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Robert Paul Reyes

Dude Calls Cops to Report Chicken Crossing a Road: Video - An Oregon resident called non-emergency dispatchers to report that there was a chicken crossing the road in Linnton and slowing traffic because it was taking too long to get to the other side.

Duke the Dog Elected Mayor of Small Minnesota Village: Video - A small Minnesota village has a new mayor. Duke, the dog is Cormorant`s newest mayor.

Woman Pummels Victim Over Too-Short Shorts - Alicia Rae Hanson, 25, took offense to the tiny bottoms worn by the girlfriend of an employee at a tree service company`s barbecue in June and sucker-punched and beat the woman.

Joe Biden in Hamptons to Begin Third Vacation in Month: Video - I guess I should be charitable and admit Biden needs a vacation, walking around with your foot in your mouth and your finger in your bunghole can be very tiring.

Obama Plays Golf While World Goes to Hell in a Handbasket - The Senate should impeach Obama, but alas I know that will never happen. When I say "Obama should be impeached", I`m really saying that he deserves a much worst fate. Use your imagination!

Russian Train Passengers Finish Beer of Man Who Fell Off Train - Passengers of a Russian train finished the beer of man who fell off while trying to get fresh air during a trip from Moscow to the town of Petushki.

Disgusting Mom Kicked Out of Pizzeria for Changing Baby's Diaper at Table - Proper etiquette dictates that Sowers should have gone to the back of the restaurant and changed the baby`s diaper on the dumpster.

Chihuahua Rescued by Hero Rottweiler from the Jaws of a Killer Coyote: Video - This video shows a Chihuahua being rescued by a Rottweiler from the mouth of a hungry coyote.

Dude Stuck Inside Clothing Bin for 3 Hours - A Canadian man who was stuck inside of a clothing donation bin for about three hours apparently didn't have time to locate a pair of pants for himself.

Danny Trejo: Hispanic Icon Deserves & Commands Respect: Video - If Trejo were white he would have been bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris combined, it`s time for Hollywood to make amends and present Trejo an honorary Oscar for his body of work.

Kim Kardashian to Publish Book of Selfies! The End is Near! Video! - The End of Western Civilization?

Dude Charged with DUI After Driving Tractor with Genitals Exposed! - At some point during the tractor trip, Elias Velez-Morales also allegedly urinated on himself and on his clothes. In a possible effort to dry out, he had his genitals exposed.

UFO Scares the Bejesus Out of Germans: Video - A YouTube video depicting a triangular UFO over Kassel, Germany is striking fear in the hearts of Germans. Never mind that the video was posted by a freak who has also posted videos of flying dragons and frolicking mermaids.

Outrage: ABC Interrupted Kate Upton on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' with Breaking News - ABC interrupted "Live with Kelly and Michael" with breaking news that the United States had just launched airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS.

Dude Arrested After Beating Cops in Donut-Eating Contest - It`s ill-advised to beat police officers at their own game; beating cops at a donut-eating contest is like beating politicians at a contest to determine who can sleep with the most bimbos in one night.

Epic Bloody Mary Topped With Entire Fried Chicken: Video - At only $40 per Beast Oprah Winfrey will be able to get drunk and full after only a dozen of these drinks.

Naked Man Brandishing Leaf Blower Terrorizes Neighbors - A Massachusetts homeowner was arrested Monday for open and gross lewdness after passing motorists spotted him--leaf blower in hand--doing yard work in the nude, according to cops.

Russians Mock Obama With Racist Laser Projection: Video! - How`s that reset thing with Russia working out Barack?

Fatburger's 'Protein Burger' Has Buns Made Out of Meat Patties! - You don` walk into a fast food joint called Fatburger expecting to find watercress sandwiches on the menu.

Man, 71, Arrested for Crips-Related Graffiti! Original Gangsta! - You have to give this old thug his props; from a cute baby in his diapers to a decrepit old man in his diapers he kept it gangsta.


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