrow.

Dude Tried to Steal Chainsaw By Hiding it Under His Shirt - A Port St. Lucie man is under arrest after police say he attempted to steal a chainsaw by placing it under his shirt and walking out of a local lawn equipment store.

Fat Dude Robs 4 Subways in 4 Days Because 'Jared Diet' Didn't Work: Video - Fairfield man who is accused of robbing Subway restaurants said he did it because the Jared diet didn`t work for him, so he wanted his money back.

'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever' Destined to Become Ratings Blockbuster: Video - Grumpy Cat is the undisputed Queen of the Internet, and now she has set her eyes on conquering television.

Meth Dealer's Dog Helps Police Track Him Down - A suspected meth dealer who fled from authorities found himself in custody because of the betrayal of man`s best friend, his own dog.

San Luis Valley, Colorado: Hotbed of UFO Activity! Video! - If you don`t catch the paranormal vibe at San Luis Valley, just remember recreational weed is legal in Colorado, smoke enough joints and you will see Tinky Winky flying a flying saucer over the moon.

T-Pain Performs Auto-tune Free and He Sounds Terrific: Video - T-Pain is a singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor. T-Pain is famous, or should I say infamous, for popularizing auto-tune.

Fridge-raiding Teletubbie Charged with Burglary: Video - Police in Pennsylvania said a man who dressed as the yellow Teletubbie and broke into a friend`s home for leftover Chinese food has been charged with burglary.

Most Hated: Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox or Ebola Doctor Craig Spencer? - The publicity whore went bicycle riding with her partner, interesting to note she wore a helmet to protect herself from injury, but she exhibited no concern for people she might be exposing to Ebola.

Town in France Bans Clowns for Halloween - A town in southern France has banned people from dressing up as clowns after a spate of attacks in several parts of the country.

Creepy Cop Sought to Sniff Woman's Feet - Texas prosecutors said a former school district officer told a woman she could go if she let him smell her feet or handed over her underwear.

Viral Video: Epic Bear Fight! - The video is shaky, understandable; if I was within close proximity to bears fighting I`d be shaking like a leaf also.

Adorable Baby Goat Says 'What': Video - It`s axiomatic that cats rule the Internet, for any other animal to grab the spotlight, even for just a moment, it has to do something truly remarkable.

Ebola Dr. Craig Spencer is Not a Hero! - Dr. Spencer is no hero, and if he survives he should be shunned by polite society and be treated like a persona non grata in New York City.

Former Lockheed Martin Engineer Said He Spoke With Aliens! UFO Tomfoolery! - A former Lockheed Martin engineer showed off his pictures of aliens this summer that he claims to have obtained through conversations with extraterrestrial life.

Women's Equality Takes a Holiday on Halloween! Women Must Dress Sexy on Halloween! - Halloween is all about females dressing like sex objects.

'Right' Spelled Wrong by British Road Painters - Dyslexic People of the Word Unite!

Missy Elliot, Lil' Kim and Da Brat to Perform Together at Soul Train Awards - Missy Elliot, Lil` Kim and DaBrat will reunite during the Soul Train Awards in November and pay tribute to funk band Kool & the Gang, who will receive the Legend Award that night.

Lorraine Toussaint 'Vee' Back from the Dead for Season 3 of 'Orange Is the New Black'! Video! - Sorry, Red ... Vee -- Litchfield Federal Prison's public enemy #1 -- will be back on the show for season 3 ... despite being left for dead in last season's finale of "Orange Is the New Black" ... TMZ has learned.

Horse Rescued From Swimming Pool: Video - A horse is expected to be OK after being rescued from a Mesa swimming pool Saturday.


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