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Robert Paul Reyes

Cleaning Lady Mistook Art for Trash at Gallery - An Italian cleaning firm said its insurance will cover the loss of contemporary artworks mistakenly taken for trash and tossed out at a gallery.

Public Humiliation: From Stocks & Pillory to Online Slut-Shaming! Video! - Today technology, namely Smartphones and social media, has brought public humiliation back in vogue.

Justin Bieber: The Most Hated Teen in America: Video - I guess some things like genital warts and annoying Canadian pop stars aren`t that easy to get rid of.

Dude Faces Felony Theft Charge for Stealing Hot Dog - Convenience store clerk: Is that a hot dog in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Mayor Bill de Blasio Brazen Traffic Scofflaw! Impeach the Hypocrite? Video! - Just days after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an aggressive plan to prevent traffic deaths, CBS 2 cameras caught the driver of a car carrying the mayor violating a number of traffic laws.

Lady, 68, and her Daughter Beat Crap out of Burglar with Rolling Pin and Pan - A British man was sentenced to 32 months in prison for a burglary during which he was beaten with a rolling pin and a pan by the homeowner and her daughter.

Obama Must Deport Justin Bieber! Video! Sign the Petition to Deport Bieber! - Obama: For God`s sake deport Justin Bieber Now!

Girl Scout Sells High Number of Cookies Outside SF Pot Club - This is what girl power " is all about; it`s a stroke of genius for a Girl Scout to set up shop outside a medical marijuana clinic.

White Teacher Forces Black Student,10, to Clean Urinal with Bare Hands: Video - The horrid teacher should be sentenced to jail time and community service that entails cleaning the dirtiest public toilets in Coral Springs.

Fugitive Captured After Falling 17 Stories Down Trash Chute - A fugitive on the run was captured and cuffed after he fell 17 stories down a trash chute while trying to run from police.

Pussy Riot Girls Whipped by Cossacks: There is a God! Video! - I give Pussy Riot credit for the coolest name in the history of punk music, but other than that they haven`t accomplished jack.

Florida Town Names Vanilla Ice 'Outstanding Citizen of the Year! Video! - All right haters: Stop, Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new award, not a Grammy, but an Outstanding Citizen of the Year " award.

Bill Cosby the Entertainer Epitome of Wholesomeness, Bill Cosby the Real Person a Moral Cesspool - This alleged sexual predator and crass hypocrite must not be allowed to return to NBC in a new sit-com. Boycott anything having to do with Bill Cosby!

Denmark's Agricultural Minister: Animal Rights Come Before Religion! Amen! - A civilized society must not allow a Jew, a Muslim or a practitioner of Santeria to slaughter animals inhumanely.

Woman Throws Steak at Supermarket Worker for Calling her Fat! - Frances Slyman was charged with misdemeanor assault after she allegedly attacked a Giant Eagle worker with a pair of special cut filets.

Barbara Walters' Disgusting Confession: I Have a Vibrator named 'Selfie'! Video! Sign of the End Times! - Barbara Walters` hands shake so much, that at least she doesn`t have to spend any money on batteries to power her vibrator.

Outrage: Russia Bans Lacy Panties! Video! - If Putin thought that the Pussy Riot girls were a pain in the a**, he ain`t seen nothing yet, millions of panties-deprived women will bring down his regime.

Detective Charged with Assault for Farting on Co-Worker: Video - Jonap hit Varner over the head with a notebook, flicked him on the ear, and then passed gas in Varner`s face.

Blind Dude Hits 3-pointer to Win Free McDonald's for a Year: Video - During halftime at the College of the Ozarks vs. Bellevue men`s basketball game on Saturday, Michael Quinn drained a three-pointer and won himself free McDonald`s for a year.

Alleged Sexual Predator Bill Cosby Must Not Be Allowed to Return to NBC - Cosby may be an icon and an institution, but we must all be held accountable for our transgressions.


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