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Robert Paul Reyes

Viral Video: Moe the Cat an Expert at Playing Jenga - Moe the cat is impressively good at Jenga!

White Sox Fan Saves Baby From Flying Bat: Video - Eileen Depesa`s impressive reflexes saved a baby from a baseball bat at the Chicago White Sox`s game against the Cleveland Indians.

Viral Video: Depressed Goat Reunited With Donkey Best Friend Starts Eating Again - This heartwarming tale of interspecies love and friendship between a donkey and a goat doesn`t need commentary or explanation from a human being, watch the video and wonder at the beauty of the animal kingdom.

Outrage: Rapper 50 Cent Throws Out First Pitch at New York Mets Game - Rap and the NBA go together like chitlins and greens and guns and violence, it`s not unusual to find hip hot artists like Jay Z or Kanye West flashing Illuminati signs from the front row of an NBA arena.

Homeless Student Griffin Furlong Named Valedictorian - Griffin Furlong didn`t let being homeless stop him from being named class valedictorian at a Jacksonville high school.

Journey Frontman Steve Perry Performs for First Time in 19 Years: Video - Welcome back Steve Perry, you have been sorely missed!

Newspaper Publishes Photo of Duchess of Cambridge's Bare Butt! Royal Tramp! Video - Not to put too fine a point on it but the Duchess of Cambridge is a royal slut, Kate was either pantyless or wearing a thong so skimpy that even a prostitute would be embarrassed to wear.

Teen Hosting Party Head-Butts Drunk Kid Who Wet His Bed - A Seattle high school student who allegedly decided to hit the head on another student's bed during a house party was hospitalized with a possible concussion after he received a head-butt in return.

Chinese Man Catches Baby Who Fell From 2nd-Story Window Ledge: Video - My hat`s off to Mr. Li, I hope there`s a Chinese equivalent of 15 minutes of fame.

Strange UFO Hovers Over Iceberg: Video - In this video hovering over an iceberg is an ominous-looking UFO, you be the judge is it a mirage, digital trickery, or crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

British Bloke Arrested for Impersonating a Cop While Wearing Pig Mask and Toy Helmet - For a man to be arrested for impersonating a police officer for wearing a pig mask, and a toy helmet is sheer madness.

Outrage: Florida Prosecutor Apologizes for Calling Crack Ho's 'Crack Ho's' - The Florida prosecutor should not have issued an apology for his Mother`s Day Facebook post. There are more crack ho`s in Florida than you can shake a crake pipe at, and they deserve recognition on Mother`s Day.

Doctors Recommend Fist-Bumps Over Handshakes - Shaking hands is a filthy, disgusting custom, and this insane practice should be banned in civilized society.

Levi's CEO Chip Bergh Says You Should Never Wash Your Jeans: Video - A gentleman will wash his jeans after one wearing, two at the very most. A person who never washes his jeans is a disgusting slob, period!

Fans Demand a Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ronda Rousey Fight - Ronda Rousey is the most beautiful woman in the universe, an accomplished actress and the current UFC Women`s Bantamweight Champion.

Woman Attacked by Elf High on LSD - I could care less if some joker dressed as an elf is high on LSD or off his medications, if he attacks my car with a sword, I won`t give him a chance to break the window and attack me, I will run him over.

Outrage: Vile Robin Thicke to Release New Album! - If Thicke`s new album is a hit, there is no hope, absolutely no hope, for Western Civilization.

McMenamins UFO Festival a Far Out Success! Freaks, UFO Nuts Had Smashing Time! Video! - Ain`t no party like a UFO party cause a UFO don`t stop until everyone has made love with a drunk skank dressed like an alien.

Seti Astronomers Tell Congress: We Are Not Alone In Universe: Video - Maybe the Mars rover will find microbial life, but if any intelligent aliens are aware of our existence I`m sure they are giving us a wide berth.

Cat Brings Home Bag of Marijuana: Video - A New Zealand cat shocked its owner when it dropped a bag of marijuana on its doorstep.


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