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Robert Paul Reyes

Who Rocks A Fur Coat Best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore? Videos! - The Seattle Seahawks pulverized the Denver Broncos; they are clearly the best team in the NFL. After last night`s blowout victory by the Seahawks, the only question remaining is who rocks a fur coat best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore?

Joe Namath`s Oversized Fur Coat: Star of Super Bowl XLVIII Video! - Joe Namath and his fur coat looked a lot more intimidating than Peyton Manning.

Outrage: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Drops Groundhog! Impeach Him? Video! - `Staten Island Chuck` just doesn`t have the same ring as `Punxsutawney Phil`; the Mayor of New York City shouldn`t try to compete with the famous groundhog from Pennsylvania.

Goundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter: Video - Phil you are such a cute devil, your real fans will love you even if you suck as a meteorologist.

Pittsburgh Mourns the Death of Canine Officer Rocco: Video - Canine Officer Rocco died in the line of duty, saving the life of his human partner and other police officers. The canine hero was buried with full police honors.

Charges Dropped Against Brits Who 'Stole' Food From Supermarket Dumpster - These hungry gentlemen stole " mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and Mr. Kipling cakes. Had these blokes not helped themselves to the food it would have ended up in a landfill.

George Zimmerman Agrees to Celeb Boxing Match: I'll Fight Anyone! Video! - The perfect matchup would pit White Hispanic Zimmermann against a Black Hispanic celeb; there are many Black Hispanic baseball players who would love to knock Zimmerman out.

Did NASA's Rover Draw A Giant Penis On Mars? Video - They were sent to Mars to search for evidence of prehistoric water systems, but two NASA rovers appear to have found something very different.

Dude Survives Fall Through Wood Chipper: Video - Arce suffered a broken pelvis, shattered ankle, bruised liver, broken leg, collapsed lung, seven broken ribs and a deep body-length cut; but remarkably his head and family jewels survived intact.

Pope Francis Superhero! Video! - Long live Pope Francis Superhero!

Robber Shoots Himself in the Testicles! - It`s seldom that you read a crime story that has such a delightful ending. Johnson blew away his family jewels; the good citizens of Portland no longer have to worry about this idiot fathering any little criminals.

Budweiser 'Puppy Love' Video Goes Viral - A cute puppy makes friends with one of Budweiser`s iconic Clydesdale horses.

Cheerios Brings Back Multi-Racial Family for Super Bowl Ad: Video - Support racial equality and buy Cheerios!

Weather Icon Jim Cantore Knees Student In Groin During Live TV Shot: Video - Cantore, a true professional, dealt the moron a blow to his groin, without breaking stride; he just kept right on talking.

Jay Z Enjoyed Beyonce's Slutty Grammy Awards Performance: Video - Beyoncé and Jay Z may be BFF`s with Barack Obama and his wife, but ordinary Americas are repulsed by Jay Z`s lyrics that glorify materialism, homophobia and the gangsta lifestyle, and Beyoncé`s slutty behavior on stage.

Crazy Brit has Suffered from Fear of Newspapers for 25 Years! - Freelove explains that when she was a child her mother playfully hit her father over the head with a newspaper, and ever since she became afraid of newspapers. It`s a good thing her mom didn`t pimpslap her father with her drawers "

Jesus Freak Claims to See Jesus on Bruised Toe: Video - I think the bruise looks like Ozzy Osbourne; these nutjobs should set up a shrine to Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness.

Priest Drives Away Burglars With Boring Sermon - Although he wasn`t very priest-like with his language, O`Neill did manage to get rid of the men by boring them with a 'sermon that I had prepared for later that day`

Woman Delivers Baby In Her Driveway: Wind Chill -13 Degrees - Abigail`s hubby, who was inside the house probably watching highlights on ESPN, came out to hear the baby crying. Typical dude: Utterly clueless and useless when the sh** hits the fan or when a baby is born.

Farting Cows Start Fire At German Dairy Farm: Video - These hapless cows not only produced a lot of milk, but they also generated enough methane gas to blow up their dairy farm.


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